Nurses share how babies born alive after abortions are killed or left to die

In the United States, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act requires abortionists and staff to give medical care to a child accidentally born alive during an abortion. However, Live Action has discovered through undercover investigations that many abortionists ignore this law.

What happens when a baby survives an abortion? Live Action’s undercover cameras reveal what late-term abortionists would do with a baby struggling for life. Watch their shocking admissions from our “Inhuman” investigation.

Posted by Live Action on Saturday, June 20, 2015

Babies are also born alive after abortions in Europe. The ACLJ, which is promoting legislation to protect these infants, has compiled testimonies from nurses and midwives.

MK, a student nurse in France, tells the following story:

The child was born alive, and to prevent it from crying, the doctor quickly covered his face. He was then taken into a side room…. I was able to find that there was no apparent defect, he struggled to breathe and he had some slight gestures. He was fully formed, had eyelashes, hair, nails … …The doctor came in and asked me if he was still breathing, or else we would make an injection for that “to be resolved.” Five minutes later he came back and grabbed a syringe. … He then pierced the baby in the heart, …The child, during the injection, moved all its members. I do not know what that meant, but perhaps he suffered. The little boy lived just a quarter of an hour. The medical team told the parents of the child that he was stillborn. This is why we did not want him to cry at birth: it would be too traumatic for them. What shocked me personally, is the cold-blooded doctor (head of department) that had injected the child in the heart. The fact that the child was alive was a problem that needed to be addressed: it has never been contemplated to tell the parents what really happened.

Mr. XB, a doctor, gave the shocking revelation that the head of the Genetics Department of a hospital in the South of France ordered that babies in the third trimester be aborted alive, so that their brain tissue would be fresh for research. When XB left the hospital, he spoke to a nurse and expressed his disgust at the infanticides:

I again see this young woman [the nurse] gaze into space, saying: “It is true that sometimes there’s a little murder among friends” … She then tells me a case where the baby had time to scream before being hastily brought into the next room. These cases are not uncommon, and are dramatic because the mother hears her child, and the moment she realizes that he is alive, the child is being killed… what made her uncomfortable is that three doctors (an anesthesiologist, an obstetrician and a pediatrician) took an hour to kill a newborn. Because as it was alive, the child struggled vigorously and they could not give him the lethal injection.

Testimony of Mrs. L.M., Former Anesthetic Nurse:

I want to testify to infanticide, not that we have actually killed a newborn of 28 weeks but worse: we have not had humanity come to his aid. … The young mother was an HIV positive drug addict who discovered her pregnancy late. Gynecologists convinced her to abort but the baby was born alive. Midwives simply put it in an empty box, naked in a stainless steel tub, cold, without any care. His mother was conscious during labor and delivery of the baby; she was crying and wanted to see her little one but the doctors decided that this child should die. They did not give the child to the mother to spare her. This baby was viable, he was breathing on his own and cried vigorously. I honestly think it was just left to die of cold …. Why do they fight to save some premature babies while others are given death without humanity?

Another doctor gave an epidural injection to a woman who was having an abortion at six months.  Not wanting to witness the actual expulsion of the baby, he left the room, but came back later and encountered the midwife. He says:

She was nervous and uncomfortable… The midwife told me how quickly the gynecologist had ended the life of the child in the womb, making an ultrasound location and injecting the product to make the child’s heart stop beating. Then the vaginal delivery was induced. By the time the child came out, the midwife was alone. When the child was completely out, he cried; he was alive. The midwife told how she was seized and choked the child’s cries with her hand and hurried out so the parents would not hear their child…..after several maneuvers, they killed the child.

Shortly afterwards, another woman came to the hospital in labor, and gave birth to a premature child she very much wanted:

Her child was taken immediately into the neonatal resuscitation room. It was a difficult resuscitation; pediatricians soon arrived to help …After a long resuscitation, the child was stabilized and he went to the neonatal intensive care unit. I realized then that this child we had to resuscitate was the same age as the other child, a few hours before, who had not had the right to live.

Another doctor who had been practicing for eight years said:

At the guard in the delivery room, a woman was in labor as part of an abortion …[The head gynecologist] approaches the interns and said in a low voice, but loud enough for me to hear: “If the child is breathing on arrival, you press hard here on the trachea until it completely stops breathing,” and turning to me: “And you, you did not hear anything.”

A midwife was worked for 36 years in maternity and obstetric care describes the following:

I have horrible memories from my time at the gynecology ward where I participated in late term abortions, most around week 16 where the fetus struggled and tried to breathe for 5-15 minutes. Because there are no rules or regulations on what one should do with a fetus that is struggling for life, you leave the fetus to die by itself in a round bowl or a basin. … this is not an unusual event. Approximately 25% in week 16-17 live for a certain time.

