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Pro-abortion Salon blasts pro-lifers for caring about woman killed in abortion

candle2Reaching a new low in journalism, a writer in Salon has compared pro-lifers holding a candlelight vigil for a woman who died in a late-term abortion to the Westboro Baptist Church’s protests of military funerals.

The Westboro Bapist Church holds loud, angry protests outside funerals of soldiers with obscene signs, saying that the soldiers deserved to die. Writer Steven Hsieh apparently sees no difference between that and the quiet, prayerful vigil held to mourn a woman and child who lost their lives in a brutal, unnecessary fashion.

The Salon article shows not the slightest bit of concern that a woman died. The author does not deign even to mention her by name. But she had a name. Jennifer Morbelli. She was 29. Her death matters. At least to pro-lifers. To Hsieh, it seems, her death is less important than the fact that pro-lifers might use it to criticize abortion. The pro-choice cause, then, is placed above the lives of Morbelli and her child.

Pro-choice activists have a long pattern of ignoring the victims of botched abortions. When Suzanne Logan lay paralyzed in a hospital room after her abortion, it was local pro-life groups who raised money to get her a device that would enable her to communicate with her loved ones.

When Dr. Bruce Steir got into legal trouble for stuffing Sharon Hampton’s bowel back into her body after lacerating it in an abortion, sending her home to bleed to death in a car, pro-choicers rallied to his defense with no concern for the victim.

Pro-lifers frequently hold vigils for women who died from legal abortions, support their families, try to bring renegade abortionists to justice, and push legislation to make abortion safer. It is pro-life activists who file malpractice claims trying to get compensation for women who are injured. Instead of asking why pro-life activists are memorializing and honoring Morbelli, Hsieh should be asking why pro-choicers are ignoring her.

Why doesn’t the pro-choice movement care that Dr. LeRoy Carhart has now killed two women? They would not hesitate to rail against the dangers of illegal abortion, but they ignore it completely when a doctor is killing women legally. Despite the fact that two women died under the care of Carhart, Hsieh expresses no concern. He does not seem to feel that an investigation is warranted. Why does he (and other pro-choicers) not care that Carhart instructed his patients not go to the ER, thus putting their lives in danger and making a situation like Morbelli’s almost inevitable? Why no concern that Carhart listed the number of his horse business as the emergency line for injured women to call, and not his personal number, where he could be reached right away? Are these facts of significance only to pro-lifers? Pro-life news outlets are covering these deficiencies in the clinic protocol that led to Morbelli’s death. Pro-choicers are ignoring them.

Rather than viewing Morbelli’s killer as the enemy, Hsieh ignores the injustice of her death and sees the pro-life movement as the enemy. Rather than calling for action that would prevent another women from dying, Salon is taking potshots at pro-lifers. Where is the concern for the woman who lost her life?

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    同意する agree

  • WhoIsLikeGod

    This is a great rejoinder to that hit piece on Salon. Wish you could have rebutted some of the specific charges that were made in it. Like, did the people there really discuss the facts of the victim’s health and life and is that in anyway illegal?

  • CS

    The aren’t using her name because it should never have been made public without the consent of her family!!!

    “Kathy Morbelli, the dead woman’s mother-in-law, told The
    Journal News that she is extremely upset with the rhetoric swirling
    around the death of Morbelli and her unborn daughter, who was to be
    known as Madison Leigh.

    ‘They know she was a wanted baby, they know she was named,’ she
    said. ‘I just wish that the people could let my son, who is only 29
    years old, mourn in peace….”

    • Julia

      They made it public in an obituary.

      • They did not mention how she died in the obituary. They never discussed any of the details of her procedure, the complications that occurred, or ANY of her medical information. All of that was released by the anti-abortion protesters on the scene, their allies in the blogosphere (and quite likely an unscrupulous (and possibly criminal) hospital employee), and all without the family’s consent. Indeed, as CS quoted, the family is opposed to having either death exploited for the anti-abortion cause by people who more than likely do not have all the facts.

        • The fact that sufficient information gets into the public sphere so that some group or other can put two and two together does not a crisis make. Nor is it an infringement on anyone’s rights.

          And, once again, it is the responsibility of the medical personnel to maintain HIPPA. Not any third-party person or group, regardless of their political affiliation. If the public’s knowledge of Morbelli’s name is criminal, it is Carhart’s crime.

