Sarah Palin responds to Richard Dawkins’ advocacy of aborting Down syndrome babies

The Mama Grizzly was quite patient on her Facebook page with the irascible atheist biology professor who yesterday said of those with her son’s condition, “[a]bort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have a choice.”

Sarah Palin to Richard Dawkins

Mr. Dawkins, I’d let you meet my son if you promised to open your mind, your eyes, and your heart to a unique kind of absolute beauty. But, in my request for you to be tolerant, I’d have to warn Trig he must be tolerant, too, because he may superficially look at you as kind of awkward. I’ll make sure he’s polite, though!

Sarah Palin & family

Dawkins says his morality is based on increasing happiness and reducing suffering. Read the happy story of Kate Owens, a bride with Down's.
Dawkins says his morality is based on increasing happiness and reducing suffering. Read the happy story of Kate Owens, a bride with Down syndrome.

Dawkins’ Twitter tirade was not uncharacteristic of his tendency to get into trouble with the public online. From drawing accusations of misogyny to saying that “mild pedophilia” is not worthy of condemnation, to now making the case that abortion is not just indifferent to morality but actually serves a moral purpose, Dawkins is a challenge for new atheist PR.

But the diehard Darwinist is simply expressing the consequences of a worldview void of an absolute standard of morality that values human life. Our life is thereby valued merely by our utilitarian capabilities for the collective and our supposed capacity for suffering (“fetuses, diagnosed before they have human feelings” says Dawkins of the unborn with Down syndrome). Oh, and perhaps by how wanted we are.

Thankfully there are strong mothers out there like Palin who see the God-given value and “absolute beauty” of every individual. If the value of human life is left to the vicissitudes of academia and government, eventually we run the risk of being expendable at every stage of life.

  • PJ4

    Mild pedophilia????
    Someone pass the barf bucket please

    • Zolicon

      Yeah I know it is sickening isn’t it.

      • PJ4

        My guess is that Dawkins will end up like William Shockley:shunned by most of his colleagues friends and family till his death.

        • Zolicon

          Yes this is very possible especially in this world where People Love to Hate.

          • Flayer

            I feel a whole lot of hate coming my way from lefty anti-everything-ists that smacks of morality. These are the folks who want to be admired and listened to for having a slightly bigger ape brain.

          • Zolicon

            I am not anti everything I am just anti-human.

    • bpgagirl22VAnow

      Yeah, he’s definitely messed up saying that! He better be glad he didn’t say it about my kids! Um um um um um um!

  • Mary Lee

    I really like Sarah Palin. She never stoops to their level. She can really roll with the punches. It’s admirable.

    • Basset_Hound

      But Mary Lee. It’s unhip and uncool to speak admirably of Sarah Palin. It puts you in the same league with knuckle-draggin’ NASCAR watchin’, Hobby Lobby Stitchin’ bitches.

      • hammar

        You sound more like the Basset hound’s ass who knows nothing of life outside of being someone who never experience anything other then having your ass washed by your hired fags hands.

      • PatriotGal

        Basset, then we are in FABULOUS company!

        • Basset_Hound

          I’m not a NASCAR fan (my brother is), but I am a Hobby Lobby Stitchin’ Bitch.

      • Mary Lee

        I’ve never been cool anyway. :P

        Seriously, I like her more and more. She has a perseverance and graciousness I love.

    • Cynical_Meliorist

      I like her as a person, even as a personality in the media sometimes, but I don’t think she’s really electable at this point. I do like hearing her talk though, even if I don’t agree with everything she says, and she’s generally easy on the eyes.

  • Crunchy Con Mommy

    Yay Palin! And Yay Kat! (the blogger whose story about the bride with DS is mentioned in the photo, a fellow mom of a little one with DS and all around great person!)

  • Chandler Klebs

    I wouldn’t want anyone to assume I agree with Richard Dawkins.

    • PJ4

      same here!