Mrs. Andrea Kischkel, Physician at the Hospital of Gällivare, Sweden, reported:

A little girl was born alive on 1st March 2014 at 7:55 pm. The midwives were not allowed to contact the paediatrician on call. Therefore, the child was given no medication, no pain relief although she had been pulled out by vacuum extraction. A midwife swept the baby into warm towels and waited until she had died, nearly half-an-hour later.

Several more testimonies can be found here, in the full report by the European Centre for Law and Justice.

  • IFaye

    Makes me wonder how the abortion doctors and nurses sleep at night……

    • Basset_Hound

      Maybe they’re so desensitized they sleep just fine. We can gather as much from the trolls who stagger to this site to post their “it’s not a baby until I say it’s a baby” messages.

    • Audrey Ratliff

      I know it’s discusting

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Thanks, Sarah – I wondered how often this happens – looks like it is very common, maybe up to 25%.

    • Lilian

      Around %25 of the 16-17 weekers that individual worked with, at any rate.

  • Lilian

    So… since this fetuses lived for a time after birth, that makes them infants, yes?

    Those poor little babies. It’s awful that they struggled only to die alone or be killed. It’s hard to imagine working with those little patients and not offering comfort, but instead offering neglect… or violence.

    • Audrey Ratliff

      The question is….what are we going to do about it…we all sit here and talk about it but what do we really do about it to make a difference and make it stop

      • aservant

        Sign the petition, write your representatives, call the governor in your state. Let them know that you vote and you will hold them accountable. Then spread the word. Pray without ceasing.

        • aservant
        • Jerry Tilley

          This is in Europe, not America. Calling our representatives is useless.

          • aservant

            Same stuff happens here in the good old US

      • Lilian

        Indeed. :)

    • Jerri


  • putupjob

    these incidences are far more cruel than capital punishment.
    anti death penalty proponents, where art thou?

    • Hannah Mallery

      To them, the poor child has committed the unforgivable crime of having been conceived inconveniently.

  • heavy heart

    If they are alive at birth does that not make the Dr’s and nurses murders?

    • Sheila Simmons


      • Jerri


    • M Augustus

      Yes, technically and practically.

    • Tina Daugherty

      Sadly . Yes it does .Thats horrible. Most people would not even let a dog die like that and to let a tiny innocent human baby that God created and loves suffer that way showing no compassion . I can not belief the horror. I hope God will have mercy on the human race because we obviously do not know what we are doing .

  • Hannah Mallery

    How so many ignore – or even cheer for – this evil is beyond me.

  • Tina Rowland

    Those poor babies didn’t ask for that the mother shouldn’t spread her legs knowing she can get pregnant to me the moms who do this kind of thing should be charged for murder and the doctor’s who do th
    e procedure to

    • Shim’tar Akila

      Because women just jump on top of themselves and get themselves pregnant, right?
      Why don’t we start holding men in our society equally responsible? Oh no, we won’t do that. Just goes to show that no matter how far we’ve come, idiots still make excuses for men and blame it all on the woman and her inability to “keep her legs closed”.

      • Sheila Simmons

        Because women scream “MY body MY choice” that’s why.

        • Shim’tar Akila

          Then perhaps men should be more discerning about where they insert their penis, or idk, perhaps take some responsibility themselves and use a condom.

        • Amy

          What about the poor girls who end up pregnant from rape? Is it their fault too that they get raped? They shouldn’t get an abortion if it’s after a certain time frame, like, 3-5 weeks, but it’s not their fault they ended up prego. After the time, they’d have to wait until the baby is born & give it up to adoption but can you imagine how many times the girl would be looking into the mirror, reminded by the bump as to what happened. Could make the girl suicidal. But that’s ok, she’s not considered human, huh?

          • brandie

            Just for the record, before you start pulling out the rape argument, according to data, approximately 1% of all abortions are performed due to rape. That means close to 99% of abortions are not performed due to rape. Let’s just keep those facts in mind when we’re discussing reasons for abortion. And how many raped girls are suicidal AFTER getting an abortion? There’s a lot more to the rape argument. I’m not saying a girl whose been raped shouldn’t be able to get an abortion, but we need to keep it in context to the reality of how often that happens.

