Children sitting inside school bus

Predator of Children: Why America Doesn’t Need Planned Parenthood

Children sitting inside school busThanks in large part to Planned Parenthood, kids can’t be kids anymore. Children view the world quite differently than adults do. They have fewer worries and cares and spend a great deal of time “being kids.” But over the last few decades, the innocence of children has been lost, or rather, stolen – and in many cases, it’s because of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is doing its best to infiltrate our schools and our after school programs in order to “teach” our children about sexual health and responsibility.

To some people this might seem like a great idea on the surface. But when you break it down, it’s more like adults preying on young children.

  • Planned Parenthood wants to teach our four-year-olds about masturbation. They want to teach our five-year-olds that “people often kiss, hug, touch, and engage in other sexual behaviors with one another to show caring and to feel good.”
  • In their after school programs, they teach our middle school children through role playing sexual scenarios.
  • Planned Parenthood uses and promotes the book It’s Perfectly Normal which says that it is intended for children ages ten and up. However, a prison in Washington rejected a fundraising letter featuring images from the book because it featured “obscene or sexually explicit material as defined by policy.” If the images are too obscene for adults, how can they possibly be okay for children? Copies of the book are given to our children for free, despite the fact that the images fall under the definition of both pornography and child pornography.

If any adult in your child’s life taught your five-year-old to masturbate or showed your children pornography, you’d be more than upset. It would be inappropriate, right? It would be abusive. So why does Planned Parenthood keep gaining access to our children to do just that? Why would Planned Parenthood push pornographic material and information on sexual behavior on our young children and rob them of their innocence?

They want to gain our children’s trust. They want to be there as your child’s “friend with benefits.” They want to be there to give your child free condoms. They want to be there when your child has questions about sex. And they want to be there when your child becomes pregnant. They are telling your children that it is difficult to talk to parents about sex, so talk to Planned Parenthood instead.

Why? So that Planned Parenthood can benefit financially. According to Jim Sedlak, Vice President of American Life League, Planned Parenthood needs young people in order to stay in business. He said:

“Based on the retention rates that Planned Parenthood published routinely until the mid-1990s, it consistently lost 43 percent of its customers annually. Today, PPFA [Planned Parenthood Federation of America] is a $1 billion business. The only demographic big enough to furnish that many new customers every year is teens and young adults who engage in frequent sex. Planned Parenthood can make millions on preaching safe sex. It goes broke on abstinence.”

Quite simply, Planned Parenthood desperately needs to teach our children that sex is just about having a good time and that at any age and any stage, it’s right.

planned parenthood giantPlanned Parenthood wants our children to believe that “safe sex” will keep them free from sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. They teach our children that babies are the enemy. We know that’s not true, but our kids don’t.

And when our children listen to Planned Parenthood and are devastated to learn they have an STD or are pregnant, where will they turn? Chances are they will go back to Planned Parenthood, who promises not to tell anyone, even if the child is being raped. Chances are they will convince your children to abort your grandchildren. Chances are they will send your child back out into the world with more condoms or birth control pills. And your child will return to Planned Parenthood again and again while Planned Parenthood’s bank account grows.

Planned Parenthood is the biggest predator of children in America today. And our government supplies them with the money – our tax dollars – to do it.

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  • Jonathan

    Hollywood and business giants have been exploiting children’s “potential” for a long time. They’ve made fortification, pornography, perversion and homosexuality “perfectly normal”. They’re turning the society into a cesspool of iniquities for profit, with which they corrupt the lawmakers to greenlight their evil deeds. PP’s contribution to it is just a small fraction.

    • belgianchic

      oh please ‘fornication’ and homosexuality are perfectly normal. neither are perversions. pornography it depends, most mainstream porn is degrading to somebody but thats the way it is produced, not on principle

      • Jonathan

        This is not about sex ed, but protection for children from pedophilia, child porn, molestation and STI. Homosexuality is not normal because it’s a mental disorder. Whoever tells you that gays are born that way is lying. If “gay genes” exist, they would prevent the carrier from engaging in reproduction with a person in opposite gender, so they will perish instead of being passed to the next generation. We may have different views on this, but all those things I mentioned are bad to teenagers. They should concentrate to figure out how to get a better academic performance and a higher grade than screwing around.

        • Marauder

          You might have moral objections to homosexuality, Jonathan, but that doesn’t make it it a mental disorder. Also, whether or not LGBT people are born that way doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a “gay gene” – personally, I suspect it might have to do with hormones people are exposed to in the womb. Either way, we don’t know why people are LGBT, and people who genuinely believe they’re born that way are expressing a belief, not lying. In order to lie, you have to know what what you’re saying isn’t true.

