Russia considers bill to “disqualify abortion as a medical service”

UPI reports:

Lawmakers in Russia say they are considering a bill to disqualify abortion as a medical service, allowing doctors to refuse to perform the operations.

It sounds like doctors are currently forced in Russia to perform abortions against their conscience. In the United States, medical professionals have legal protection that prevents them from being forced to participate in aborting a child. That freedom has been debated at various points over the last decade.
  • PowerAhead

    Russia is generally regarded as a country in which life is cheap. The authorities don't put much thought into how to save hostages or how to get trapped crews out of a submarine alive, for instance.

    But forcing doctors against their conscience to kill babies through abortion — while absolutely horrifying — is only a step or two worse than ALLOWING doctors to kill babies through abortion, which (disgustingly) the U.S. does and President Obama supports. So life is fairly cheap in America too when bad governments make laws that devalue life and are hard to break.

    Let's pray that the current crop of pro-lifers who got in during the last midterm elections can grow and get some sense back into the country, so that life is not as cheap as it is Russia and China and so many dictatorship countries.

    • Addrya

      Unfortunately legalized abortion is a world-wide thing and not only confined to the US and dictatorships, as many European countries are just like the United States.