          • angel buckley

            As rape survior who had a miscarriage of a wanted child a year before I could not have carried the child that would’ve came from rape I would’ve put a gun in my mouth I know its not their fault but I couldn’t bear to carry it the level of mental health issues it would have caused woudve have sent me 6 feet under I am thankful I had a safe medical option in the case I did become pregnant from my rape

          • brandie

            I’m sorry for your miscarriage, and I’m glad you didn’t have to have an abortion as a result of that horrible violence. That’s just too much grief compounded upon grief. Rapists deserve a special place in hell. Some rape victims can’t carry a baby due to mental anguish, others decide to carry to term. I hope you get the healing support you need. Be strong.

          • Donna Lynn Dussault

            She is human, of course but so is the child. lets put this in perspective, she will be a mom against her will, however, all life is precious and 9 mos is not a lifetime and really is not that terribly long and they would be thinking about this event anyhow bump or no bump. The sacrifice to bear the child would make her a loving kind mother, an overcomer of evil, so imo, even though this was a very bad thing to go through it would make her a LOVING KIND MOTHER of a child who is a part of herself also. It would make her an OVERCOMER OF EVIL. To me this would be better than becoming a killer, because something bad happened to her.

        • Ruth ‘Olson’ Munn

          Sometimes that’s not the case. In the U S there is a group that has a cool bus and they meet the woman on her way into the abortion clinic and offer her a free sonogram and information on what really is entailed in these abortions and a lot of them change their minds after that.

      • brandie

        Well by all means, if the woman is not a willing participant in sex, then it’s rape. But 99% of all abortions are not being performed due to rape, according to the Guttmacher institute. How about we just split the difference and say that both sexes need to think before they take a chance on getting pregnant, seeing as there is no birth control method that is 100% reliable.

        • Shim’tar Akila

          I am totally cool with that ;-)
          Abstinence is OBVIOUSLY the only way not to get pregnant, but let’s be real here..
          Better for people to be honest, if with no one else than themselves, and practice “safer” sex, than to have an unwanted pregnancy.
          IMO, better to have an abortion than to bring an unwanted child into this world that will be abused, neglected, or much, much worse. Let’s face it, some fates really are much worse than death.
          If a unwanted pregnancy occurs and the individuals are capable of being loving parents, in a functioning home, single or not, I as a member of society I am willing to contribute and aid in the raising of that child any way I can.
          What I can’t abide is this constant slut shaming. That a woman is some how diminished because she enjoys sex and her sexuality. She is not having it alone. If she were we wouldn’t be having this conversation.. LOL.. It’s time for men to start sharing equal responsibility if a woman gets pregnant. Like I’ve told my adult son, I don’t care if she TOLD you she is on the pill. In this day and age unwanted pregnancies are the least of your worries. Wrap it up young man, or keep it in your pants. More blunt conversations like this need to take place more often with the males in our community.

          • brandie

            I am not against a woman enjoying sex. I too was once a college coed ;) But the onus of pregnancy really does lie with the female, since unless she was raped, she is willingly putting herself in the position to possibly get pregnant. I feel like legal abortion is a horny young man’s dream come true. Really, what incentive is there for them to not try to get with as many girls as possible. If the girl gets pregnant, pressure her to have an abortion, then you’re off the hook. There are so many stories out there about young women who get pregnant and want to have the baby, but get deserted by the boy or pressured by the boy to have an abortion. The young woman often feels she has no other option but an abortion. I have two sons, and I am dreading when they hit puberty…. if they sleep with a girl, not only do they have to worry about whether or not she gets pregnant or has a disease, you also have to worry that she may say afterwards that it was not consensual. A friend of mine is going through that with her teenage son. An angry ex-girlfriend is claiming he raped her, and basically now it’s her word vs his (there’s no evidence), and guess which person the DA will side with? I guess people need to realize that as much as they would love to engage in sex as a consequence free activity- free of pregnancy, disease, or heartache, that really isn’t the case. Maybe the people who wait to have sex are the smart ones. I wasn’t one of the smart ones, but after everything I’ve gone through, I wish I had waited….

          • Shim’tar Akila

            I have an adult son, and two young boys ( I started over, like so many now a days.. LOL). I raised him no different then I would have a girl, honestly. I expected him to respect himself and others at all times.
            He’s a good man. His gf tells me is very respectful and considerate of her. We’ve managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that afflict youth, male and female. I’ve asked him, during one of our Mom Son chats what I did to help him keep his nose clean. He told me it was my honesty. The fact that I never sugar coated or pulled punches about the consequences of choices. I never treated my child as anything other than age appropriate. He wasn’t going and hanging with his friends unsupervised anywhere at 14, 15, even 16 years old.
            I know society pushes for our kids to grow up. I know we want to see our kids as mature, capable people. The bottom line is, they’re kids and are accompanied by the idiocy indicative of their age and not yet developed brain. I’ve seen too many kids in situations they aren’t equipped to deal with because parents were more concerned about their kids liking them, or being their friends, than parenting.

