NARAL's Choice Out Loud video

Pro-abortion video attempts to equate abortion with haircuts and face painting

Talk about strange. And rather senseless.

NARAL has come out with a new video to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The pro-abortion organization’s video doesn’t quite top the Center for Reproductive Rights’ “Happy Anniversary, Baby” video, but it’s up there. Take a look for yourself.

Each of the forty photographers involved in this video project avidly supports abortion. On NARAL’s Choice Out Loud Facebook page, the different photographers are being featured, and their work is being promoted. Odd, isn’t it, that shooting an abortion “rights” commercial is now a way to get recognition for your photography? One would hope that most business people would prefer not to have their work associated with murder, but clearly these photographers are an exception.

NARAL’s Choice Out Loud project explains the purpose behind the video:

It has been 40 years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United states. In celebration of that freedom, we asked 40 pro-choice photographers to capture the next generation of choice on film. [Of course, if you want to see real choice on film, go here.]

Yet what does “choice” really tell us about abortion? It’s clear that the women featured in NARAL’s video are confused. Here are a few of the quotes placed next to their photos:

Choice is the utmost act of selflessness and compassion for and by humanity. [Right, because there’s just so much compassion involved when a mother hires a doctor to rip her child apart, piece by piece. Choosing a college degree for yourself is definitely more selfless than giving an innocent, helpless child a chance at life.]

Choice isn’t a label. It’s freedom. [Abortion isn’t a label, either. It’s death.]

Being pro-choice doesn’t mean you will have an abortion. It just means the decision is yours and not the government’s. [Uh-huh. And being pro-choice doesn’t mean you will actually rape a woman. It just means the decision is each man’s and not the government’s. I mean, c’mon, abortion’s not the only “choice” out there, right?]

Yeah, this is super related to abortion.
Yeah, this is super-related to abortion.

What’s odd about the video itself is that, other than small snippets of voice-over about abortion and women, there’s no real connection between the women featured and the choice of abortion. Instead, the video is rather flippant, attempting to portray “choice” as something really easy, common, and rather everyday. I mean, it’s pretty common for women to change their hairstyles and get their hair cut. (It seems the majority of women in this video are playing with or changing their hair in some way.)

Other women are featured blowing bubble gum, painting their faces, wearing head and face coverings, and exercising. None of these things are life-threatening choices. None of these things interfere with another innocent life. None of these things even affect another life, much less take it.

NARAL’s “celebration” of Roe v. Wade is senseless, bizarre, flippant, and just plain odd. Trying to feature happy women making everyday choices and relating that to the heinous tragedy of abortion is evidence of desperation and deception.

Just last year, NARAL gave America a “D” on abortion rights. NARAL knows Americans don’t find abortion attractive. So instead of facing the truth, NARAL would rather feature attractive women living their lives.

Who, after all, would want to watch a video about tiny, innocent people being denied their right to live their lives?

  • Hannah Mallery

    They’ll do anything to make abortion hip and fun.

  • Drben

    The day Adam Lanza murdered 20 children and 6 adilots in cold blood, approximate 4000 lives of infants in their mothers’ wombs where snuffed out. The methods may have been different, but the results were the same – death.

  • what ever happened to safe, legal, and rare. There calling cry for 35 years. I hate abortion, but I remember when those on the other side considered abortion a tragedy but a neccesary evil, now they are portraying it as just any other choice. NARAL has gone over the deep end.

  • Hoosier Aunt

    How sad that we have lost approximately 55 million young innocent children, who may have become teachers, doctors, nurses, factory workers, inventors, chefs, CEO’s, bankers, professors, and numerous other hard working Americans. What difference would their lives have made in our lives, in our country, in our economy, in our world? God only knows!!

  • Abortion is the most heinous crime against humanity, the lives stolen, the disgrace shown toward the miracle of life, the disrespect for women and their offspring. But truly if we encourage them to keep their children, then we must also work toward making sure they have the means to provide for them and that the children are loved or that loving parents are found. Pro-abortion people think it is all about a woman and her rights to her body, no one wants to give up their rights to their own body, however a fetus, is a human infant and its own person, a woman should consider that before creating a child in the first place. We advocate for responsibility and the other side encourages promiscuity and negligence without conscience. They are not facing reality, it is a holocaust, and thank goodness it didn’t happen to us. We are all survivors of abortion, it could have happened to any of us. Imagine profiting from killing infants, your food, clothes, cars, homes, all paid for by stealing lives from little babies. They have no conscience to promote or advocate for abortion, when alternatives abound. I am not religious, but no other term fits but satanic, for what abortionists are, they are demonic and satanic, and slaughterers.

  • LRFB

    The celebratory, willful, deluded joy in this video truly makes me ill. I am stunned by how blind, evil, and dark our humanity has become… If we even still deserve the word “humanity.” Lord, come quickly.

  • Bridget

    Every decision has a story? So does every life. This video failed to show that.