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The most disturbing “holiday” of the year: National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers


Did you know that there’s a holiday just for abortionists? A day for abortion advocates to celebrate their love for the people who make lucrative piles of money for tearing babies apart, limb from limb.

Apparently, this “holiday” has been around for almost 20 years, and it commemorates the anniversary of the murder of abortionist David Gunn, which happened on March 10, 1993. And while that murder was an inexcusable act of violence, it’s sickening that abortion advocates have turned one act of violence into a day to celebrate millions of acts of violence.

How are they celebrating? The 1 in 3 Campaign asked activists to send a postcard expressing their thanks. The Gloss listed 10 reasons to thank an abortion provider. Here are a few of them:

Abortion is a necessary medical procedure for many women who cannot safely carry a pregnancy to term. Abortion providers provide a sometimes lifesaving service.

… They prioritize their patients’ health over national politics and rhetoric. They are good doctors. The Hippocratic Oath isn’t conditional.

… They follow the law, which states that abortion is legal in this country, despite the multitudes of backdoor workarounds that some legislatures instate to limit abortion access.

According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, women almost never have abortions due to medical issues, whether they’re affecting the mother or the baby. The percentage of women who have abortions for health reasons makes up the smallest number of women who have abortions. Yet abortion advocates constantly bring it up as a way to endear the idea of abortion to an increasingly pro-life America.

It’s also interesting that they bring up the Hippocratic Oath, which states first, do no harm. Abortion is a direct violation of the Hippocratic Oath, yet abortion activists will still pervert it in order to further their sacred cow of abortion.

And following the law is a rich thing to claim, considering that abortion providers are constantly caught circumventing the law, if not blatantly breaking it. From covering up child sex-trafficking, refusing to report statutory rape, and giving women dishonest and manipulative information to keeping their clinics in abysmal and disgusting conditions, abortionists are hardly pillars of the law-abiding community.

Physicians for Reproductive Health compiled a list of reasons why abortionists do what they do, in their own words. Some highlights:

“And they need to know that the reason I continue to go to work every day is that I love the work I do, that there is nothing I would rather be doing and that I truly feel there is nothing better I could be doing for the women and families of this country.”

“[T]he ability to provide this critical health service has been empowering to my patients and to myself as a physician.”

“In the small still hours of the night I am at peace with myself and with God, who gave me this mission in life.”

“Like many others, I find the work enormously satisfying and feel pleasure that my professional activities now match my pro-choice words.”

“It is really important to help women through the abortion experience so that they come out on the other side feeling they have made the best choice for their lives. It is wonderful to be a part of that process.”

“In our growing world population, unwanted pregnancies can only result in tragic outcomes for civilization, now and in the future.”

It goes on and on, each response as sickening as the ones excerpted here.

Talking Points Memo also had strong words of praise for the abortionists out there:

Like any profession, abortion doctors are not homogeneously perfect. But the doctors I have met and worked with are all competent, and compassionate. They take pride in their work, and why not?

Ah, yes. The pride these saints of the pro-abortion movement take in the murders of unborn children. It’s truly, truly heartwarming. And they really are all just so competent and compassionate. Look at arguably one of the most well-known and highly celebrated abortionists practicing right now, LeRoy Carhart. He’s so competent that he’s killed two patients, has maimed countless others, practices in deplorable conditions, and has had multiple complaints filed against him, by both his own staff and his patients. And yes, this is a man the pro-abortion lobby consistently praises and holds up as a beacon of compassion. He’s just one example, too. Listing all of the abortionists who are as “competent” as LeRoy Carhart would take way too long.

Interestingly, while most news outlets were bemoaning the lack of respect abortionists receive in the medical industry, and, well, the rest of the world, the Huffington Post was insisting that they aren’t ranked somewhere around the level of ax murderers.

You’d think, what with the incessant campaigns to hobble, harass and vilify them, that abortion providers would be somewhere right up there with ax murderers, and at least lying low under the radar. But you would be wrong.

Really? The author, Fran Moreland Johns, quotes a few abortionists who talk about how awesome their job of killing unborn babies is, but otherwise doesn’t really do anything to show that abortionists are actually beloved. In fact, late-term abortionist Susan Robinson, featured in the pro-abortion documentary After Tiller, complained that doctors view abortionists as the lowest of the low. Even in the medical industry, no one likes abortionists. It’s probably that whole Hippocratic Oath thing. People who vow to do no harm aren’t usually all that anxious to stop a beating heart. That takes a special kind of person. And the way abortion advocates carry on, you’d think abortion made them into some kind of holy saint or martyr. Moreland Johns even recommended that we all light candles for them.

What can we, as pro-lifers, take away from the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers? It’s important to look closely at this, because it shines a rather bright light onto the abortion lobby – one that most Americans won’t see. After all, how many average people have even heard of this day? The only ones who have are the extremists, and considering that most Americans now consider them pro-life, they’d likely be horrified to find out about this – not so much the day itself, but the fawning adoration for abortionists. Even most Americans who consider themselves “pro-choice” don’t love the idea of abortion. Very few think it should be legal past the first trimester.

It is a rare person who celebrates the idea of abortion. And that’s exactly what the pro-abortion extremists spend March 10 doing.

  • Dave-Edge

    “considering that most Americans now consider them pro-life, they’d likely be horrified to find out about this” Sorry where are you pulling these numbers?