    • Ruth ‘Olson’ Munn

      Most of the time the mom has no clue as s to exactly what is involved.

    • aservant

      I think that the mothers are victims too. They were lied to (it isn’t a baby it’s just a mass of cells) or pressured into the procedure. I wonder how many are now traumatized beyond understanding when they found out the truth of the matter.

  • coffee777


  • Elizabeth Duvall

    Don’t kill the babies. I would be happy to take a baby in. I don’t want them to die. They deserve a chance.

    • KJ

      Then adopt one of many kids in foster care then! Who are unhappy bouncing from family to family not knowing what real love or proper care is? Does any one care about that?! Oh that’s right thoes kids are too old to give a damn about…just like the older dogs in the shelter.

      • Carol Anthony Greenstone

        Many of them are in the system because their parents haven’t relinquished parental rights. They are trying to clean up their lives and want their kids back but fall back into old habits over and over. Not all older kids in foster care are available for adoption.

  • takeitbacknow42012

    These doctors and those participating in this barbaric ritual should be tried for murder!!!! This is not human!!!! They are not human!!!!

  • SL

    God knows the truth….wouldn’t want to be one of the medical team when they stand before Him….wonder if the government will allow killing seniors when it is inconvenient to care for them in their old age???? WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • sarah5775

      Well, actually htis is Europe. But I see what you mean

  • Susan

    I couldn’t even finish reading the article . It was just too heart wrenching . How do these people live with themselves ? They are monsters , each and every one of them!

  • Helen

    Nothing is ever going to change until America gets back right with God. It’s only going to get worse. We have a Gov’t that is corrupt to the core…laughing at abortions. Obama and Hillary both approve of abortions and infanticide. They are liars, thieves, and murders. When I first saw Obummer campaigning in 2008, I said to myself, ‘Oh Lord, if he’s elected, America will go down to Hell in a hand basket. Looks like I was right. Pray for the speedily Second Coming of Jesus Christ and wipe these evil bastards off the face of the Earth!!!!

    • sarah5775

      Did you read the article?

  • Jeannie Geasland

    Some people have no heart and no love of life. How can anyone not feel love for a little baby. The babies are innocent, they did not ask to be born, they did not cause themselves to be born! Why must they be killed? Just kill the parents, and leave the innocent children alone? What if we thought like that? It’s still MURDER!

  • Mitzi

    Why was the child injected with what I suppose is poison? It sounds like he was a wanted child……why was he killed????

    • Dr. Johnny Fever

      Good morning hon.

  • Michelle Abrahmz

    Sorry this article makes no sense. It merely pulls one people’s emotional strings. HOW are babies born alive after abortion? Abortion means to terminate. If the child is alive then it obviously wasn’t aborted, was it?

    Also, were are we talking about? Most places that allow abortion have a rule of no late stage abortions except for very serious circumstances. Pregnancies are supposed to be terminated within the first 12 weeks – no ‘baby’ born at that stage can survive.

    • SMDobbins

      Many babies are born alive when they are aborted. It depends on the kind of abortion. Some are induced, some are saline, and if the baby is too big to be suctioned, then it has to be induced and it will be born alive. Many times they will do a partial birth, which delivers the lower part of the body and pierces the spinal cord at the brain stem and kills the child. It is a gruesome, murderous, business. There are testimonies of children who are here because they lived through an abortion (I think her name is Genevieve?).

    • Helen

      You are asking: HOW are babies born alive after abortion? The article should have stated ‘failed’ abortion.

    • brandie

      This article is specifically about Europe, but there are several states in the US where you can get an abortion up to any point (and that includes up to the due date) if you are willing to pay and can find an abortionist willing to do it. There are 21 states that allow abortion up to viability (usually 22-24 weeks). There are a few different methods used, it depends on what the abortionist. Obviously, if it’s dilation and evacuation, it won’t survive the abortion process- but it will suffer horribly- yes, even 5 months, we know they feel pain. But often doctors will inject a chemical into the baby’s heart using ultrasound. It’s not a perfect method, and it doesn’t always stop the heart as it’s meant to. Then, the mother is given drugs to go into labor, the goal being to deliver a dead fetus. That’s when a baby will be born alive and left to die due to exposure (or be dispatched by a doctor or nurse). These are viable babies, born alive, and like many preemies, would survive and be healthy with help from the NICU. Unfortunately, for them, they are unwanted, so no one gives them that help.

