Respected Oregon teacher fired for questioning Planned Parenthood in his school

Bill Diss.

A well-loved and well-respected high school teacher was fired last night because he questioned a team of Planned Parenthood workers who bombarded his classroom earlier this semester, unannounced, to attempt to enroll Diss’s students in the Health and Human Services’ Teen Outreach Program (TOP).

Diss had not been informed whether or not the team, which turned out to be Planned Parenthood workers, had background checks or the proper sex abuse/child abuse certifications required to enter his classroom and interact with his students. Rather than supporting the conscientious objection of Diss as one of her teachers, the principal not only told Planned Parenthood to continue what they were doing, but also told Diss that he would not be excused from the classroom when he requested permission to leave due to his opposition to the event. The principal essentially told Diss that his moral beliefs did not matter. 

Because Diss opposed Planned Parenthood in his classroom, and tried to look out for the welfare of his own students, Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion officials at the school – including the principal – banded together and sought to fire the teacher. The case for dismissal was heard by the school board on November 14, and last night it was announced that the official in charge of reaching a verdict on Diss’s case had determined that the teacher should be fired. To recap: a teacher lost his job today because he listened to his own conscience and acted in what he believed to be the best interest of his students when Planned Parenthood bombarded his classroom.

The decision to terminate Bill is clearly an example of bias against the teacher’s pro-life views, as evidenced by the fact that the decision does not align with existing Portland school laws and a huge outpouring of support from Diss’s students and their parents. Many students and parents have testified that Diss is an excellent teacher, mentor, and example to his students, writing letters of support and showing up at his pre-termination hearing last month.

Evidence was shown that Diss’s behavior, in line with his conscience, did not violate any Portland school law. Nevertheless, as we have seen time and again with Planned Parenthood in the past, the organization takes to bullying when it wants something. This time, what it wanted was the career and livelihood of a pro-life teacher, and unsurprisingly, that is what it got.

  • Lisa Nelson

    Didn’t you know? We’re allowed to practice and believe whatever we want! Unless we somehow disagree with the children who make up the other side.

  • PrincessJasmine4

    Planned Parenthood=KGB

  • Ingrid Heimark

    He should be offered a position at a christian school, this is a prime example of a person you want to teach your children. And to the school-board and Planned “Bullying til we get what we want”- we treasure our children, you do not have the right to kill the children of the children we gave LIFE!

    • Griffonn

      He should sue, so that the kids in his class (and their parents) can see exactly what bullies these Planned Parenthood types are.

  • Basset_Hound

    I wonder how long it will be before other competent, productive employees lose their jobs for taking “politically incorrect” positions?

  • Didaskalos

    Big Abortion (Planned “Parenthood”), teacher unions like the NEA, and a big part of the public-school educational establishment are all about indoctrination, not education. They’re all unnerved by — and stridently try to squelch the free-speech rights of — pro-lifers. The truth, notably the visual truth of human life in the womb, is the bane of their miserable existences.

  • MamaBear

    Unfortunately, teaching competence is often not a priority with many school administrators these days. Political correctness and personal favoritism are of higher value. I have personally seen many very good teachers’ careers hurt because of personal vendettas of a few power hungry administrators.
    Parental values do not seem to count for much either. Parents in this district need to vote in a new school board who will replace current administrators with ones who will respect the values of the parents and taxpayers. But, we all know the chances of that happening!

  • Mitzi

    So much for freedom of speech

  • Marauder

    Any group suddenly coming into a math class to make a spiel for why kids should enroll in some alleged health program is bizarre. Where’s the respect for the teacher’s plans and what he intended to get done in class that day? Since when are unannounced promoters allowed to crash classes without the teacher even being told they were going to show up? That in and of itself is weird, without even going into the Planned Parenthood angle.

  • MamaBear

    You know, way back when abortion was newly legal, I remember a Planned Parenthood person coming to speak to my HS government class (teacher had invited her and never had a prolife person come to balance it).
    Someone asked about how abortions could be done on babies that would live if born premature. I do not remember now exactly how many weeks she said was viable, but I’m pretty sure it was very late. At that time, there was a family in my church who had a premature grandbaby fighting for her life, I don’t remember the weeks but it was 20 something and they were asking for prayers because there were a small percent of babies who sometimes survived at that point. (That baby didn’t make it, but she survived several weeks.) So, I mentioned that baby. I will never forget what the Planned Parenthood woman said at that point, “Your church is lying to you!”
    My personal opinion then and still is today, is that Planned Parenthood needs to be banned from all public schools as they will say anything push their agenda. She made absolutely sure that I was pro-life that day. My church and a family I had known for years had no reason to lie about that baby. The doctors treating her had no reason to lie either. Unfortunately, there were many students who believed her because she was an “expert” (she was not an MD or RN, just one of their “counselors”). They have no place being in the public schools at all!

  • PrincessJasmine4

    This teacher needs to sue the school district and PP for wrongful termination

  • CaptainObvious

    It sounds like the principal and the school district had contracted with Health and Human services to come to the school and encourage students to enroll in the Teen Outreach Program. They were invited to the school-maybe not by Mr. Diss, but it isn’t his place to make that decision. The idea he was responsible for knowing whether these people (invited by the district) is foolish. Obviously he didn’t know when to shut up, the principal was telling him and he kept yapping. He has the right to speak his opinion, but he must be willing to face the consequences of that opinion.

  • deerash

    very good point. I agree. PPH is evil, and so was the founder!

  • Gene Modin

    How will they make up that day, to keep up with the common core marching orders?