Planned Parenthood study say medication abortions “safe” despite 238 women seeking ER treatment

A new “study” released by Planned Parenthood attempts to show that medical abortions are relatively safe. Some, however, are not persuaded.

planned-parenthood-signThis “study” involved 233,805 abortions. While there is documentation of the 233,805 abortions, there is not corresponding follow-up data for each abortion. According to Reuters, “[o]ne limitation, the study team noted, is that not all women checked back after the abortion or had follow up medical records available – so it’s possible more complications could have occurred that weren’t recorded.” Planned Parenthood operated on the assumption “that if anything had happened, that people would get back in touch with Planned Parenthood,” according to one member of the research team.

What complications were noted during the “study”?

Eight women each year had an ectopic pregnancy – when the embryo implants outside the uterus – that was diagnosed after the attempted abortion. One died from related complications.

Of the 233,805 abortions during the study period, 385 women had a serious side effect, including 238 who sought ER treatment, 135 who were admitted to the hospital, 114 who had a blood transfusion and 57 who required intravenous antibiotics. All of those women survived.

However, an overview of the research team suggests bias:

The study group consisted of two Planned Parenthood employees, one member of a Planned Parenthood advisory group, and a fourth member who receives financial compensation from Danco Laboratories, the U.S. distributor for the abortion pill mifepristone, also known as RU-486.

Operation Rescue Senior Policy Adviser Cheryl Sullenger called the researchers out on their bias and personal interest:

This is perhaps one of the most self-serving studies ever conducted.  These so-called researchers have a vested interest in protecting medication abortions because this is what they are banking on to expand abortion services and increase profits for Planned Parenthood, especially in a time when states are working at a fever pitch to defund them.

Dr. Debra Stulberg of the University of Chicago says the study “continues to show that medical abortion is a very, very safe option for women” and that “women should be reassured.” Sullenger disagrees:

This report is the farthest thing from an unbiased study there is.  In spite of the obvious spin, this data paints a frightening picture of unmonitored abortions with little to no follow up where women play the equivalent of Russian Roulette with their lives and health when they submit to medication abortions at Planned Parenthood.

  • Ditzy Horse

    So, these side effects are bad and the drug should be banned. I think not because to date there has been no ban with this very dangerous drug to mens health. Oh wait, it helps them achieve an erection so therefore that is so important what is a death or two

    …In 2000, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles did an analysis of 1,473 major adverse medical events involving the use of Viagra. There were 522 deaths, most involving cardiovascular causes developing within 4-5 hours of taking a 50 mg dose of Viagra.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      I think the point isn’t that other stuff isn’t unsafe as well but telling the public that something is safe is not informed consent. The risks should be known and then people can decide what they want to do. That is wrong is saying something is safe when it does have a decent level of risk.

  • DaftPunkd

    A convicted felon v. a doctor @ U of Chicago. Who are you going to believe?

  • peach

    The equivalent to Russian Roulette? Seriously? She’s saying a 0.1% chance of having to go the ER is equal to a 20% chance of taking a bullet to the brain? I know math can be a bit tricky at times, but come on.

    • Rebekah Rapp

      It’s a metaphor, silly, a hyperbole. It’s only meant to emphasize the point.

      • peach

        It’s sensationalism.