    • dwarf

  • Lisa Brooke

    This isn’t right and needs to be taken care of. The law basically states a fetus still alive that has been harmed or neglected can cause the person who harmed or neglected the fetus will have a sentence. How about we call the fetus what it really is ITS A BABY!!! Non of this is okay. They are just babies. If they are fighting then they have the right to live or have help to keep fighting and not give up! Their murders! How can they sleep at night knowing that they killed a mother’s baby. She may have wanted an abortion but nothing and I mean nothing is worth more than a baby’s life and a mother’s love for her baby! What if that was they’re baby’s life on the line? How would they feel? To know that the Dr’s could’ve saved that baby but didnt!!!! They need to be thrown in jail. It’s never going to be okay. This upsets me and makes me so sick! I can’t believe this bs.

  • PJ4

    This is something that both PP and Obama support

    • Jughead417

      I saw your posts and others but haven’t read the article. I won’t. Sometimes I have my fill of the evil, disgusting ramifications of abortions, and today is one of those moments.

      You know, I will never understand how anyone can justify these actions and discuss them as if they’re just another topic for debate.

      • cwgf

        This literally turns one’s stomach inside out.

      • MamaBear

        Understood. I couldn’t handle reading it all.

      • M Augustus

        Don’t read it. Save it. Only read it if you’re real tough. It’s just horrible… you don’t need to read about that horror. We need to make this evil a crime!

        • Jughead417

          Thanks, M Augustus for the warning. Actually, I can take it and usually work my way past the horror and anguish I feel for the dying and dead unborn, but that day I just wasn’t up to it. I’ll be back in action again because I want to show these vicious murderers exactly what a “fetus” is, what “choice” really means, and convey the depths of my willingness to oppose this heinous “procedure” until I have no more strength to do so (i.e. my deathbed). The pain and suffering of the babies is just unfathomable, but every time I run into the sanctimonious scum who have no problem making me pay for all of this via tax dollars and their offensive, pathetic attempts to get me to buy into the “well, if you don’t like it then don’t do it, but don’t interfere with a woman’s right to choose” bu!!$heet, they will face every bit of wrath–legal, of course–that I can deliver to them and their public policies. I really dig mocking their affront when I destroy their expectations of political correctness and graciousness in discourse with them. That’s why I try to award them with a gruesome abortion picture to bring them a sense of reality.

          PJ4 has a great heart and she knows I walk in lockstep with her valiant effort to put an end to this evil, so my battle fatigue was just that–a day off of wading through the carnage hoping to stop it all from happening. I’ve labelled her the Patron Saint of Pro-Abort Slayers, which she finds amusing since her passionate opposition is existential (like mine, really) and not derived from organized religious affiliation that inspires the majority of our allies, but it is an apt description of her fearless leadership on this issue. She will never waver on this issue, I’m quite certain. After YEARS of battling abortion (I rode on a bus from Cleveland to D.C. with pro-lifers in 1974 to picket in front of the White House on the first anniversary of Roe v. Wade), I have moments now where the images of the dying babies just gets to me. Keep in mind that embryologists and developmental neuropsychologists have so much more evidence demonstrating that unborn babies feel and enjoy life just as much as those of us living life outside of the womb.

          Thank you for your thoughtful admonition, and actually this morning i woke up refreshed and ready to again battle the thoughtless, evil people who perpetuate this horrific “procedure.” Please note I put the words in quotations that the pro-aborts use to deny what is really happening.

          By the way, there are many more of us here–Bucksergeant, cwgf, Jed, williamdiamon, Jubal Early, Paul, stevemusicmaker and others (a partial list can be seen by those who gave upvotes to cwgf above)–that I haven’t mentioned who are equally committed. infadelicious is yet another full-of-life soul who funnels her creative genius into barbs that keep us lighthearted as we fight the good fight. Don’t make the mistake of thinking her sting isn’t deadly, however, just because she laughs when she cleverly throws back exponentially more than is delivered to her. I apologize to those I didn’t just personally mention due to time constraints, but each are armed with a different set of verbal and spiritual talents analogous to the unique abilities of the Legion of Super Heroes comic book characters–except our enemies are not fictional and as such, do real damage by their evil. Above all, we all value the wonderful gift of life that we were given for no reason other than God loves us.

          • cwgf

            Jughead, this literally choked me up. I’m saving it, brother. Yes PJ4 is exactly that – the “Patron Saint of Pro-Abort Slayers” and she is awesome.

