Super Bowl QB Kaepernick: adoption “the biggest blessing of my entire life”

kaepernick1Colin Kaepernick knows how to make the news. From opinion pieces on his many tattoos to Super Bowl coverage, the 25-year-old NFL quarterback attracts major media attention. Kaepernick ascended to the coveted Super Bowl position when 49ers regular QB Alex Smith was injured mid-season.

In a pregame interview with Dan Marino on CBS, Kaepernick, who has never played in a game as big as the Super Bowl, revealed that being adopted “was the biggest blessing of my entire life.” His adoptive parents were featured in the interview, proudly reading a letter that Colin had written to himself as a child: Kaepernick had predicted in junior high that he would be a 49ers quarterback by the time he was out of college. His prediction came true, and—in addition to his colossal talent—the love and support that Colin received from his adoptive family seem to have made a huge impact on the success of his career.

kaepernick2Kapernick’s birth mother was a 19-year-old young woman who wanted the best for her son but knew that she was not the one who could give it to him. She searched for adoptive parents who would be able to love her son, provide him with siblings, take care of him financially, and expose him to her love for sports. She found the perfect match in Rick and Teresa Kaepernick when Colin was 5 weeks old. The couple, who had two healthy children and had tragically lost two sons to complications related to heart defects, were seeking to adopt a son. Colin completed their family, and his birth mother could take heart knowing that her son would grow up with everything she had wanted for him.

In fact, without pro-life parents like Colin’s, the athletic world would be without quite a number of sports figures who have grown to behemoth fame, including Tim Tebow and Michael Phelps. Imagine that Colin’s mom had not chosen life, and that his parents were not given the blessing of adopting him… What would yesterday’s Super Bowl have looked like? Just to name a few, Kaepernick’s contagious smile, overflowing spirit, and incredible athletic ability would have been missing.

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  • I despise the 49ers but found myself rooting for them SOLELY based on the Marino piece with Colin K. What a bright, intelligent, and introspective young man! It’s clear that he is well aware of the loving and merciful decision his mother made and the Divine Providence in which God placed Colin in his parents’ loving arms. Inspirational!

  • ldwendy

    Not every adoption results in a positive outcome. Apparently Life Action News and other pro-life sites like to focus on the good stories and say nothing about the sad ones.

    In 1837, a woman in Austra-Hungary named Klara gave birth to a baby boy. Let’s say she gave up her son for adoption. Would you have adopted her son if you knew he would go on to murder 6 million Jews?

    Torry Hansen never dreamed that the Russian boy she adopted would be violent to her. She even had to sign an agreement with the adoption agency that she was accepting the possibility that the Russian child could have physical, emotional or behavior problems that were unreported and even unknown to the adoption agency. She ended up sending him back to Russia.

    There are many stories where adoptive parents don’t find out until after the final papers are signed that the child they adopted had reactive attachment disorder, or were sexually abusing younger siblings. Why don’t you report on these stories?

    • I’m not sure what your point is. Are you suggesting that it’s more efficacious not to adopt since some individuals turn out imperfectly? If that were the case, then it would logically follow that, since any person can turn out imperfectly, no one should be born. Is it better for a child to be dismembered and killed in the womb than to not be adopted because there might be challenges or because he might make bad choices when he is grown?

      • ldwendy

        I’m only making the case that sites like this one only tell one side of the story.The over-the-top rah-rah attitude about infant adoption that is found in many pro-life sites sugarcoats the fact not all adoptions go well. Not every adoptive parent have the EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE to weather less than positive outcomes of their adoptive children.

        Our society doesn’t do enough to support children and adults already alive who have disabilities. With the technology of today’s ultrasounds, I am not inclined to bring to term a fetus requiring round-the- clock care for the rest of his / her life when born. I know what it’s like to live with a disability so I am speaking from experience.

        • srgntnewkirk

          1837….? 6 Million Jews….?? I’m no history buff, but….those dates aren’t lining up in my head. I have to say….Lauren’s logic is solid. If all you wanted to say is the sites are not well balanced….you may have misled a reader or two. As for your disabilities…..I genuinely feel for you, as I am sure it has been your biggest source of grief.

          • D

            The abortion holocaust has taken 55 miilion lives in the U.S.

        • There’s a reason for stories like this–and a huge need! They focus on the positive because there are millions of places to get the bad news, eg: our thoughts, news, life, friends, bullies, movies, video games, etc.

          There’s no reason to insist because someone is highlighting something positive that they’re misleading or leaving something out [the bad]. How would you like it if anytime someone complimented you that another person jumped in and insisted you’re not all that good, that you also have flaws?

          I think you’re better than this. For every good story there’s a flip side and vice versa. We find what we are looking for in life. Your point is valid, to a degree, in a different context, but [in my opinion] it adds nothing positive to your life, or this story in this context.

          Without knowing you, what I like most about you is your willingness to be bold enough to swim upstream, go against the grain – sort of your maverick attitude. This is only my opinion, but I think you have awesome energy that could take you to better places if you’ll redirect it. What if you continued doing what you just did here, except the flipside; when you see, read, or hear something bad–jump in and try to point out something positive? God knows we need more of that in this world. Your energy would provide an excellent and well needed service.

          Knock’em alive!

        • I appreciate your feedback. I can see that this is a very personal issue for you and I appreciate that you have shared your thoughts.

          One thing I would point out is that there are going to be exceptions to every rule: in the majority of cases, adoptions bless everyone involved. In all cases, an adoption where abortion was the alternative bless the child with the life he wouldn’t have had. It’s very important that we do think about everyone involved in an adoption scenario, and not ever forget the child who is innocent and undeserving of a death sentence for simply existing when it is inconvenient to do so. As Pro-Lifers, we do think about the birth parents as well when we offer support and counseling, and do our best to spare women of the terrible heartbreak associate with abortion. We also think of the adoptive families when we work to help them grow their families in the face of past losses or sterility.

          I think it’s important that we not stop doing good simply because, in some cases, difficulty is involved. There is no logic in that view.

  • My adopted daughter is 25, is happily married with a 6 month old son. She graduated college a year ago with a degrees in psychology and Political Science and is now going to school for her masters in Social Work. We had an open adoption and like Colin’s mother my daughter’s biological mother wanted the best for her and was told she was expecting too much and should have an abortion. She was also told that no one would want her baby because she was biracial. We have two sons who are older and they love their sister. Our life has been enriched and my sweet girl thinks I rock ;) She is a blessing that I thank God for every day.

  • Rocko19

    Read interesting piece on why Catholics oppose abortion.
    Mary was a virgin, Christ was born to her, it could happen again, if abortion prevented the Messiah, it would be a disaster.

    • marie27

      That is not why the Catholic Church opposes abortion. They oppose abortion because it kills an innocent human child.
      The Catholic Church also teaches there is only one messiah.

  • Rocko19

    Justin Bieber’s unmarried mother, Pattie Mallette at age 17 decided
    not to have an abortion.
    Millions of his fans are happy about that.