          Honestly, the fact that you care more about the fact that we know Jennifer’s name than you do about the fact that she’s DEAD and CARHART KILLED HER is disgusting.

          • Basset_Hound

            “Honestly, the fact that you care more about the fact that we know Jennifer’s name than you do about the fact that she’s DEAD and CARHART KILLED HER is disgusting.”

            Very disgusting. But that’s not all….Brave Sir LeRoy ran away…and left this woman to die because he valued his own reputation.

  • Detroiter327

    1) Perhaps the journalist decided not to use her name because he wanted to respect the wishes of the woman’s family and her memory. Spreading her name made her a target for a lot of vitriol and hate from the anti abortion crowd. On this very website people have commented she deserved to die. People have openly speculated that her parents might have coerced her into getting an abortion. Someone wrote an article basically saying this woman was not a true Catholic. To overlook that there is a faction of your movement that is indeed hateful is naive. Naive is me putting it politely. Many anti abortion advocates have done some great things. They also systematically financially, physically and emotionally intimidate people and their families on a regular basis.

    2) Continuing to spread false information about this womans case, which you did when you said that an old document picked from a dumpster was directly related to what happened to her, is sloppy and would be cause for a lawsuit if this was an actual news website. Anti abortion groups also keep disseminating private information about this woman that was obtained illegally.

    3) By using the life and death of this woman (against the wishes of her family mind you) to garner attention for your cause warrants the comparison with the Westboro Baptist Church. Perhaps one protest was quieter than the other. This does not change the fact that anti abortion groups are using illegal means to gather information about this woman and then using her posthumously as a political prop.

  • Merrymom

    I see the pro choicers on here still don’t want to address the fact that Carhart didn’t have the decency to get back to this woman and her husband when she started to go into distress. The hospital that the couple ended up going to couldn’t even get a hold of him until after Mrs. Morbelli had already died. That is reprehensible and just flat out unacceptable!

    That is what the author of this article is trying to point out here. You people are still not addressing that! There’s a lot of finger pointing going on by the pro choicers and none of it is in the direction of Carhart. He gave her powerful abortion inducing drugs and had her wait it out in a hotel room! I have had three children and I was told that if I had to be induced for any of them, I would not be allowed to leave the hospital for my own safety after being administered Pitocin. Pitocin is made for inducing labor unlike the Cytotec that he gives to his patients to induce abortion. Cytotec is made to treat stomach ulcers. It can also induce labor in women but it is dangerous and has been known to cause uterine rupture especially if it is given with RU 486(cocktail given to patients by Carhart). Cytotec is much cheaper than Pitocin. That is most likely why Carhart uses it. It is also much more dangerous.

    He should have had her monitored in the clinic until the whole procedure was over. They would have detected a problem much sooner and could have treated her or had her sent out to a hospital immediately.That is simply not cost effective for Carhart and the clinic that he operates out of. At the end of the day, that is what matters to Carhart and abortionists like him. It’s all about the cash! They could care less about this woman’s health. They proved that through their neglect for caring for her. She went back to that clinic 3 times and nobody detected anything? She was bleeding out for crying out loud! A simple blood pressure reading could have told them that.

    As for the pro lifer’s saying that she deserved to die, that is a reprehensible thing to say and I have called those people out for it in the “comments” sections where they have said that. No, she didn’t deserve to die. She also doesn’t deserve to be swept under the rug to protect the abortion movement. Carhart is careless with his patients lives and two women are dead(as well as their children) because of his carelessness and negligence.

    He has to be stopped before he hurts anybody else. If you are for “women’s healthcare”, you should be for stopping him!

    • Detroiter327

      Point proven. How exactly do you know what drugs she was given?

      • Merrymom

        I researched the method used by Carhart for inducing late term abortions. I highly doubt that he has deviated from that method at all. Do I know what drugs he used in Mrs Morbelli’s particular case? No because I do not have her medical records. So I guess that’s the gotcha moment you were looking for huh.

        That aside, inducing labor and sending a woman to a hotel and not making yourself available in case of emergency is irresponsible. That is a known fact in this case. They reached out for help and he wasn’t around. That is known. I guess that’s okay with you. He should have had a back up OB/GYN in case of emergencies but he didn’t. I mean why split the check? This couple went to the clinic on multiple occasions(as per witness accounts- ya know, the Operation Rescue stalkers that the choicers complain about) after her abortion was started yet they failed to help her. Why did the couple finally choose to go to a hospital miles away and not the clinic that was much closer. The answer if you use some common sense is that they had no confidence in the clinic.

