The real “War on Women” is a civil war

The numbers are in, and they are grim.

TIME Magazine has given us “Four Ways Women Won the 2012 Election.” They begin by exulting that Obama got 55% of the female vote; 67% of single women voted for him.

Number four on TIME‘s list is this: “Republican men with extreme views on abortion lost their elections.”

After – of course – using Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin and Richard “God Intended” Mourdock as representative examples of pro-life candidates, they went on to add:

In rebuking such candidates, “voters sent a clear message last night that they’re tired of a backwards-looking agenda that hurts women and families,” EMILY’s List president Stephanie Schriock said in a statement. The political-action committee, which supports pro-choice female candidates, reported more donors and members during the 2011-12 election cycle than at any other period in its 27-year history.

The sad, scary truth is that the majority of women – and an authoritative majority of single women – voted for Obama. Without women, he would not have been elected.

You and I know that abortion is misogyny in action. You and I know that women are not freed from oppression by simply passing on the oppression to their children. You and I know that forcing other people to buy our birth control pills is not a victory for liberty, but the opposite of that. You and I know that the abortion industry cares not about women, but about their bottom line.

Apparently, 55% of women don’t know that.

More than half of voting women in America believed the rhetoric: that the Republican party is waging a “war on women.” That they want to take away your birth control pills and send you back to the 1950s, where you will be forced to wear a brightly-colored A-line dress and an adorable half-apron all day and greet your husband at the door with a highball for your compulsory rump-slap. In fact, a headline from the satirical news site The Onion said this the day after the election: “Nation’s Women Wake Up Relieved To Find Selves Still In 2012.”

Haha, I get it. Democrats want women to continue to be valued and respected, unlike Republicans, who want them to shut up and be pregnant. That’s funny.

Despite an abysmal economy which is affecting everyone – male and female – women voted for the status quo, based on a well-executed fantasy put forth by the Obama campaign. According to the fantasy, everyone is out to get women except the Democrats. It doesn’t matter how many successful Republican women you show them. In fact, there is no one more loathed by the women of the left than the women of the right. (If you don’t believe me, read the comments.)

Ask Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ann Romney, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Laura Ingraham if they get a lot of “you go, girl!” from pro-choice women. You can’t even mention most of those women  without eye-rolls and hearing words like “crazy” and “b**ch” – from other women. Don’t even get me started on Alveda King, Mia Love, and Condoleezza Rice – they’re black and female and conservative! Blasphemy! Condoleezza barely gets any points for being pro-choice.

The funny thing is, most people who hate, for example, Sarah Palin don’t even know why. Her voice gets on their nerves. She sounds “dumb.” She’s obviously a big liar! This is a woman who raised several children and helped her husband run a successful small business while rising from the PTA to governorship of a state. This is a woman who fought corruption in the oil and gas industry in Alaska, saving the taxpayers of her state a lot of money and busting up a deeply entrenched “good ol’ boys” club, even while she was a private citizen. Fiercely independent Alaskans of all political stripes loved her – she was a good governor, and her approval rating was in the 80s when she was tapped to run for vice president in 2008.

She became the object of immense scorn and despicable harassment: a slew of phony ethics complaints; a stalker who moved in next-door and watched her family from his balcony while he wrote a “tell-all” book about her that ended up being full of bull corn; a probe into her marriage alleging an affair which never happened; and, of course, the “lipstick on a pig” remark from the president himself.

What a horrible b***h.

But the most hate was a result of her very vocal pro-life position. When her teenage daughter Bristol became pregnant out of wedlock, the spittle flew as fauxminists denounced her as a “hypocrite” for promoting abstinence education when her own daughter was not abstinent. Never mind Palin’s admission that her daughter made a mistake but was going to handle it the right way: by being a good mother to her son.

There was even weird speculation that Palin’s young son, Trig, was actually her daughter’s, with people analyzing photos of her on websites to see if she was “really” pregnant. And of course there were the disgusting jokes about her son with Down Syndrome, such as Louis C.K.’s reference to her “retard-making c**t.”

This is just one example of the scorn heaped on pro-life women. Being a woman – a successful woman, a good mother, a shining example of what a woman can achieve – is not enough. You have to be pro-choice, too. If we stand up for life, we are not feminists; we are misogynists. We are a disgrace to womankind because we want to “repress” other women.

I don’t know if there is a way to explain to women that abortion is not their friend. I read RH Reality Check and Jezebel, and I feel a bit lost. I feel like these people are beyond approaching with reason, science, and logic. Sometimes I think our only choice is overturning Roe or somehow changing the law. I understand the argument that we need to end abortion one person at a time, by changing hearts and minds, but sometimes I think: no. It’s impossible.

