The reality of forced abortion in America

No one can legally force her to get rid of her baby.
She has every legal right to keep her baby.

Many well-kept secrets are difficult to believe, once revealed. And most Americans would assert that forced abortion does not take place in our nation. Unfortunately, the only true part of that statement is that our laws do not force abortion (unlike China’s One Child Policy). However, many women across our nation are indeed faced with forced abortion.

It’s a reality and a well-kept secret for too many women. Girls are returned to their rapists and to situations of incest because their violators force them to get abortions, and abortion clinics allow it. Boyfriends, husbands, and parents threaten harm and homelessness unless a woman consents to abortion. Abortion doctors force abortions on women even after the women change their minds.

When these stories make the news, Americans feel revolting disgust. But what are we doing to stop forced abortion in our culture? How are we giving women and girls the help they need to resist forced abortion?

Take, for example, that often deliciously hilarious site, Yahoo! Answers. For all the silly questions posed and all the out-of-place answers given, there are also true cries for help that can be found.

One woman wrote:

My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly two years and I love him so much. Even though we are just “friends” right now we still talk and have that connection. Well, I found out I was pregnant by him… again. I ended my first pregnancy with an abortion but I just can’t go through that again. His mind is made up, he doesn’t want the baby. He told me that I am getting an abortion. To be honest, we are too young to be parents and I’m not quite ready either. His little comments like “You’re not having this baby if I have anything to do with it” kind of scare me. I am willing to have this baby and give it up for adoption to a loving family since we are young. Can he make me get an abortion since he is the father? …

I based the first abortion on my parents and our lifestyle. My mom always tried to portray the “perfect family” image. I did not want to humiliate my dad either, but having an abortion was a difficult decision for me. I am still an emotional wreck for terminating the life of a would be beautiful, intelligent baby.

Another young woman explained her situation:

im 15 weeks pregnant and I want to keep my baby no doubt about it! im 18 years old…Although I got pregnant and im so happy about it so is the father of my baby hes willing to give his arm and leg for this baby and his family is really supportive and willing to help when we need. I knew I was pregnant since I was 6 weeks since then i’ve been to all my prenatal appointments on time I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time at 8 weeks and was given an ab scan to determine my baby’s real age. the doctor says my pregnancy is right on track and my baby is developing on time if not faster then expected it moves from time to time and i already received it’s insurance card and my first official sonogram is next week. I am in love with my baby…however my moms side of the family is really strict and my mother likes to throw a lot in my face about money and how she gives me everything and she over reacts to the slightest thing so i kept my pregnancy from her till now and she told me she doesn’t believe in abortion but she is pushing me to get an abortion she scheduled my appointment for tomorrow at 8 and everything i want her to realize that this is my life and i want to live it and i did this to my self i want to be there for my kid i want her to realize she has to let go of me and not baby me anymore she told me if i abort my baby shell support me for as long as i want but i know my mom that’s not the case i want to prove to her i am an adult and i will give my life for my kid but she wont hear it the same way shes trying to be a mother and look out for me im being a mother and looking out for my kid but idk how to tell her this please someone who’s been through this help me out i really don’t want to give my baby up and i don’t want her to hate me either how can i please both sides and also can she force me into an abortion against my will?

There is so much sadness in both of these situations. One of the worst things is that women – especially young women – are in danger of believing that they can be forced to get an abortion by their boyfriends or parents. Thankfully, in both of these Yahoo! threads, multiple people assured these women that no one could force them to get an abortion. One answerer directed the first woman to pregnancy resource centers.

It’s important for pro-lifers to be involved in stopping forced abortion in our own nation. We should get on sites like Yahoo! Answers and direct struggling women to places – like pregnancy resource centers and legal organizations like ADF and Texas Center for Defense of Life – that can provide them with the help they need. We should let them know that they usually can pursue restraining orders against parents or boyfriends or husbands who are trying to force abortion. They can – and often should – pursue legal action.

Of course, women who may be victims of forced abortions aren’t always on Yahoo! Answers. Some have no idea where to go for help. So we need to continue to spread the message everywhere that abortion cannot be forced. We need to let women know that if they are taken to a clinic against their will, they can tell the nurses, the counselors, the doctors – anyone and everyone – that they do not want the abortion and that they are being forced. We need to let them know that they can talk to people standing outside abortion clinics, tell them they do not want an abortion, and ask for help.

Women who do not want an abortion should never be forced to get one. And they must be told that they are not required to submit to anyone who is trying to force an abortion on them. Spread the news that pregnancy centers and legal organizations help women and girls in these situations. And if you are a volunteer at a pregnancy center, an attorney, a pro-life person who stands outside a clinic – or anyone else in a position of opportunity – watch for these women and tell them what their rights really are.

**For a great guide on how to use Yahoo! Answers to share pro-life truth and offer resources to women in need, check out this article by Live Action’s Lucy LeFever.