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Here is the intelligence of Richard Dawkins, knowing that it would take longer than the 4.5 billion years (it supposedly took for the evolution for our solar system) for evolution to occur (a distinct impossibility) believes the planet was “seeded” by aliens from another planet. Yeah isn’t he smart! Atheism for 2 year old’s.

    • Flayer

      Did he ever answer where these supposed alien seeds come from and who “created” them? And why?

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        Did you see Ben Stein’s movie about this? That is where I got this information, right out of his own mouth. Now I don’t think he could possibly even have a guess being that this would have precluded any human or any thing else on the planet. The argument is as I would presuppose, as you have asked, who seeded the seeder’s planet. I prefer the answer, in the beginning God—-

    • PJ4

      Do you think that maybe he was just mocking Christians and other religions for believing that god created the universe?
      Aliens seems pretty far fetched.

      • Dexter L. Wilson

        I think he would rather believe that we all came from a TseTse Fly before ever thinking we came from God. Let’s face it, there is a demonic force that holds atheists to their Humanist Beliefs and it would have to be a spiritual deliverence if they had to let go. I for one have argued with many and it is like talking to an angry bull, they can’t communicate without anger towards Christians, or it would surely seem that way.

  • pennsyltuckian

    The real problem with evolution is entropy. Over time all substances devolve into lower forms whereas evolution claims to do just the opposite and evolve to a higher form.

    Rocks roll downhill, not up. Heat and oxygen convert carbon based material into water and CO2.

    Actually Dawkins may be proof of evolution being a downward spiral and evolving to a lower life form.

    I wonder what our real ancestors were to devolve into humans?

    • Flayer

      Darwinists are proud to be ever looking downward. I want to look up and aspire to be more like G0d, not more like an ape.

  • Jay Hamilton

    It makes one wonder why Dawkins doesn’t suggest his own demise…. if he were consistent with his views, he would, wouldn’t he? (the irony should be obvious to him)

  • mathis1689

    Sarah Palin has more class and grace in her little finger than Dawkins has in his entire body.

  • Maggietish

    What a despicable little twit this guy is. Murder if murder and he’s advocating it if a child isn’t perfect – by whose standards, his? Interesting that an avowed atheist wants to play God as to who should live or die. These people are pathetic One thing we can all agree on is that his Mother should have flushed him early on so the world wouldn’t be inflicted with his hatred..

    • TheLeast

      Now, recall that Dawkins isn’t ONLY advocating the murder of children…he also happily promotes the objectification and base use of children for degenerate sexual gratification, as long as it’s “mild” (as in, “mild pedophilia”). Ya, this guy is a sooooper-genius.

  • bpgagirl22VAnow

    Go Sarah! Indeed take the high road around these rude idiots! God knows I TRY to. I don’t always achieve it! Your son is wonderful and be very proud of him!

  • Noel Voos

    “To conclude, therefore, let no man out of a weak conceit of sobriety, or an ill-applied moderation, think or maintain, that a man can search too far or be too well studied in the book of God’s word, or in the book of God’s works; divinity or philosophy; but rather let men endeavour an endless progress or proficience in both.”
    ― Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species

    Seems Dawkins practices situational ethics – choosing to agree with just some of the ideology of his mentor Darwin

  • CiberTiger

    Interesting choice of words Dr. Dawkins. Immoral. Hum. How so? By whose standards? If it’s your precious evolution then how do morals even fit in? Seems to me that nature has created these deviant creatures and obviously have a place. Matter a fact, how does evolution account for people like this? I thought we were ‘evolving’ to a higher transcendent level. Really? Ah, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Willfully blind. How sad. How immoral, how intolerant. But at least, I’m polite. Oh, by the way, God bless you Dr Dawkins.

    • kmbold

      God SAVE you, Mr. Dawkins.

      • S. Ploughman

        Only God can save him, but first he must repent. Doubt that will
        happen. But when Christ returns, this goon will be on his knees. Begging for his eternity. Too late!
        Hallelujah! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

        • Basset_Hound

          You never know. They said the same thing about Jeffrey Dahmer. He repented and became a Christian shortly before his death in prison.