But then I think of Christianity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or not. Whatever your beliefs, you must admit that the story is remarkable: against all odds, this bizarre little Eastern region that started with twelve people spread all over the world to become the most common religion on earth. You can debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but there’s no denying that it happened.

As pro-life women, we have to accept that we’ll be the object of lies, disgust, and harassment. All we can do is face the lions, like the early Christians did, bravely and without apology. We can’t ever stop peacefully, lovingly declaring what we believe: all human life is precious and must be protected.

  • Sparky

    Oh stop whining, Kristen,you poor victim. F ace it, the major media doesn’t repeat your propaganda because that’s what it is. And don’t lose any sleep worrying about the likes of Palin and Coulter. They’re doing just fine with their circus acts. Here’s another number for you to think about. In exit poling on Tuesday 59% of respondents said abortion should remain rare, safe and legal. Nobody’s buying what you’re selling and your market share is increasingly shrinking just like those who believe in that fantasy you call a religion. It used to be said that patriotism was the last refuge of a scoundrel. It appears blaming the media has become the new refuge.

    • Or blaming the electorate, which seems to be the excuse du jour for the recalcitrant right. Which is not only an astoundingly ignorant cop-out, it will backfire. Insulting the emerging electorate you just lost is not the way out of the woods. But, I’m sure they’re sick of talking politics. Because babies.

    • Cheri

      It’s funny because Sparky said “rare” and “safe”. As if 1.2 million per year and 50+ million for four decades is rare, and chopping up little human beings is an exercise in safety.

      Speaking of selling, Sparky, how many Obama voters still believe his claim that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms? I keep trying to schedule one and they hang up on me.

      • Sparky

        Somebody misspeaks and you guys think you’ve got a winner. Keep beating that dead horse. Look how effective it was for you last Tuesday.

        • First Citizen

          Misspeaks he and Ms. Richards have said it over and over and over agian.

          • First Citizen

            I meant Misspeaks?

  • As yet another prolife woman, I feel the same descrimination. Since when is demanding handouts from ‘Sugar Daddy Big Govt’ an empowering thing? Newsflash all the pill, patches, and IUDs Big Pharma will sell do NOTHING to prevent STDs. Last time I checked being prego is not a disease, it’s a temporary condition: herpes, HIV, Hepetitis…those last a lifetime. We lost this election because our GOP candidates were unprepared and refused to talk about sex. No one even slammed the Code Pink/ NARAL idiots wearing “Vagina suits”, the medically accurate name should have been “Vulva”, the vagina is just the hole. Libs can’t even properly name the single body part they hung a whole election on, and our team was too scared or stupid to defend our position (which is actually backed by science, medicine and logic).

    • There’s a lot of weird campaign “advice” in there, but I’m just gonna disagree on this: your candidates were quite expansive when it came to defending your position. Todd Akin (MO) defended the idea for no rape exception. Richard Mourdock (IN) defended the idea for no rape exception. Joe Walsh (IL) tried to campaign on the idea that abortion is no longer needed to save the life of the mother. Tom Smith (PA) explained his opposition to a rape exceptions by comparing pregnancy as a result of rape to out-of-wedlock pregnancies. Rick Berg (ND) was open about his willingness to see women who have abortions imprisoned (even is cases of rape). They *all* lost. Paul Ryan (pregnancy from rape is “just another form of conception”) won his House seat. But he lost the Vice Presidency.

      We got their message loud and clear, Ashley. They didn’t need to go picking fights on people in vagina costumes to elucidate it further.

    • Cheri

      We lost the election because liberals dominate the culture: the media, Hollywood, public schools. Freedom just isn’t cool anymore, entitlement mentality is the hip fashion trend. Anyone that challenges the status quo, be they man or woman, is subsequently attacked and ridiculed. Oh and convincing the voters that they need to “vote for revenge” get’s them really fired up, too.

  • First Citizen

    You are right. As I was making calls for Romney as a pro-life woman I was often attacked by the people on the other side. It did not matter to them who I was. Women who are pro-life and do not follow the liberal agenda are scorned and hated. Liberals seem to think that only women who take the easy way out are true women and those that believe in responsibility are idots.

    • Faithkuz

      I agree, First. Here’s a case in point. Recently in Melbourne, three women stood on the steps of Parliament House holding up placards that said “Abortion hurt me” “Pro-choice’ protesters stood and screamed at them repeatedly “shame, bigots, shame”…. Not much empathy or compassion there. In other words, it’s okay for women to speak up, as long as they only support a certain viewpoint.(this comment was made in response to an article today in MaMamia by Leslie Cannold).