***To read more about hidden forced abortion in America, read the 21-page report here.

  • Leviathan Is Now

    Can anyone tell me if there is any legal remedy to pursue for a woman who has experienced a forced abortion? I am one. I was in the hospital for an unrelated issue, had the high-risk clinic pressuring me from day one, and when things got rocky the OB came and administered oxytocin against my will to begin the abortion. They falsified my chart, claiming I consented at the outset, which I emphatically did not (I kept asking that everything possible be done to save my son, and the doctors and nurses on the critical care unit told me what I knew from my own schooling: there was plenty they could do to save my child and keep me safe at the same time). They changed the gestational age/due date. Let me say again: they administered the first medication to force me into labor, with the intent to just let my son die since he was just before the age of viability at that hospital and their changed due date/gestational age put him at 19 weeks 6 days, just under the legal limit in that state for a whole bunch of procedures and paperwork. Then things went completely sideways and I ended up bleeding out, dying, being rushed to emergency surgery, being resuscitated, and having something much worse happen to my son than being delivered very early and dying that way. I can’t remember some things because of trauma, blood loss and so one, but other things are excrutiatlingly clear. Can someone please tell me if there’s anything I can pursue against these…people? I’ve read the part of my chart that I have fairly recently, which is why I believe even more strongly that they knew full well what they were doing was against my will and that the initial excuse of risk to my health was a falsity. Anyway, if anyone can let me know one way or the other, I would appreciate it.
    Thanks to the author for raising awareness about the reality of forced abortions in the United States. Please keep all of us who have lost babies to forced abortion in your prayers, along with those who chose it, and those who are pregnant now and are at risk of choosing abortion or being forced or coerced into abortion. Lest anyone think this problem is exaggerated, I met 4 other women in my area at a retreat where the subject came up who experienced the same. Thank you in advance.

    • Marauder

      As someone who is a licensed attorney but has yet to get a job practicing law, I would think you’d be able to file charges for battery and medical malpractice. If the statute of limitations has expired (and I don’t know if it has), you could still sue them civilly. When did this happen?

      • Leviathan Is Now

        12/4/05, in PA. I was in nursing school so I knew there were laws they were breaking (a ton of them) besides the potential civil stuff, but I just wasn’t medically in a position to get up and run or do anything to stop them. It took me years to recover enough to even think about it: the physical pain from a D&E at that stage of pregnancy after an induction of labor to “treat” complications (in other words, simplify the situation by getting rid of the baby: no more pregnancy, no more complications for them to worry about) was insane, and the emotional pain was worse. I learned that physicians say the equivalent–in my situation, let me be clear–is traumatic amputation. No wonder I was on a PCA pump when I came out of surgery.

        Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable calling up one of those law firms that advertise on TV: “Injured? Malpractice? Call us!” I don’t think many lawyers coming out of today’s law schools would be too sympathetic to someone like me. (No offense; I have several lawyers in my family!) I’d like to ask someone who is pro-life and a lawyer to review the case for any and all possible actions, because these people should be stopped from doing this to anyone else and calling it “medicine.” I don’t know about statute of limitations on battery, wrongful death or any civil suits either, especially since I signed the damned form for the emergency procedure once it became life-or-death for me and my parents were there telling me I had the moral obligation to preserve my life and by that point there truly was likely nothing that could have been done for my son. Especially since they changed the gestational age–that morning, as the crisis began. Sorry, now I’m ranting. Do you know of any pro-life law firms that would or could look into something like this? Or anybody? Because I know for a fact I’m not the only person this has happened to, and it will keep happening until we stand up to these people in every way and after the fact in court if necessary.

        • Marauder

          I’d try Alliance Defending Freedom:

          They do a lot of pro-life work and they’d have a much more knowledgeable take on your situation than I do.

          • Leviathan Is Now

            Thanks, I’ll try them…at least they can point me in the right direction, right? And if anyone else reads this and needs to know the same type of information, you’ve just given us a good starting place.

        • Anne Schnedl

          You might also want to contact Life Legal Defense Foundation:

          Life Dynamics might also have some suggestions:

        • JDC

          I am very, very sorry for your loss and I really wish there was something I could due to help.
          I’m just a little confused on one point. You say you were in PA, as in Pennsylvania, correct? You also say that they changed the gestational age to 19 weeks, 6 days in order to be just under the legal limit in the state. However, isn’t the legal limit in Pennsylvania 24 weeks, making 19 weeks, 6 days more than “just under” the legal limit? I would just like some clarification on this point.