    • Flayer

      Left to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” Dawkins would be dead a long time ago. If his deviant little gene was detectable he wouldn’t have made it out of his mother’s womb. The fact that humans aspire to be more G0d-like motivates us to “go against nature” which is cruel and unfeeling, and help those who cannot help themselves. I’m sure there are those in his department who would like his position…

  • Lisa Rose Morand

    I still say he is looking for his 15 minutes of fame kardashian style. No tape, just crazy talk.

  • timbar4

    This article is disgusting. As a pro-life atheist, I find the author’s bashing of atheism to be ignorant and rather offensive. I’ve been a long time supporter of Live Action, but I just unsubscribed from their newsletter. Fools.

    • carrollfamily

      I am so glad that you are pro-life, but unfortunately, most atheists do not share your point of view. Mr. Dawkin’s has become their so-called spokesperson.

    • timbar4

      The article also seems to promote creationism by bemoaning the consequences of a “Darwinian” worldview. Seriously?

    • Flayer

      I agree with you. I also know self-proclaimed atheists who “believe” in the right to life (but not the sanctity of life?). Thus, as one atheists told me that life begins at conception because there’s no other event that can remotely or logically be pointed to as the beginning of life. That made a big impression on me.

    • That’s quite a hyperbolic reaction for a long time supporter to give an article that doesn’t actually do what you’re accusing it of. It’s clearly criticizing Dawkins’ faction of atheism, not atheists as a whole.

  • Flayer

    I may not have the strength of character, courage and morality that Sarah Palin does but I don’t condemn her for being better than me. I admire her and look to her as someone aspirational.


  • Garwoodv6

    Dawkins’ view is entirely based in selfish arrogance while Palins’ is based entirely in love.
    Anyone who has spent time with persons afflicted with downs’ syndrome knows that the afflicted person demonstrates all the traits of a human being.

    Shame on you Richard Dawkins!

  • posercom

    The NAZIs believed exactly what Richard Dawkins believes about special needs children.

  • posercom

    Sarah Palin will make a great president someday if she can ward off the Rothschilds influence. That will be a very difficult task as they control the money this country has to borrow from them.

  • andy

    Why does Dawkins think this child is suffering? He has a family that loves him. Or does he look at the parent as the one who suffers? It may be a sacrifice on the parents, but good parents sacrifice for all their children. They apparently see him rightly as a gift.

    • Griffonn

      Dawkins is suffering. He thinks taking out all the people who are more lovable than he is will fix his problem.

  • John Trenter

    I am not so tolerant as Sarah apparently, because I think Dawkins is an uneduacterd dork who just enjoys irrittating people and hates the God Who he really knows in his heart exists. Dawkins is kind of like the professor in “God’s Not Dead,” has a beef with God for some unknown reason. Why? Just like the professor, only he knows.

  • Keith Davidson

    Hmm, dilemma:

    If Richard Dawkins and Barack Obama were sinking in quick-sand and I only had time to save one of them, what kind of sandwich should I make.

  • RosaryVictory

    “mild pedophilia” is the proof that Dawkins has no concept of human rights of every person

  • posercom

    I hope Sarah Palin will keep the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Kissinger and the like away from her family. They are evil and would make a burnt sacrifice of all the decent God loving people on this earth.

  • MargieMcTrouble

    Were I speaking with Mr. Dawkins, I would have to demand evidence of his claim that prebirth humans don’t have human feelings. It has been demonstrated that they can experience pain and also recognition of human voices. What method might he have used to determine this opinion? Is it possible that the “mild” pedophilia he experienced in his youth, has actually engendered his “social or moral akwardness”?

  • DaGeek

    Dawkins will come to know there is a God. Hopefully for him, he will come to that realization before he dies.

    • Basset_Hound

      Jeffrey Dahmer did.