  • Faithkuz

    Sparky and Atraspider (known trolls on this site) epitomize the standard liberal MO–i.e. ridicule women and others who do not echo the liberal choice mantra. Kristen Walker Hatten’s point is that conservative women are targeted and ridiculed, their stands shot down without really addressing concerns they raise. Rather than taking seriously the ideas of conservative women, feminists and liberals aim scorn, hitting “below the belt” with the aim of ending genuine dialogue. Supposed friend to women, liberals attack women who do not share their group think (ex. identifying contraceptives and abortion with healthcare–these get lumped in with healthcare–no one can justify that). Liberal attacks show intolerance of even hearing and debating the positions of the very women they presume to represent. True dialogue is continually suppressed and shouted down–by insults, media soundbites, and interruptions. (Exemplifying this reliance on war tactics rather than really listening and communicating, for instance, Sparky and Atraspider rely on put downs, dismissal, and red herrings).

    • As far as I know, there were no women running for Congress who held the policy positions I was “ridiculing”. Let me go back and check their names. Oh yeah! Todd, Richard, Joe, Tom, Rick, and Paul.

      In any event, if you know me as a “troll” on this site, then you know that I’ve been discussing and debating some of the things you bring up, including contraception’s perfectly acceptable place within a health care regime. Women much older than me can’t believe this has to be re-litigated.

      Lastly, my policy positions are in a good space right now, because all I have to do is relay facts (please tell me if anything I posted was un-factual). If you find that “facts” are troubling or you perceive them as “attacks”, then you aren’t really paying attention to your movement’s policy positions, how they’ve been taken up by certain far-right candidates, challenged by the environment of the campaign, and then rejected by the electorate. All true, yes? How is that an “attack”? I’ll soften my edges if you think it will lead to more dialogue, but what you just did there isn’t an attempt at dialogue, it’s complaining.

      • “please tell me if anything I posted was un-factual”

        Um, we do that on an almost daily basis, and it doesn’t make your comments one iota more accurate.

        • And yet you can’t lift a finger for more than a couple petulant keystrokes to do it again, right here?

      • First Citizen

        And by attacking their positions you also attacked the positions of Michele Bachmann and Jackie Walorski (In 2 District).

  • And to listen to conservative pundits in the days following the election, all single women are sluts and whores who wanted nothing but free birth control pills and abortions. And conservatives wonder why they have a problem with women?

    • Cheri

      Upon listening to Obama and the liberal lapdog media, women will die without Planned Parenthood *cough-Tonya Reaves-cough*, birth control is a private choice that everyone else should have to pay for but not get to say anything about, Republicans hate women, and pro-life conservative women are oppressed, contemptible, and stupid when we don’t lick the propaganda off the liberals’ shoes! How one person, much less the majority of women voters, subscribes to such dichotomy without their head imploding is beyond my rationale.

  • ProTruth2

    I don’t know if there is a way to explain to women that abortion is not their friend. I read RH Reality Check and Jezebel, and I feel a bit lost. I feel like these people are beyond approaching with reason, science, and logic.

    Maybe you should say ‘hyuck, hyuck’ more when you try to lecture them. It seemed to make you happy, and it certainly wouldn’t lower the caliber of your work.

  • Prolife4life

    Thank you for this blog. I feel the same way often and I hope someday pro choice women can learn a thing or two from actual feminists who fight for all women’s rights. And if you want poisonous BC pills, pay for them yourself, do not make me pay for them when I do not believe in their use. I have to pay out of pocket for Natural Family Planning and there is literally NO religion that does not believe in the use of the Creighton Model Natural Family Planning Method, yet, I don’t get help from my insurance. So why should you when I believe it is killing you and leading to more unwanted pregnancies and STDs?!

  • Scotty Udaman

    your courage is impressive

  • Ruth

    I have often wondered this myself. How do I – as a woman – encourage other women to see that there are other alternatives to abortion? That it will not go away. That women who have had abortions are often haunted by their decision and in deep, deep pain and yet will not bring up it up because of the relational and political ramifications of revealing their decision (and their regret, as well). I hurt for the women (and men) of our nation who truly felt that they had no other option.

    And for those who attack the pro-life movement, I hurt for them, as well. I am reminded of the saying, “Hurt people hurt people.” May God open up their hearts to His incredible love for them, and may we as the people of God love them so well and pray for their hearts to heal.

  • Timmehh

    I think people started disliking Sarah Palin when they realized she was a horrible choice to be a candidate for the vice presidency. I will use myself as an example. When I first heard about Sarah Palin I thought she was great. Here was a hard working, intelligent women that people could really get behind. Then she started making ridiculous comments about world policy and our governmental system here, that made people like me begin to scratch our heads and wonder whether she could truly do a good job of representing the US to the rest of the world.

  • jim gamble

    Deleting posts that don’t agree with you…….very classy.