          • Leviathan Is Now

            Sure: I should have been more clear, I suppose. I meant for the technical things they told me they had to do. At 20 weeks, from what I understand, there is a change in definition from “miscarriage” to “extreme prematurity” and they’d have had to do a whole lot more paperwork not to mention by changing from just-viable to not quite 20 weeks there would have been no obligation to try to save my son if he’d been born. What ended up happening was much worse, since the medical situation went from bad to worse to emergency.
            At any case, I refused from the beginning. The doctors who came in from the OB-high risk department when things all started to go wrong were the ones who’d been pressuring me to abort the whole time. When I asked what they were going to do to stop things from getting worse and thus save my son, they said they weren’t going to do anything but what they ended up doing in the end. I should emphasize that at the time and at the hospital where I was, babies were definitely and very viable at 23 weeks if not sooner. That’s one of the things that breaks my heart more than anything because OBs are supposed to have two patients, and my life was not immediately at risk when they began the process. I was holding out hope that if my son could just be born in one piece and alive they’d remember that and take care of him as they should have. It didn’t end up happening that way. That’s a longer winded answer than you needed or wanted, but there it is. Thanks to everybody…

          • JDC

            Thanks for the clarification. Again, I am so sorry for what happened to you and your son.

          • karennyman

            Praying for you. No one has the right to play God in this situation. I’m extremely angry that doctors who take an oath to uphold life are so easily able to end it. Please take action knowing you have a just and righteous cause. Still praying.

    • ThePaganProLifer

      i’m very sorry for what happened to you. blessed be

    • blair miller

      I’m sorry you lost your baby,but why would they force you to have an abortion?

    • A Friend
    • Texas Center for Defense for Life represent women who are coerced and forced into abortion. I also am an advocate and public speaker about forced abortion in America. I would love to hear more of your story. Please visit my site and my Facebook

  • Still Mad

    Now, I happen to be pro-life and am not a church goer at all. If I entered one the lightning bolt would probably come down and smite me. But I believe that pro-choice is just that….a choice. And if you choose to have the baby, no one has the right to harass you to force you to make THEIR choice. I became pregnant when I was 20, which was back in the mid 80’s. I’m 48 now. I was in college, had a long term boyfriend. I knew I wasn’t ready to be a parent, because I was still dependent on mine, but I at least wanted to give the baby up for adoption. To me, that was just the right thing to do, and how many childless people are waiting years for babies? The nuns at my college (it was a Catholic School) were very supportive and I had one good friend and her family who were also very supportive, but Mom was relentlessly hounding me to have an abortion. I couldn’t get one minute’s peace….she’d come after me in the shower, when I was laying in bed in the middle of the night, when I was on the toilet….yes- the TOILET: “Get an abortion….Get an abortion,” was the broken record I had to hear. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself. And the boyfriend was no help. He was weak like jello and never stepped up to the plate. In the end I became exhausted and worn down and I couldn’t take the harassment, so I caved and had the abortion. Eight years later I married the boyfriend, and a few years after that he was ready for kids, but I remained angry and resentful and adamantly anti-kids. Deep down I was afraid of being abandoned again, and felt he had his chance years before and he blew it. After seven years of marriage I left him. I’m now married to a great guy for 14 years and we have one son, and I love husband and son to bits. I knew I wanted kids, but not with the ex- with someone who would support me and be by my side no matter what. Am I still affected by what happened all those years ago? Yes. And I still have a very poor relationship with my mother. We politely tolerate each other, but that’s about it. The ex husband is now 50, hasn’t even had a date in all the years we’ve been divorced. We still keep in touch and are friendly….he’s become more like a brother to me. I’ve even tried to scout my circle of single women friends trying to find a nice one for him. But do I still feel like he’s getting his payback from years ago? Yes. Not very nice, I know. I probably need extensive therapy. So what am I ultimately trying to say here? Leave a pregnant young person out in the cold with no support and it could have life-long consequences. The resentment doesn’t go away. It grows and festers, like cancer.

  • prolifer15

    I was one if those girls who couldn’t stand up for myself. My boyfriend forced me to abort at 6 weeks pregnant. I took a pill to make him happy. I let him tell me what to do with my own body. He broke up with me a month later… I feel alone sad and full of regret. Its hard to trust a man now. I feel sad bcuz a lot of my fb frens are pregnant and one girl shares the same due date I was going to have. I cry almost every night. I am now pro life. I pray outside the abortion clinic that provided me with the pills. I feel sad when I meet other girls who are also being forced by somebody. .. I see them crying as they walk out of that death clinic. If racism ended, abortion can end! God our savior has forgiven me yet the pain is undeniable. I miss my baby… no one can bring the baby back… there is no clinic that can bring him back to me. I hate remembering my ex. His cowardly choice… he is abusive and im glad its all over between us…

  • karamae

    The same thing happend to me! But except they delivered via csection…I refused for a week, was coerced, harrased, lied to….I just kept refusing! Then, ended up getting drugged by a dr. As I screamed no, and tried to unhook my iv… i woke up later in icu, due to complivations from surgery! She cut me open! took my poor baby girl, she died an hour and a half later :( its horrible! They kept telling me I was sick, ect ect, but luvky for me, I had been to another place, so I knew better, but in the end they still did it!!