The President and Planned Parenthood

Last month, President Obama released a video in which he applauded Planned Parenthood and vowed his continued support of the organization. In this video, he expressed his belief that Planned Parenthood promotes the health of women:

So when some professional politicians casually say that they’ll get rid of Planned Parenthood, don’t forget what they’re really talking about: eliminating the funding for preventive care that millions of women rely on and leaving them to fend for themselves. That’s why last year when Republicans in Congress threatened to shut down the government unless we stopped funding Planned Parenthood, I had a simple answer: “no.”

He praised them for being “a mission that stands above politics,” and he promised to never stop fighting for them.

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Fast-forward from last month’s video announcement to last Friday’s employment announcement, which further tied the president to Planned Parenthood. Tait Sye, once a media director for Planned Parenthood, has now joined the Department of Health and Human Services as the deputy assistant secretary for public affairs.

The American Center for Law and Justice spoke of the significance of the decision: “Normally, an appointment to a deputy assistant to anything in our federal bureaucracy is hardly worth a mention. But this personnel choice is yet another indication of the tight relationship between the president and Planned Parenthood.”

“The Obama administration and HHS have demonstrated their unrelenting bias in favor of the abortion industry throughout the healthcare debate and in the way in which the law is being developed,” stated Charmaine Yoest, president of the Americans United for Life.

While a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, Sye spoke of his opinion concerning the provision of birth control: “Birth control is basic healthcare and women should have access to birth control, no matter where they work[.] … It should not be left up to a boss’s personal beliefs whether his employees should be allowed birth control coverage[.]”

What does this mean for our politics in the months and years ahead if Obama stays in office?

For Tait Sye and Planned Parenthood, when it comes down to a choice between religious conscience rights and a government mandate to coerce conscience, the government wins. When it’s a choice between Planned Parenthood and the First Amendment, Planned Parenthood prevails. … Given the enormous influence that Planned Parenthood continues to wield with HHS, including this latest shift in personnel, HHS might as well rename itself, for it’s fast becoming: the U.S. Department of Planned Parenthood.

Do we want the agenda of Planned Parenthood to become America’s agenda? This is where the Obama administration would like to take us.

  • Walldodger

    Damn yer dumb.. they, PPH spends only 3%( non tax payer money )  on that bad  word ,starts with an A … Never do you mention  that PPH , is for  the most  part  the only place  where a poor woman , can get breast cancer screenings, STD help, and a host of other Women issues….Due you really live in LA La land? 

    • LoveTheLeast8

      False. Planned Parenthood does not release how much money they spend on each procedure. You just made that up.

      Please cite your source. Trust me, it doesn’t exist.

      Also it is a fact that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion group in the United States as their annual report stated that they performed more than 1 in 4 of all U.S. terminations.

    • Colormejoey

      Actually there are other places that women can go to besides planned parenthood. There are many pregnancy centers. Do your research, look into the woman Abby Johnson. She worked for planned parenthood and she actually knows what she is talking about.

      • JB

        Yeah and what I’m not clear about is, if Planned Parenthood was suddenly defunded by taxpayers why would this disenfranchise women who need health care?  There are other clinics women can go to and many of them are free.  What kind of health care services does PP provide that women couldn’t get from other clinics?  Why would they have to be left hanging without PP?

    • Colormejoey

      Actually there are other places that women can go to besides planned parenthood. There are many pregnancy centers. Do your research, look into the woman Abby Johnson. She worked for planned parenthood and she actually knows what she is talking about.

    • Kristen M

      My brownie only has 3% crap in it. It’s still good, right? The good doesn’t negate the bad. However the bad does negate the good. I sure wouldn’t eat a brownie that was made up of 3% poop no matter how much good stuff it had in it.

      •  So what, it’s legal. This country spends trillions of dollars killing little brown people  across the ocean and you are not complaining about that. Most of our tax payer money goes to killing other people. I guess they are Muslim so its ok.

        • Wow, the prejudices and misinformation informing your opinions do run deep, don’t they? I could take the time to explain the actual percentage of the federal budget that goes to military spending (spoiler alert: it’s not “most”), the fact that national defense and foreign policy actually ARE constitutionally authorized duties of the federal government, unlike funding Planned Parenthood, or how the wars overseas aren’t about randomly killing “little brown people,” but something tells me I’d just be wasting my time.