          • PJ4
          • Jonathan

            If a LGBT freak was born that way, there must be some gay genes that predetermine his behavior out of his control, which is impossible because both of his parents are straight and willing to have a child, otherwise he wouldn’t have been born. Based on this argument, homosexuality is a choice caused by hormonal drive or mental disorder or both. It’s just promoted in these years as the leftists’ fraud to get votes from young people.

          • Marauder

            Being called a freak (I’m bisexual) by someone who clearly doesn’t know anything about how genetics work – well, this is a lovely highlight of my day. I disagree with you a lot, but I don’t call you names. Aren’t you the guy who’s always talking about what a big Christian he is? I went to Catholic school for only sixteen years, so I might have missed the part where Jesus called people “freaks.”

            Because some part of me still wants to try to engage with you on an intellectual level…

            1. If being gay is genetically based, and we don’t know if it is, saying straight people would automatically have straight kids because they’re straight doesn’t make sense scientifically. All you’d need would be for a “gay gene” to be recessive and two people who were heterozygous (that’s not a sexual orientation word) for it to have a child in which both their recessive ends matched up.

            2. Did you pick to be attracted to women? Behavior is a choice, but attraction isn’t.

            3. What is it supposed to prove that some gay guys get married to women and have kids? I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say that that’s proving.

            4, The fact that someone is physically capable of having sex with someone of the opposite sex doesn’t mean they’re necessarily sexually attracted to them. Also, if someone gay has sex with someone of the opposite sex, being gay doesn’t make them somehow incapable of conceiving children.

            I don’t know where you got the idea that because this is a pro-life site, it’s somehow okay to name-call LGBT people here, but it’s not.

  • Marauder

    I agree with the general gist of this article, but as a lawyer I’d like to point out that there’s a legal definition of obscenity, and I’m not sure “It’s Perfectly Normal” meets it. In order for something to be legally obscene, it has to both A) appeal to “prurient interests” AND B) be deemed to have no other value whatsoever. Functioning as, for example, commentary, satire, or something educational would give it other value. The fact that “It’s Perfectly Normal” has educational value (even if we don’t like what it’s educating about or how it does it) would appear to put it outside the realm of obscenity. The prison policy deemed it “obscene or sexually explicit material,” not obscene sexually explicit material. It sounds like they don’t allow sexually explicit material, regardless of whether it’s technically obscene or not. Arguing that the book is too obscene for adults and therefore clearly too obscene for children doesn’t work, because it’s not legally obscene. There are lots of things with sexual content that adults can make up their minds about and that are too explicit for children.

    • MamaBear

      Thank you for explaining the legal distinctions. Since parent objections are often ignored by many districts when it comes to sex ed programs, do you have suggestions as to how parents can get inappropriately explicit materials removed?
      My children are young adults, no longer in school, but there may be others reading this who would like to know. And it sounds like the problem is getting worse.

      • Marauder

        I remember the legal definition of obscenity from the bar exam, but I have no professional experience with anything along the lines of explicit material in schools, so I hesitate to offer suggestions from a professional capacity. Speaking as someone who’s read a moderate amount about parental objections to kids being taught various things in schools, it seems to be easier to have one’s own child removed from the materials than it is to remove the materials themselves. Some school districts will allow kids to do things like be assigned an alternate book if a parent objects to a particular book assigned in class. I’d look up the policies of the school district to see if they have any policies regarding parents’ moral and/or religious objections to curricula.

        • MamaBear

          In my community, elementary and secondary are separate districts.
          The elementary district sent letters, allowed parents to request an opt-out, were open about materials. They also taught sex ed from an abstinence viewpoint.
          The high school did not notify parents in advance. They were not open with materials. They taught from a birth control/safe sex viewpoint. I always figured it was too late to get them out by the time I knew, so I would go over OUR values at home.
          I do not know how either district handles sex ed now, but I suspect from what I hear that any changes have not been for the better.

  • PJ4

    Planned Parenthood wants to teach our four-year-olds about masturbation. They want to teach our five-year-olds that “people often kiss, hug, touch, and engage in other sexual behaviors with one another to show caring and to feel good.”

    Um… if a stranger tried to tell my kids this, they’d be arrested for pedophilia.

    PP also wants to get rid of the age of consent.

    I think not.

    • Jonathan

      They wouldn’t, if they’ve got lobbyists in the White House and a photo with the president.