          • Jughead417

            Thank you cwgf. You are the most loyal of us all, encouraging us with your timely comments and total commitment to supporting our forays into the blogosphere where we confront the trolls, the ignorant, the thoughtless, and the evil among us. I am astonished that nothing–nothing–escapes your careful eye as we fight the evil ideas spewed upon us. You are up night and day and are the first to seize the moment to bolster our resolve with upvotes and comments.

            Cripe, sometimes I haven’t finished my post or are in the process of editing it and you are giving encouragement to me! You really are amazing–it’s as though you’ve always got our backs as we fight the good fight. Know that I, too, have yours, as often as I can keep up with you. You move quickly, guy, you really do, and I apologize for all the times I can’t keep up.

            cwgf, I give my most sincere thanks for the encouragement and energy you give to me.

          • cwgf

            I appreciate that Jughead, but you give me way too much credit. We all bring who we are to the table, and you my friend, are a huge blessing to us all. Keep up the great work and thank you brother.

          • infadelicious

            Beautifully said Jughead. ;-)

          • Jughead417

            Thank you, infadelicious. Any compliment from you is heartfelt.

            I tell everyone, as I tell you now, I do not hand out gratuitous comments. When I praise or point out the wonderful things you and others do, it’s because you merit them; if asked, I can give the reasons. I don’t say things just to make people feel good (or bad), I simply want them to know what I view as noteworthy truth and it’s always because it needs to be acknowledged. Of course, the other side of the sword is that I don’t feel the slightest hesitation to point out myriad shortcomings of logic, morality, or belief underlying the foolish comments made by some. If the recipients of my deserved barbs show anger or insult, then I have succeeded in presenting them with the truth as I understand it to be.

            I wish I had more time to follow you in particular because you really do view the world so differently than I–and the rest of us with the possible exception of Shep. You are a verbal and conceptual artist in the field of argumentation, and quite gifted, I might add. Your pics and other visuals augment your point(s) and are always delightful to see because sometimes words just don’t quite deliver the message adequately. If you don’t already have it, get Photoshop and begin to play around with it–that’s on my list of things to do too. I can only imagine the liberation you would feel and greater array of choices you would put to good use to deliver your creative and funny posts.

            “That which is seen cannot be unseen.” –infadelicious

            I love it, and I love reading your posts as I travel with you as best as I can around the blogosphere. Cheers!

          • infadelicious

            thanx Jughead… I feel the same way about you.and i will look up that photoshop thingee but that could be dangerous..for trolls anyway..wait a minute! Are you implying that Shep and I see the world the same way? LOL-Shep is one of a kind and i wouldn’t want him to change at all
            .. on another note.. email me , I want to ask you something. For now, I need to get back to work. Have a great day.

          • Jughead417

            Yes, you and Shep are quite different, but you both belong in a category labelled “Miscellaneous Conservatives Not to Mess With”–and you are kept in separate enclosed facilities. The rest of us graze lazily on the field hay envious you each get separate, luxury accommodations…lol.

            I’m not sure how to email you. Mine is my nick @yahoo or @hotmail. Work hard and pay your Social Security taxes so I can enjoy my retirement in a few years. TTYL.

          • sarah5775

            It’s hard for me too. I write this stuff and I research it, and I have nightmares sometimes from slogging through it. I hope posting all these articles helps people and is meaningful. It’s not easy

          • Jughead417

            We all have nightmares Sarah5775–It’s inevitable. I think it’s sort of like an emergency room to a new medical intern. The first time they bring in someone whose eyeball is hanging out, she might be a bit rattled but would perform as she was trained. At home she might remember it and have some feelings towards the gruesome things she saw that day. But after a while, after about the tenth eyeball hanging out that she has to deal with, she’ll be going about her work and answering a co-working aide’s question about what she dish she wants because someone from the emergency room is ordering Chinese for lunch. The intern has the very same feelings, but they are subordinate to her focus and training. She also quickly came to realize that if she felt bad every time she saw an eyeball hanging out then nothing would get done and the patient would not get the care he requires.

            I can’t imagine any of us who are so Pro-Life/anti-abortion ever getting comfortable with the pics of botched abortions we see or the terrible feeling we have when we read the amazing things researchers tell us that developing humans experience in the womb as they begin their journey in life.

            The moment we stop having these intense feelings is the moment we begin to lose pieces of our humanity since it’s all part of the gift. We just put it as far back in our minds as we can and we go about life as clear-thinking as possible.

      • infadelicious

        Don’t bother reading it Jughead. You know what it says already and the end result. Just keep speaking on it but take a break once in a while. One cannot immerse themselves in evil or negativity too long or it is harmful..

