Planned Parenthood refuses to use the word “abortion” in membership letter

A few days ago, a friend handed me a letter.

write, research, law, critiqueThis ominous letter was from none other than Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, inviting the addressee to become a member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The letter started out, “If you have any doubt that standing up for what you believe in matters,” and went on to describe a scenario in which a young woman “walked defiantly” past pro-lifers outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, simply for the purpose of “personally deliver[ing] a donation to the receptionist.”

Planned Parenthood’s president went on to say a number of interesting things. She also didn’t say a number of interesting things that really should have made her list – especially if she’s writing to potential members.

Two paragraphs were particularly interesting:

We need you to stand with us as we push back against organized efforts to do away with Planned Parenthood altogether. Disrupting health centers isn’t enough…now they want to deny women access not only to affordable birth control, but also to cancer screenings, pre-natal care, and every other preventive health care service Planned Parenthood offers. …

While most people come to Planned Parenthood health centers for contraception, those centers also provide pregnancy tests, cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, family planning and infertility information, sex education resources, and many other essential reproductive health services.

What Planned Parenthood isn’t saying is that it is the largest abortion provider in the nation. (I would say the world, but that distinguishing non-honor belongs to the Chinese government.) Nowhere in these paragraphs – or in the entire letter – was the word “abortion” mentioned.

If Planned Parenthood is so proud of its work, and if Cecile Richards is so proud of her work, why can’t she utter the word abortion to the potential members of Planned Parenthood? Is it indeed such a dirty, dangerous, and horrifying practice that even the very word must be shrouded in secrecy?

Why “health centers” and not “abortion clinics”? What’s there to hide? After all, the pro-lifers I know of protest outside abortion clinics where abortions are committed, not outside health centers where only cancer screenings are provided.

Mentioning “pre-natal care” in its health services list while failing to mention abortion is mockery at its finest. Could it be because even Planned Parenthood knows that abortion is not a “health care service” at all, but instead a death sentence?

Odd, too, because Planned Parenthood’s 2012-2013 annual report lists a total of 19,506 prenatal services compared to 327,166 abortions performed. Nearly seventeen times the number of abortions were performed, but this “service” doesn’t merit a mention – even to possible members?

Of course, claiming that pro-lifers want to deny women access to prenatal care is the height of irony – as well as a flat-out lie. Last time I checked, pro-lifers are the ones who run pregnancy resource centers that exist for the very purpose of providing prenatal care and enabling women to locate any necessary resources that the center can’t provide.

Quite a bit different from Planned Parenthood. When my good friend went into a PP clinic to ask about getting prenatal care, she was turned away with a (disconnected) number and an admonishment that they couldn’t help her if she wanted to keep the baby. Does that count as a “prenatal service,” Cecile?

“Infertility information” is another good one. Take a guess at how often that “service” is provided, especially compared to abortion, the unmentionable. In fact, the word “infertility” is so important to Planned Parenthood that it doesn’t even make it into the 2012-2013 annual report.

One of the tamer results when doing a google image search of "abortion."
One of the tamer results when doing a Google image search of “abortion.”

I could go on with the membership letter…claims that women have nowhere to turn but to Planned Parenthood (empowerment, eh?); that pro-lifers are “anti-choice agitators” (wasn’t “agitator” a name once assigned to Martin Luther King, Jr.?); and that Planned Parenthood has “worked to … advance the right of women to make their own informed and responsible choices” (hmmm…since when were outright lies considered information, and since when was murdering a child you helped to create considered responsible?).

But perhaps Planned Parenthood shies away from the very word “abortion” because of what abortion truly is. It’s an inescapable and brutal reality. And it’s one that all Americans – potential members of Planned Parenthood or not – must be made aware of.

Want to read about what abortion really is? Go here (and read the links within the article).

Want to see what abortion really is? Go here or here (and read the description below the video).

  • Part138

    A donation? (from, I’m guessing, a person who is not famous) Do they really need those as badly from “regular” people as much as other groups do? pp should see what it’s like for groups NOT supported by tax dollars and Hollywood stars, and I don’t mean only pro-life groups!

  • Basset_Hound


    Last Saturday I “walked defiantly” past a gaggle of Girl Scouts “simply for the purpose” of shopping for groceries at my local Kroger. I didn’t want their cookies because hubby is on a diet. That was the easy part! You should have seen the seething mob INSIDE the store purposely shopping for snack items for the Super Bowl AND because they were afraid of being iced in for the rest of the weekend. And Wal Mart was WORSE!!! Hell! I needed a flame thrower there!

    So do I get a medal???? Or a pat on the head from the local abortion pushers??? How about a dog biscuit???

  • MamaBear

    Odd, only people I ever heard of going to PP for pre-natal care in my area got told to go elsewhere, too. Do they offer it anywhere?
    Breast cancer exams? Hope that is more thorough than their BC education materials. (But to be fair, I think that about most other breast cancer education materials.)
    “Walked defiantly”…..might want to mention WHAT the protesters were protesting. Hint! It was not cancer screenings or preventative services.

  • PJ4

    “Quite a bit different from Planned Parenthood. When my good friend went into a PP clinic to ask about getting pre-natal care, she was turned away with a (disconnected) number and an admonishment that they couldn’t help her if she wanted to keep the baby. Does that count as a ‘pre-natal service,’”

    Kristi, may I be so bold to request an article on your friend and her experience with PP and pre natal care?
    We need need a series of these kinds of articles

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll ask my friend if she would like to do that. I agree that those kind of stories are really important to get out there.

      • PJ4

        I hope she agrees.
        This is very important work

  • Ingrid Heimark

    They don’t mention the word abortion because they don’t want people to know they are the biggest abortion provider there is. Unsuspecting people join them to support these other services, and PP uses their numbers to press aboriton support in public.

    • PJ4

      Now see, this is what puzzles me Ingrid…

      What are they trying to hide?

      Isn’t PP trying to spearhead a campaign to destigmatize abortion and make it normal?

      If, abortion is, as they claim neither moral or immoral, and simply a medical procedure, what are they hiding from?
      Not even mentioning the word once is to me, rather telling: even they don’t even believe the crap they’re spewing.

      • Basset_Hound

        The pro-aborts have been raising the bloody flag of victimhood and martyrdom for years. If people keep thinking that these poor doctors are standing up against persecution, people won’t think about the “right” these death pushers are defending.

        • PJ4

          so true

  • AGW

    If Planned Parenthood wants for women to make informed decisions, why are they so against women seeing the ultrasound images of their children?