Pope Francis clear on denying Communion to those who facilitate abortion

This afternoon, it was announced that Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio, who will now be Pope Francis, was chosen as the leader of the Catholic Church. Live Action has already put forth a piece regarding this historic occasion.

Francis IThe piece mentions how Cardinal Bergoglio criticized priests who wouldn’t baptize children of unwed mothers. Such is a telling passage of how devoted the Church’s new leader really is to the pro-life cause. He realizes that to be pro-life is about caring not only about the unborn child before he or she is born, but about caring about the dignity of the mother as well. The Catholic Church and the world will certainly benefit from such a man holding such a position of power who is pro-life in the most understanding and compassionate of ways.

Such an instance is not the only way in which the Holy Father has been clear on his pro-life stance as a cardinal. In an article about Francis, LifeSiteNews mentions that in 2007, on behalf of the bishops of Latin America, Cardinal Bergoglio clearly stated that being disallowed holy communion was a consequence for those who facilitated an abortion, politicians included.

The Catholic Church is clear on its stance against abortion. Yet denying Communion to those who are known to facilitate in an abortion is not always as clear as it should be. Such situations are at times dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Often, the pro-abortion Catholics in question are reminded or encouraged not to partake in Holy Communion. In going against the Church, in these cases by facilitating in an abortion, a person is excommunicated by his or her own actions. More than a mere reminder or sense of encouragement may be needed.

The Church has done amazing pro-life work, often taking a forefront position. If the Church is to remain truly consistent, though, on its stance and be taken as seriously as possible, those who facilitate abortion in any way, including and especially politicians, must not be permitted to partake in Holy Communion.

Pope Francis looks to be a very promising pro-life leader for the Church. It is even more encouraging that he has taken such a clear and adamant stance against such Catholics receiving holy communion. Hopefully other leaders within the Church will follow the call of the Holy Father.

  • Fantastic Article. Proabort politicians who receive the Holy Eucharist are indeed excommunicating themselves. It is refreshing to know that our new Pontiff stands firmly against this and to see someone writing intelligently about it. Thank You for posting this.
    Just a quick FYI, Francis will not be known as Francis I until a Francis II comes along (after he is dead or God forbid steps down, don’t want to see that again)
    God Bless

  • S

    I’m not sure you’re correct about this. The lifesite quote doesn’t have enough context to tell if the Cardinal was saying priests should deny communion or that Catholics cannot receive communion so they should not do so without confessing. Did you read the original speech? It would be good to link to it.

  • Rep. Jeanine

    There are 397 NH State Representatives. Many are Catholic, few are Pro- life. Last week we argued for a Women’s Right to Know, re: abortion. We lost. This week we will vote on a resolution to “commemorate 40 years of Roe v. Wade.” Three of the sponsors are Catholic. Last term we had Catholic legislators speaking out For abortion, on Ash Wednesday, with ashes on their forehead. It is so disheartening. I don’t know what we can do to soften their hardened hearts.

  • mike

    As S mentioned, the author fails to produce a quote or give thorough context, sloppy work. Obviously pro aborts are not to receive the Eucharist, but Bergoglio he says nothing about confrontations in the communion line. Don’t overreach.

  • I guess that old pro-choice club of cafeteria catholics (small “c” intentional) will have to make some serious decisions — Christ or votes. Hear that, Ms Pelosi? Mr. Biden? Kennedy political wannabes? Cardinals who give them a “pass?”.

  • Raymond Cardinal Burke: “The United States of America is a
    thoroughly secularized society which canonizes radical individualism and
    relativism, even before the natural moral law. The application [of Canon 915],
    therefore, is more necessary than ever, lest the faithful, led astray by the
    strong cultural trends of relativism, be deceived concerning the supreme good
    of the Holy Eucharist and the gravity of supporting publicly the commission of
    intrinsically evil acts. Catholics in public office bear an especially heavy
    burden of responsibility to uphold the moral law in the exercise of their
    office which is exercised for the common good, especially the good of the
    innocent and defenseless. When they fail, they lead others, Catholics and
    non-Catholics alike, to be deceived regarding the evils of procured abortion
    and other attacks on innocent and defenseless human life, on the integrity of
    human procreation, and on the family…the minister of Holy Communion is to deny
    the Sacrament to those [Catholics in public office] who obstinately persevere in
    manifest grave sin.” http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/holycom/denial.htm