        I don’t agree with this young woman’s decision to end her child’s life, however I do not believe that she should have lost her own.She was treated poorly. When I went into labor, my OB/GYN was available to speak with me immediately. They take childbirth seriously because it can become a potentially serious situation rather quickly. I have a some questions for you, Why couldn’t anybody get a hold of Carhart? Why couldn’t the hospital get a hold of Carhart? Why aren’t the pro choicers asking these questions in their articles about this? They care about these women right? I have not heard of anybody from the pro choice side being critical of Carhart. He owed her at the very least a minimum standard of care. For a doctor to start a potentially dangerous procedure like this and not be available in case of emergency is unacceptable. Why the silence regarding that?

        • Detroiter327

          I had a family member die due to medical negligence two years ago. If this man is indeed guilty of it, I say throw the book at him. But there is no evidence yet. There is only gossip and assumptions being circulated as fact. I was not really looking for an “ah ha” moment. This whole charade is running on a mixture of gossip and guesswork by arm chair detectives and WebMD doctors, and your huge tirade of assumptions is proof of that. Even if this womans death was truly due to complications, and there was no negligence found, I highly doubt anyone would drop the situation. Everyone has made their judgement regardless of the facts, and everyone will continue to use this woman posthumously regardless of what they are.

    • You’re assuming a whole lot of facts that are nowhere in evidence, from drugs used and blood pressure (not) taken to whether patients undergoing her method of abortion generally need to be in hospital and monitored, or whether there were any signs at all that this particular woman needed to be.

      Professionals without such obvious bias will investigate exactly how and why this woman died and whether or not Carhart was in any way culpable. If he was, I hope there are criminal and civil proceedings against him…but I hope you’ll forgive folks for not just taking as gospel the pronouncements of guilt by so clearly biased individuals and sources.

      • Merrymom

        Yeah, I can respect that. I’m just going by what I have found out from past cases involving Carharts patients. I guess we’ll have to wait for the investigation and we’ll know what happened for sure. I do hope that there is a thorough investigation though.

        • Basset_Hound

          I hate to be cynical, but it seems to me that the media is more concerned with protecting this Sundance Film Festival Hero of Choice’s reputation than they are about this woman’s brutal, protracted death. You know that if this woman would have bled to death after having her wisdom teeth extracted, the doctor who cut and ran (after telling her not to go to the emergency room) would be the subject of one or two local news stories at least.

        • Detroiter327


  • Merrymom

    Newsday has just posted an article about this sad, sad story. It says that Mrs. Morbelli died from an amniotic fluid embolism and disseminated intravascular coagulation(from what I have researched it is usually a separate condition brought on by the amniotic fluid embolism). This condition causes a person to bleed internally throughout their entire body. They both sound like exceptionally nasty things to experience. To think that she was going through this stuff in a hotel room is awful.

    As much as the medical examiner has stated that her cause of death is “natural”, it doesn’t exactly let Carhart off the hook either. She was back and forth to that clinic for days after her abortion. Why couldn’t anybody recognize the symptoms of the amniotic fluid embolism that was occurring in her instance? Was there a nurse with her in the hotel? Was there a doctor on call at the clinic that could have helped? This just raises more questions for me. If she had gotten emergency help in the first stage of the embolism, she may have survived. At the very least, Carhart needs to explain why he was unavailable while this was going on.

    Something tells me that this is just going to fall through the cracks and nothing will be done about it. The medical examiner stated that it was natural causes after all. So nothing to see here, just move along.

  • abortionABOLISHED

    The debate is OVER, pro-aborts. Give it up—the killing of unborn HUMAN BEINGS are numbered and it is only a matter of time before there will be NO slaughtering of the innocent unborn human lives and the neglectful deaths of their mothers.

  • ThomasPaineRN

    The individual has never mattered to the collectivist, except in how the individual can serve and advance the cause of the collective. And those protected and defended are those who still contribute to the collective group-think. Protect the collective and group-think at all costs, individuals are just cogs in the wheels and utterly expendable.