• Oldmanbob

    God bless you, when your done up North please come to the United States we need you here in the South.

  • Padraigsands

    May God guide you in trying to wright the wrong done 42 years ago with your new Abortion caravan            
    on May 29th!!!.

  • Candylandwv

    God bless and be with you as you fight for the innocents!

  • cissell

    I don’t like Abortions but that’s my choice, every time we let the government tell us what we can and cant do you are letting them take away your rights one at a time and before you know it we are under a dick tater ship that should be who ever does its choice not the government. again i don’t stand for Abortion i stand for the right to choose for are self’s and we will answer to god not the government. 

    • MoonChild02

      So the government should not be able to tell us what to do ever? So, it should be left up to people to commit suicide, do drugs, rape, kill, distribute child porn, etc.?

      Furthermore, just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. We should be able to stop things like abortion because they are wrong.

      Also, I’ll let the other spellings go, but the name of God is always capitalized.

  • Jordan Elizabeth

    “When you survive and others don’t, it does something to you.” Wow. I never know how I feel about using abortion images (and I’m glad they blur them in the video), but I think the commitment to right the wrong is important.

    • peach

       You didn’t survive anything. That’s like claiming to have survived cancer when you never had it. Women who received back-alley abortions and lived against the odds are survivors. And they felt the obligation to make abortion safe and legal so that no more women die from back-alley abortions. Because like it or not, abortion will always be around whether or not it’s legal. You don’t ever have to get one if you don’t want to. But it’s important that women who make the decision to abort their pregnancy can do so safely.

      • grdawg

        Just because people will do something “whether or not it’s legal” doesn’t mean it’s right, at all ok, or that we should keep it legal.  People die in armed robberies all the time.  People even die committing murders.  People die kidnapping kids.  I think we can all agree that this a NOT a reason to make any of those crimes legal.  Women who kill their children and survive should not be applauded or supported by the law.  

      • Kuisty_nina

        how many back alley abortions were there a year before it was legal? less then 3% ? and that number may have been inflated. Thats like saying people are going to inject pcp like it or not so as a nation we have to make safe places to do pcp and provide clean needles so they don’t pass on anything contagious like aids. IT does not make sense to provide a safe place for something that should not be happening. Truth.. like it or not we ALL know in the pit of our hearts that the unborn are humans and if not aborted a BABY would come out. To say its not a baby is to say planting a limon seed will grow watermelons … we all know  the truth but some of us wont admit it out loud.