The “horrific trade in powdered babies”

Today, the UK Daily Mail reported that “thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh” – over 17,000, to be exact – have been “discovered by customs officials in South Korea.”  Daily Mail reveals:

The grim trade is being run from China where corrupt medical staff are said to be tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born … The tiny corpses are then bought, stored in household refrigerators in homes of those involved in the trade before they are removed and taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.  Once the skin is tinder dry, it is pummelled into powder and then processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.

These pills, sold as a “stamina enhancer” and to “cure certain diseases,” are being smuggled across China’s border and into South Korea. Some fear that the pills may begin to appear on the internet for sale worldwide. A South Korean documentary team first brought this horrific trade to light in the summer of 2011. The San Francisco Times reported on the team’s findings:

The Korean team acquired the dead baby capsules and ran DNA tests on it. The test results reportedly indicated the pills were 99.7 percent human. The test also found hair and nail remnants, and even the gender of the baby could be identified.

The Denver Post reports (emphasis mine):

The capsules were made in northeastern China from babies whose bodies were chopped into small pieces and dried on stoves before being turned into powder, the Korea Customs Service said.

Not only do these pills have a cannibalistic quality – consumers will be eating and digesting actual human remains – but they are also full of “super-bacteria” and present real health concerns, though no actual cases of sickness have been reported to date.

The Daily Mail‘s report details the connection between the powdered baby pills and abortion in China:

There have been disturbing reports that some babies were those who had perished in China’s notorious ‘dying rooms’ where youngsters are deliberately left to die because they were born into families that already had the limit of one child in country areas.

In order to keep its population down, China performs 13 million abortions a year – mainly because mothers sacrifice their newborns to avoid punishment such as severe fines or even a beating by the authorities.

The Chinese authorities have confirmed that 38 per cent of women of child-bearing age have been sterilised – but the babies that are aborted do not go to waste because of the sickening trade in using their corpses for purported medicinal purposes.

Welcome to the brave new world. A world where even aborted babies do not go to waste. A world where murdered innocents are not allowed to rest in peace. A world where the money made off abortion simply isn’t enough anymore. A world where monetary profits reign, and human beings literally kill and consume one another. Welcome to the world abortion has created.

  • FB123

    This is absolutely disgusting… but, at the same time, it was only a matter of time.  If you don’t value all life, what’s wrong with choosing who is worth anything?  Oh but they are worth something, eat them… for our health… yeah…

  • Angela Kim

    Many Koreans would eat anything that they think is healthy…this is absolutely disgusting. I’ll be praying for all of them!

  • Pparke

    I am pro-choice, but this is sick. I am so glad I live in America.

    • Oakbyriver

      Pro-choice but offended by this? It is beyond imagination, I agree. But, late-term abortions are just as barbaric, perhaps more so. In this scenario, if a baby is born – alive, breathing, viable – but was meant to be aborted…then the baby is “aborted.” It is no secret. Clinicians pound the baby with a mallet until it is dead. Again, these practices are well-documented. Why doesn’t that offend you as much as what the Chinese do? Honestly, I don’t understand. Have you really questioned what abortion is, the side effects, and the by products? Now might be time…

    • Donttalktome73

      dont get too comfortable, it is making its way down here too!

    • m3b

      Think about what you are pro-for. What does this have, if anything, to do with being glad you are an American? Is it because here, at least you have the ‘right’ to choose to murder unborn children instead of the the government forcing it against your will? What do you think your government is trying to do with abortion in this country??? Do you really know what the abortion industry does in this country, what they get away with illegally, what the government funds them with, and what they and their Congressional political backers would do if it were not for the pro-life citizens of this country? The government and every politician, including every President, who supports (signed any legislation that approves and funds abortion in any aspect) every unborn child who is aborted and the death of those immediately after birth in this country, including to what happens to their bodies in the aftermath, is DIRECTLY responsible for the loss of EACH life. If you are pro-choice you are pro-abortion. Your are not morally superior because you respect another persons right to destroy an innocent life. You are only revealing that your values are self-centered and self-motivated, like those who choose abortion for the same reason. Abortion defines life as ‘unnecessary interruption’, a ‘mistake’, or a necessary way ‘to ease the poverty of society’ and completely denies it as a direct creation of life by the Creator of life. When God as the Creator (everyone knows life begins at conception, for all those love to use science to defend abortion) is removed from the definition of life, God is replaced by anyPERSON who uses abortion as a reasonable solution for the immediate self-defined situation. So, China is just making the same ‘reasonable’ choice all pro-choice leaders and pro-choice citizens make every day in your America. What they do with the body after an abortion just reveals the DEPTH of their depravity. No one should have the choice to murder their child whether or not the law allows it. Some laws are not right nor good, and those wrong ones should be changed.  Don’t be afraid to defend life- every life- for fear of offending those who selfishly ARE afraid to because they themselves have a shameful or regretful past.  If you cannot truly say you are pro-life, for every life, then you are really saying you approve and support abortion as a way to end a person’s life-whether it is an individual or a government-such as China. The end result is always the same in both governing bodies: DEATH. So please, THINK about what you are pro-for, before you brag about it.  Thank You!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    • janjut

      this is worse then sick….pro choice?seriously?God is pro choice to….he chooses to let people in his kingdom or not….ask God to help you fall in love with the unborn innocent so your pro choice feelings will be chopped up in millions of pieces like the babies are!!!!americans are no better!im not always glad i live in america!