  • PJ4

    Thank you for Tonya Reaves, Jennifer Morbellli, Christin Gilbert, Semika Shaw, Karnamaya Mongar Ayana Byer, Emma Jean Butler, Roberta Clark, and all the other women who are maimed and killed by abortionists on a regular basis, (but covered up by the clinics, the abortion lobby, and the media.)

    Thank you abortionists and planned parenthood for being complicit in statutory rape.
    Thank you for the substandard and filthy conditions of your killing mills.
    Thank you abortionists, for being complicit in forced abortions in the US

    And most of all, thank you abortionist, for the gruesome, sociopathic behaviors you have exhibited that has helped turn the hearts of millions of American toward the pro-life movement.

    Perhaps we should just rename today “Gosnell Day” and get it over with?
    After all…if he wasn’t sitting in prison, Naral would be praising him today too.

  • Ingrid Heimark

    That someone can find joy, meaning and purpose in killing reminds me of one thing and one thing only, a sadistic serial killer. National Serial Killer Appreciation Day. Some sick people out there

    • Mary Lee

      Yeah, it’s gross. It’s really disgusting.

    • Basset_Hound

      I’ve read that doctors complain that ripping babies apart not only is monotonous, but that it’s degrading as well. The more abortions they do, the fewer women come to see them for PAP smears, routine health care and to deliver pregnancies they want.

  • MamaBear

    Towards the end of “Screwtape Letters” (C.S. Lewis), Screwtape, a senior demon, is addressing young tempters about to be sent out on their first assignments. He talks of the great abundance of souls they have to feast on, while lamenting their flavorlessness as so many had found their way to Hell through petty or careless sins. He misses the days of great sinners like Henry VIII.
    Well, thanks to the abortion industry, especially the abortionists themselves, I suspect Screwtape and company are having a quite delicious feast these days.
    So, I am sure the demons of Hell are quite thankful to the abortionists and all involved in their greedy blood-soaked industry. Many of them have slaughtered more innocents than some of history’s greatest mass murderers.

  • Basset_Hound

    Bookmark the link to this page the next time some troll types something like…

    “You anti-choice forced birth fanatics are paranoid, delusional and just plain stupid. No one is ‘pro-abortion’. We’re just in favor of a woman’s right to choose”.

    • Andrew J. Corrales

      You forgot “racist,” “sexist,” “religious,” ” prudish,” “wingnuts,” “nutjobs,” and “YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABORTED!!!!!1!!!!!!!” Am I leaving anything out?

      • MamaBear

        There was our friend the “med student” who said we were “boring.”

        • Basset_Hound

          Oh, the “med student” who had a full time job, supposedly. It seems that’s a frequent claim. If she thinks we’re “boring because we won’t genuflect before her superior intellect, she can troll somewhere else. There will be plenty of others to take her place.

      • Basset_Hound

        You left out the whine about bullying, although their side is far more likely to be the perpetrators than the victims.

        As for “You should have been aborted”…sadly there are some conservatives that will use that one. I hate it particularly, because it’s been used on me, and I think it takes a special kind of heartlessness to use it on a child. I jumped on someone a few days back for utilizing it against one of our long time trolls.

  • Cauchy

    You know, I have this idea that has been roaming around my mind for quite a while. This idea can cause an immense amount of controversy and perhaps highly stigmatize who ever does it, but this can raise more awareness. I remember the professors would show us Jane Elliot, an elementary school teacher back in the late 60s who devised an experiment by segregating her students based on blue and brown eye colors. The blue eye colored students would be privileged, while the brown ones would be underprivileged. Unsurprisingly, the students ended up not liking each other and calling each other names. I thought, “Hmmmmm maybe we should do the same thing but with abortion.” A brave teacher could teach a class of elementary school children about the horrors of abortion by telling the children that when they where inside their mother’s wombs they had no moral value. Their mothers can “get rid of them” through their choice and they or anybody else couldn’t do anything about it. I wonder how the children would react if they were told this cold harsh reality. I know this idea sounds really crazy but we already teach the youth many harsh realities, why not this one?

    • MamaBear

      Problem is, in our currant culture, if a pro-life teacher could do that, a pro-abortion teacher could present their side and cancel it out.
      Our elementary and high school are separate districts. How sex ed was handled when my kids went through shows what I mean.
      Back when we had one junior high and the science teacher had everybody, he taught a unit on human development first, including embryo and fetal development, parents had to sign permission for the sex ed part, and the sex ed part pushed abstinence and included a movie of actual childbirth. Kids came out of there knowing they were not ready for sex or babies. Unfortunately, it did not stick once they went through sex ed in 9th grade high school.
      Our high school did not notify or include parents, pushed using contraceptives, downplayed pregnancy risks, and was even ridiculed by the students due to stuff like how to put a condom on a banana. Teen pregnancy in our high school soared after sex ed.
      Don’t get me wrong, I think kids need to learn abortion is wrong early, but it needs to come from parents first. One teacher might a good job of teaching it, but it opens the door for the next to attempt to undo it.

      • Cauchy

        I guess your right. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Vueiy

    What was that? National Genocide Appreciation Day…?

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    I remember when abortionist David Gunn was buried, and all the surrounding cesspools and sewers all threw up!