Quote of the day: Columnist says being pro-life and pro-Second Amendment are “intertwined”

D.C. McAllister

D.C. McAllister

Being pro-life and pro legal gun possession are not mutually exclusive nor are they at odds with one another. In fact, they are morally, legally, and ideologically intertwined, working in tandem to protect innocent lives, in different ways, both offensively and defensively.

Without the right to defend oneself with force, law-abiding Americans would be as defenseless as a newborn—incapable of defending themselves, looking only to the state to prevent harm.

That’s the world Trevor Noah wants us to live in. It’s not the world most of America wants.

~ D.C. McAllister, responding to The Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s claim that pro-lifers who are pro-Second Amendment aren’t really pro-life, The Federalist, October 7

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