Quote of the day: NFL player, wife face daughter’s anencephaly diagnosis

The Rodriguez family (via

The Rodriguez family (via

They’re telling us this, and it’s eye-opening. I’ve never heard of this, ever. I’m like ‘There’s nothing you guys can do? There’s no cure?’…

They give you two options. Terminate the baby or you can continue with the process….

Just like if your child has cancer, you’re going to fight for whatever time you’re given with that child…. Who are we to determine the child’s life? We decided to leave it in God’s hands. We hope for the best, even if it’s 10 minutes, three days, a year. It will mean more than anything.

~ Tampa Bay Buccaneers fullback Evan Rodriguez, on the prenatal anencephaly diagnosis of he and wife Olivia’s daughter, Layla Sky, as quoted by the Tampa Bay Times, July 31

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