          • Walldodger

            So you are hiding behind the constitution, to  justify invading countries, and killing people already here on this earth… BTW do you really  think ,women have a cavalier attitude when they go to  have an abortion?… think about it …Do you know  one woman who has said ..”.hell thats’ my birth control”…
                Ya know  what … the FREEDOM  of my Daughters and my Grand daughters to Control their own FRIGGIN bodies …. without your sanctimoniousness opinions/l bible quotes,whatever..is very very important to me..you have NO FRIGGIN right to force , a person to have a child… it is her friggin body….if you do … you are treating her like cattle.. screw all of your “but  what about  the child?”…..If you ALL were so friggin concerned  you would not be bitching about how much welfare costs. housing for the poor or medical care for every one…Only reason a lot of you are on here is because  the priests  throw up this smoke screen to hide the fact they have been ravaging your altar boys for decades…what a travasty.

          • Yawn….if you want to refute an actual argument, you’ll have to do better than stringing together the last dozen or so bumper stickers you read.

          • Walldodger

            No bumper sticker pasting here young boy .. just an old guy that is pissed off at your  “holier  than thou attitude”…. like you know more about a woman’s body  than she does… what kind of up bringing  did you have?…

          • Apparently a pretty good upbringing, since I didn’t wind up making a habit out of dishonest, hate-filled rants like yours.

        • Ninek

          In addition to what Calvin said, I’d like to add that when we called attention to the fact that in New York City, 60% of all African-American pregnancies end in abortion – we were called racists and we were told that it was racist to tell black women that they shouldn’t abort more than half of their children.   So, it looks to me like we’re killing plenty of people of color right here in the US with the permission and cooperation of the parents of the children being murdered.  And those children?  They don’t get a choice to grow up and become any religion at all, because their dead.

        • Jordan Elizabeth

          You will notice that this website is not dedicated to supporting wars in any way shape or form… some of us are pacifists. Also, you’ll notice that we’re NOT in favor of aborting Arabic or Muslim babies.

          • Walldodger

            What you are in favor of is telling  a women how she has to abide to your rules on her own body… what  a sham of a religion…really quite sad  that you can’t  see the similarities between you and  the Taliban.

          • Rule Number One of Productive Abortion Discussion should be: never waste time with someone who insists on referring to the baby as part of the woman’s body. Also, the Taliban crap is pretty much just a variation of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductio_ad_Hitlerum

        • Rmankersen

          Slavery was legal once too my black friend.  If it weren’t for good people who didn’t say “so what” you wouldn’t have the rights you have today.

      • Walldodger

        great … an apple  to orange comparison……..

    • MoonChild02

      With all the misinformation you’re spouting, I would think that you’re the one living in “La La Land”.

      First of all: If abortion is such a bad word, why even allow abortions? After all, according to those who support abortion, abortion is supposed to be a good thing. What would make the word abortion so bad, if abortion is supposed to be a good thing? Say it: Abortion. Is. Bad.

      Now, as for how much of Planned Parenthood’s business abortion amounts to, they don’t release how much they spend on each aspect of their business, but according to their own numbers, 10% of Planned Parenthood’s patients receive abortions. NPR even did a fact-check on that, and reported the same. Abortion brings in 10% of Planned Parenthood’s business, meaning that it may be that 3% of what is done is abortion, but the other 7% would not happen if they did not bring in those who were aborting, and charge them for other services. Furthermore, what is the one service that Planned Parenthood provides that brings in the most money? Again, it’s abortion. It makes up 36.7% of their health center income, and 14% of their entire income (the largest section of their income, if you broke down their health center income to be individual sources of revenue, would be our tax dollars – which is why they panic every time we threaten to pull public funding).

      Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is not the only place that poor women can get help for free – not even “for the most part”. Please stop telling that lie. They get about 10% of the funding for women’s health programs, Try looking up community clinics, government funded clinics, free clinics, social programs, and your local churches and church programs (depending on where you live, local branches of Catholic Charities might have a program to help out). Just a few links for health care centers:

      A few links for free cancer screenings:

      Don’t forget, you can also search for local charities providing such services in your area via Bing, Google, Yahoo!, etc.

      • Walldodger

        Just saw this, think it fits in this thread…
               “IF  IT IS NOT YOUR BODY… IT IS  NOT YOUR DECISION……what part of that don’t you all understand…..

        • Ninek

          When my mother was pregnant with my brother, his foot was not her foot.  His arm was not her arm.  HIS BODY WAS NOT HER BODY.