        • YouHateMe

          Indeed. I bounce around several issues just for that reason. Sometimes I even watch a movie or eat.

          • infadelicious

            Good for you. You have to or you’ll go mad and then of course you’d turn into a liberal

          • YouHateMe

            Not possible. Just go mad. But right now I’m on cable news, a pol website and this…I would do more if I could. Those who argue for Death really get my attention though.

          • Tina Carter

            Seriously just read this and wanna vomit. People are so sick! Who could participate in doing this to innocent babies. Disgusting!!!

          • YouHateMe

            What’s amazing is they think we are the twisted ones.

      • Ole White Dude

        Jug, “All the ways of man are justified in his own eyes.”

    • Benyamin Solomon

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • YouHateMe

      Now you’ve done it. Democratic Socialists are most likely fuming at your attack on one of their own!

    • Jerry Tilley

      No it isn’t. This is from Europe. You’re an idiot.

      • ?PJ4?

        Oh oh, another pro abort who can’t control their anger or insults

        Just because it happened in Europe doesn’t mean Obama and PP don’t support this kind of despicable behavior


  • cranemaker

    Horrifying but not surprising abortionists murder babies born alive. This is infanticide not abortion. There is no such after birth abortion but a euphemism for infanticide.

  • Tia Mia

    I’m the one who would ask to have the baby I don’t care if I’m stuck with ten but the end of the night I have no problem taking care of them I will very able to sleep at night knowing that a baby has not been murdered and left for dead where the baby would be cold ..lonely.. scared… and unintended I know I’m only 16 but I no I can do it I was not raised to be like the monsters who do this stuff

  • Deborah L

    Does Dr. Gosnell ring a bell, here in the US,

  • Rick

    God will punish ALL of us for our complicity or indifference even the innocent, after
    all these Babies are totally innocent!

  • Benyamin Solomon

    These baby killing scum really are disgusting Nazis, even to kill babies after they’re born. This is the real civil rights issue of our day, not the radical Homosexualist agenda.

  • Marie

    I would get fired in a day. I would steal and try to save these babies. I’m upset if a chic dies.

  • Kinu Grove

    Sadly people don’t want to know or see the truth. More people need to know that this is common and maybe then we could set and enforce laws that prevent this from happening.

  • idontcare

    Does no one realise that its illegal to prefrom abortion after 20 weeks. This is some horrible propaganda spread to make people hate abortion even more.

    • sarah5775

      Not true in most states. Here are some clinics in the us advertising to do abortions after 20 weeks.

    • myintx

      If you’re against abortion after 20 weeks and would be OK with laws to restrict it then you too have a fundamental disagreement with Roe V Wade as Roe V Wade allows killing of an unborn child until viability (typically 24 weeks).

  • Lesli DeVeau

    If the situations of medical ppl telling their grim stories, from a hospital, are true, then shame on them for not bringing formal charges against the ppl who are behaving inhumanly. My partner is a NICU nurse and I know she would fight for a babies right. They fight everyday to protect all the babies! The same care is given to HIV, illegal immigrants, low income, families as well as wealthy ones. There are situations where the babies are born prematurely, under 22 weeks, 23 weeks is pushing it, where the medical staff have to inform the parents about the chances of survival. Great care and passion is given to the family in these difficult moments where critical decisions are being made. Under 22 weeks, the baby’s chance of survival are very slim. Sure you can put them on breathing tubes, push medications etc. but, their lungs, heart, brain or other health issues say no to life and this can justify a doctor allowing a baby to pass in peace. When you see a baby born with it’s lungs not developed, on life support and it turns bloated and green because the parents can’t make the decision to let it go; it’s just cruel and sad to watch. Additionally, you can’t tell the parents they are cruel for not making these difficult decisions! Babies are not born whole like an adult patient totally formed! That’s the hardest part for people to comprehend. You think that from the moment of inception these babies are complete.

    Not all hospitals in the USA are guilty of the allegations listed by these people. Additionally, not all abortion clinics are guilty either. To brush a broad stroke over events you have no first hand knowledge of is difficult. It’s on the individuals involved to speak up and take action against these evil people. For those who have the compassion to keep the baby warm and let them pass peacefully, I applaud them for being able to do that.

  • Heather Kowal

    This is very sad. Late term abortions should be illegal. And killing those babies after they are born too. Now if a woman wants to choose and ablrtion early on then she should have that choice. But not any of that. Those doctors aren’t doctors at all.

    • myintx

      All abortions should be illegal.