    • This is disgusting

      but how will that help? living in America will not change anything about what is happening. Simply turning your back on the deed will not make it go away.

  • Oakbyriver

    God knows, God sees. We have entered the period of great darkness, before the time mentioned in Revelation in the Bible. Believe me, God says that innocent blood cries out, and that he holds every tear in his hands. Every innocent will be vindicated by God. Evil will only “appear” to prevail – for so long. To escape evil and judgement, accept Jesus Christ now as your Savior, like I have. Just pray, ” Jesus, I repent of my sins. Make me a new person. I accept your Salvation – bought by your own blood – while you were here on Earth. Thank you for everything, I love you and I know you love me, Jesus. Amen!” If you prayed that, you are a new man or woman. Find a church to go to, get a modern Bible that is easier to understand, and just pray, worship Jesus and rejoice EVERY DAY. ONE DAY, I WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN! HALLELUJAH! Bless you and all the best. Take care of yourself. I love you, Kris

    • Cynthia Autry

      I recommend the KJV Bible if you are looking for one.

      • Amanda

        That one is a false translation and is missing books.

        Try Douay-Rheims or RSV-CE.

        • Jay

           I’m sorry but the KJV is God’s word is english and no other moderen could ever take it’s place. The canon of the bible is the books within the KJV.

          • Tgwshear

             This argument has been going on too long, it does not serve the purpose of drawing people to Christ.  The RSV, NIV, New American Standard, are all accurate translations of God’s word that inform and feed one’s soul.  While I would be a little leery of the accuracy of  paraphrased Bibles, these translations were worked on by Bible scholars who want to make God’s word accessible and understandable to people today.  People no longer speak 17th century English, and most people today don’t enjoy struggling to understand an ancient language unless they’re fans of Shakespeare.  God protects His word, and the purpose of these current translations is to reach people.  Back when King James issued his updated translation, the same uproar existed, when the favored translation had been Wycliff’s.  This argument only serves to be another opportunity for unbelievers to scoff at Christians (“Look at those fools, even they can’t agree on which Bible is supposedly God’s word”)  and it confuses new believers earnestly seeking the truth only to have more “mature” believers tell them they are reading the “wrong” Bible.  My only recommendation is that people read study Bibles that provide background information on each of the books with footnotes that explain political and cultural issues of those days that had bearing on those particular passages, or how the meaning of a particular word had evolved from that time, how that word was used then.

      • an american

        The subject matter is about attrocities against babies and this site turned into what Bible version is best!
        Wake up people! The best way to protest against this evil ia to stop buying China and Korea’s products!
        God bless and protect the innocent babies!!

        • absolutely, come one people.. this is not about Bible versions.. take that to a different forum.. its about losing the realization that these are human lives and then the atrocity is turned into something even more disturbing.

  • Kathie Donohoo

    Why does anyone want these horrible “pills”?

  • imcrazymom

    “People are Solyent Green”!!!  Sci fi becomes real life….God help us all!

  • Kerry

    This is absolutely horrifying, people need to be aware of the things going on in the world to innocent babies….

    • MarkBromley

      Kerry, people are aware… They watch these types of things on the news and say “Oh, thats horrible!” and go about eating there dinners. Americans are to busy paying bills and fulfilling financial debts, they dont have time to really care whats going on. Americas are scared they will lose the “stuff” they have. And they are even more terrified that if they “get involved” or CARE they may never get the things the neighbors have. For Christ sake the entire world economy has been run into the ground and the “MONEY” has been stolen by bankers and wall street guys/gals. And still the police arrest the average guy, doing average crime instead of stopping the real criminals.
      We kill the most innocent of creatures for profit and call it a “healthy choice” women have the RIGHT to make. And the CONSIQUENCES of killing these unborn babies are ignored and understated. Every women that has had an abortion suffers and the people that share life around that women suffer as well. We are all suffering because of this CHOICE. If we, as a human society, think or fail to think that their are no consiquences to this age of abortion, then we, as a human society, will continue to suffer. This SUFFERING will manifest itself as a horrible atrocity and every man women and child that lives or attenpts to live in this age will suffer from one of the worst pains a human can endure, SHAME…

  • MarkBromley

    Evil prevails when good men do NOTHING…

  • Martin

    Democracy, by allowing abortion, has spawned cannibalism.  May God help us.

    • Jdjdjeeeeerrrryyy

      Cannabalism is horrible, but it has been going on long before abortion was made legal.

  • sshipman

    There seems to be no limit to the wickedness of man! This is so revolting and horrible it’s beyond human understanding.  How long will man continue to kill the most defenseless who will never get to share their life that should have been?   

  • Togocotton

    Interesting how such a critical issue [desiccated baby capsules] was so easily subverted by what the Bible calls “doubtful disputations”. Come on guys, children are dying and being consumed. Most modern as well as classical translations can speak to the spirit of man. Do you really want to go down the Bible Version rabbit trail? What would Jesus do? he would weep for the children.

    i agree that there are a few bad versions out there but that is NOT Kristi’s subject is it?

  • Circusafropolka

    This is utterly disgusting…there are just no words, other than that my resolve to FIGHT this atrocity with all might, until the last demons of abortion are writhing and put to their own death.