          • Walldodger

            well kudoos to the safe birth of your brother… tell me …if your brother  had his heart forming out of his body… if he had physical defects that were so terrible  that he would have only lived  a few minutes out side  the womb, or worse, if he would  have died …inside her at  20 weeks, no heart beat , starting to turn into  a mass off decaying  fetus matter… and  the ONLY WAY to save your MOM is by an ABORTION.. tell us how important  that law that states NO ABORTION PAST 20  WEEKS…(it is on the books btw… tell me what are you going  to do.. are you going  to say “sorry MOM  you gotta die… some politicians said you can’t save your life… lil bro  is too important.See ya mom …see it should be  between  your mom and her Dr. not me , not some Politician..and certainly not religion

          • Rmankersen

            No one is advocating that we should allow women to die due to a life-threatening pregnancy and I think you’ve unfortunately bought into the lie that pro-lifers care nothing for mothers. Late term abortions ARE being performed in this country on fully formed unborn human beings for reasons that have nothing to do with health complications of the mother and/or child. Where is the outrage and why are you aligning yourself with people who not only advocate it, but try to hide what’s really happening? What is it going to take for you to open your eyes?  A hacked to pieces dead baby?

          • Walldodger

            And  the percent of those operations?… Roe vs Wade addressed  those issues… the last three months  of pregnancy .. the state has a big stake in bringing  the child to term… and there has to be  a very compelling reason for that procedure to happen… and  the numbers are very small , might want to look them up.. really tell us the numbers , if you can get off your pedestal,of “I know what is best for your body”…and since  we are on this subject … what is your stand on” birth control” … the” morning after pill” , the age it should be dispensed..sex education..  are you also outraged … that  women can’t get a morning after  pill… not 15 year olds.. young adults… from pharmacies ,.. because  the guy behind  the counter says it is counter to his ‘religion”… where’s your outrage?…. Please don’t preach  to me on this..  

          • “I know what is best for your body”

            No meaningful discussion is possible with someone who can’t get past such obvious, juvenile mischaracterizations.

          • Walldodger

            Oh  really.. “no meaningful discussion is possible”? in the following article  The Blunt  amendment is basically saying .. The EMPLOYERS know what is best for the workers …[
            U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) has introduced an amendment to an unrelated bill that would severely restrict the ability of insured employees to get essential or preventive health care services if an employer or health insurance company, religious or not, objects on the basis of religious beliefs or moral convictions.]… if that is not saying   ” I KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR BODY “… by denying preventive care , what  the  H is.. Here is the whole article Mr Taliban wanna be..
            http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sue-hyde/blunt-amendment_b_1297012.html  See you all don’t look at  the BIG picture.. women are being made into 2nd class citizens one more time. 

          • First, I note you avoid talking about your biologically ignorant statement I called out. Second, what part of IT’S THE EMPLOYER’S MONEY, NOT YOURS OR THE GOVERNMENT’S, don’t you understand?

          • Walldodger

            Again …. the employer is forcing his views on her’s… what part of  that don’t You  understand?

          • Oh, I think by now we’ve well established that it’s your understanding that’s the problem here.

          • Walldodger

            Oh my dear lady  the laws are on the books.. in fact there is a Farmer/legislature Republcan in an eastern State  that equated women to farm animals, and he said he delivered many a calf and sheep  that was dead.. from the  animal.felt real bad for that baby animal…want  the quote?

          • 1.) Source?

            2.) What’s your point? Did you see anyone here equate women to farm animals?

          • Walldodger

            You want Sources? ya got sources.. 
            http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/03/12/442637/georgia-rep-compares-women-to-animals/   .or try  this one where another Republican compares a pregnancy from  rape like getting a flat tire…
            http://hypervocal.com/news/2011/rape-pregnancies-just-like-getting-a-flat-tire-says-ks-rep/   Or lets go  to where women are being” forced” to under go unnecessary medical procedures..
            http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2012/02/virginia_ultrasound_law_women_who_want_an_abortion_will_be_forcibly_penetrated_for_no_medical_reason.ht … 

          • So you found a few politicians saying stupid things. What a shock!

            I repeat: “What’s your point? Do you see anyone here equating women to farm animals?”

          • MoonChild02

            If the child dies in the womb, that’s a miscarriage, and the D&C required for that is not an abortion. Furthermore, if the child is past 20 weeks (although better at 22 weeks), the mother can undergo induced labor or emergency c-section to save her life, if need be. She doesn’t need a late-term abortion.