  • YouHateMe

    65 shot and killed in Chitown over the weekend…. Our preezy: Blah, blah, blah….GUN CONTROL!!!!! These people don’t really care about LIFE in any stage, do they?

  • Suzu M

    In the 1970’s ‘We the People’ prayed to God and asked, “Dear God, what would happen if we all just decided You were in our way?”
    God sighed and answered, “This.”
    A horrifying nightmarish picture flashed before my eyes and I saw gruesome things. I saw people crowded in courtrooms demanding that The Ten Commandments and Scripture be removed from public settings. I saw the president declare that the pilgrims did not found our country, Islamists did. I saw Christians being called Haters and thrown in prisons. I saw them being beheaded for not conforming to other religions. I saw Christians being forced to do ungodly things against their will. I saw bloodied babies being pulled from the wombs of crying women and thrown in the trash or sold for research. I saw men kissing men and women embracing women in ‘marriage’. I saw boys and girls recklessly having sex with one person after another as though it was the normal thing to do. I saw kids killing kids in high schools. I saw children punching and kicking their parents and spitting in their faces and shouting foul words in their ears. I saw children being schooled into believing humanistic historical and scientific beliefs. I saw them grow up spitting in the face of God. The hatred that was on the faces of these children, OUR children and grandchildren, was unbelievingly sickening. I saw our leaders, our supposed heroes and role models, embracing everything, EVERYTHING, except anything GOOD. I heard them denounce the Bible’s teachings. I saw them creating chaos and pretending to fix it by taking the right to protect ourselves away, leaving all the people helpless. defenseless. I saw hope disappear from the eyes of the young.
    And I cried and said, Thank you, God for showing me this. Let me wake up from this horrible nightmare.
    And God answered, ‘No. Wake yourself up. And wake up your spouse. and your children. Your parents and your siblings. Your neighbor and his neighbor. The ball is in YOUR court. You dared to ask Me what it would be like and you got it. You ‘wise and mighty men’ thought you could solve the world’s problems.Deal with it.
    Well, I wanted to shout and scream and bawl and give up and hide. But I didn’t. Instead, I picked up the Bible, called my family together and said, “Turn to Romans chapter one.”

  • Suzu M

    God teaches that we shouldn’t light a candle and then place it under a bushel, but rather, allow the light to shine throughout the house where everyone can benefit from it. When one house is ruled well, the neighbors tend to be drawn to the glowing window and see the happy scenes inside. It gives a warm Norman Rockwell /Thomas Kinkade sort of happy feeling. I believe your house can make a difference in YOUR neighborhood. At my house, I have a piece of wood. I have some paint. I’m feeling crafty. I’m going to paint a large candle and place it in my front porch window for all the neighbors to see. I think I’ll finish it with the words, “My Hope for this world is Jesus Christ”. And may every person who passes my home be drawn to that fire and have hope ignited again in their own hearts; their own homes. Press ‘upvote’ if you’d like to join me. And maybe God will smile down on us.

  • Angel Gutierrez

    Ewww so sick, they should ban abortions on late term pregnancies

  • Pat Mitchell

    Very ,very sad!

  • Green_Scapular1

    My God…I have to believe some of these people are possessed to be okay with such absolute evil…this makes me so sick I’m shaking.

  • c.c

    They Are murderers the babies were born they were breathing …They were alive…They charge people everyday with murder who have had a child at home and then Buried Them or thrown them in the trash or give birth in bathrooms and put them in trash cans or bags..They go to jail for Murder…And so should these Doctors and midwives it’s No Different!!!! IT’S MURDER!!!!

  • ProudmommyBree Brafford

    All these heartless bastards deserve to die and the parents too sick fucks shouldn’t open your legs if you don’t want a baby they are human innocent babies I would shoot every single one of them

  • Jean Teague

    Rescue those who are being taken away to death;
    hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.
    If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,”
    does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?
    Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work? “the Bible”

  • Jerri


  • aservant

    This is a great evil.

  • Jennifer Oakes Gaither

    This is HORRIBLE!!! And should not be allowed to continue! The world cannot stand for this! !!

  • want to be a mommy

    this makes me cry to read me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for a year and a half and people just throw angrls away like they dont matter…

  • Sara

    It’s consistent with abortion logic though, if they were at a stage where it (in the abortionists and pro aborts minds) where it was ok to abort the baby (or fetus). There isn’t really much difference between it outside the womb or inside the womb. What is sick is the notion that they should be killed regardless… outside or inside the womb

  • Jerry Tilley

    Yeah, this is all in Europe, where the laws are different than they are here. This couldn’t happen in America.