            In the case of the child dying moments after birth, doctors err all the time. They are humans, after all. Therefore, the child deserves to live even if s/he is going to die. Some children given a poor prenatal diagnosis turn out just fine, and others do end up living happily for quite some time. I invite you to take a look at the cases of families whose children were given poor prenatal diagnoses, and learn about the joy these children bring to their families, even if they’re lives are but a fleeting moment.

            Furthermore, not every pro-lifer is religious, or is pro-life for religious reasons.

        • MoonChild02

          Wow. You can’t refute the evidence, so you just fall back to screaming the old “tried and true” false ideology. On the internet, by the way, typing in all caps is considered screaming. Maybe you should try dialing it down some, because otherwise those who respond to you are just going to give you attitude and scream back. Just a suggestion.

          Now, not only is the child’s body not the woman’s body, but many women don’t have abortions of their own free will. They are pressured or forced into it by their significant others, family members, friends, teachers, bosses, or even their own personal situations. My aunt sure didn’t choose to have an abortion, she was forced into it. Many of the women of Silent No More Awareness didn’t choose abortion for themselves, either. The answer in these situations is not abortion, but to provide women with the support and services they need, hence the reason for the pregnancy care centers all you pro-abortion-choicers vilify and try to shut down.

          In the cases where the woman would choose abortion for herself, she, in most cases, chose to put the child there. Everyone knows that the biological reason for sex is procreation. Therefore, in choosing to have sex, the woman chose to chance becoming pregnant. Being an adult means taking responsibility for our actions, and the effects that our actions may have on others. In having sex, and creating a new life, one takes on the responsibility of caring for that new life. If one doesn’t want to take responsibility, one shouldn’t engage in adult activities. Like it or not, abortion has a profound effect on at least one other person.

          • Walldodger

            Well since you don’t like me shouting… I will let others tell about what happens when you  try  to dial back  the clock on women’s rights.. how’s that ..

          • Walldodger

            You said some thing about being an adult, taking responsibility  for your actions.. If you folks really meant  that “adult”  thing… why does this nation  keep making  the poor “pay” for being born… you are all gun ho on making sure  the woman has that child … then pays lip service on giving  the child a decent loving  childhood.. from where I stand .it is like saying ” We got you here, now suffer”… lets’s see some great stories of how a society has helped, not just at birth but  through out  a child’s life… especially if you are poor.Til you can do  that you are nothing but hypocritical pious people. 

          • I like how you just sort of fabricate your own imaginary version of everything else pro-lifers think and do, so as to ensure your hatred for us is self-reinforcing.

          • Guest

            A few things:

            1.  Self-induced abortions, according to that article, were always illegal at all stages.  It seems somewhat hypocritical to me that abortion is a crime when self-induced but a constitutional right if a doctor does it.  But that has nothing to do with any of the recent laws restricting abortion.

            2.  Studies show that restricting abortion, when enforced properly, can and does drastically reduce the number of abortions.  Banning abortion also does not increase maternal mortality:



            3.  The bloody coat-hanger argument begs the question.  If abortion is a violent act that kills a human being, it should be illegal whether or not this makes it more dangerous.  If not, that’s what you have to prove.

            4.  One last thing:

            “We don’t wish to take the country back in time; rather, we aspire to
            move it forward, beyond a time when women are treated as objects and
            pitted against their children and their religious institutions”- Lila Rose, president of Live Action.

    • Jordan Elizabeth

      91% of all pregnant clients of PP have abortions… please, tell me that PP is not focused on abortions.

      • Walldodger

        Maybe it is the only place in town they can turn to ..

        • Guest

           {{citation needed}}

  • Oedipa

    “Normally, an appointment to a deputy assistant to anything in our federal bureaucracy is hardly worth a mention.”

    Nuff said. But making mountains out of molehills is the modus operandi around here, I know.

    • …..says someone who imagines sex-obsessed puritans around every corner.

      • Jdjdjeeeeerrrryyy

        She does have a point though…I feel like this has been blown way out of proportion. I mean, the position is so small and the person isn’t even with planned parenthood anymore.

  • Guest

    The president and his campaign seem to have invested a lot of time and effort in partnering with Planned Parenthood and castigating the other side for waging a “War on Women”.   I think it would be a pretty big disaster for the president if Planned Parenthood was suddenly caught on tape participating in or condoning the selective elimination of women in utero…