The View’s pro-lifers: A history of schooling the ’choicers

It is not surprising that debates about abortion tend to catalyze embarrassing, fumbling jargon from the pro-abortion side. It’s hard to talk about ripping up babies in nice, logical, debate-friendly terms.

theviewMorning talk show The View has a history of inadvertently (but really, how does one avoid it?) showcasing the verbal diarrhea that happens when people attempt to use logic and pro-abortion sentiment in the same sentence.

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were the unfortunate examples of this language last week. But – not surprisingly – the always-composed NFL wife Elisabeth Hasselbeck schooled Goldberg and Behar with her knowledge of the facts.  Prompted by Whoopi’s hypothesis that Pattie Mallette was embarrassing her son Justin Bieber by publicly promoting the work of pregnancy resource centers (which, if it were true, would make the motive behind Bieber’s song thanking her for choosing life quite mysterious), Joy tried to argue that Mallette had crossed the line by “taking a stance.”

“That’s different, though,” Behar said, trying to differentiate the pro-life views Mallette shared in her memoir from her recent support for pregnancy resource centers. “That’s a biographical update on whatever she did. This is like a stance.” Well, yes, Joy, you’re right about that. And most of us would argue that it was a “stance” when Justin’s mom chose life for her son despite her young age and unwed circumstances; that was a much more tangible piece of evidence supporting her pro-life views than voicing support for pregnancy centers, don’t you think? But I digress. Behar went on to (mis-)quote a study saying that “70% of Americans are pro-choice.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn’t let that one slip by unnoticed. Interrupting, she said, “No. That’s not what the study said. It said that they support Roe v. Wade. For instance, I would rather change a heart than a law. I always think it’s better to have someone go in and examine their heart than try to change necessarily a law. So I think that you can actually be pro-life, yet understand that in the legal system right now, in order to overturn Roe v. Wade, you’re asking, like, to move a mountain.

Hasselbeck’s comments were not the first of their kind on The View. A few years ago, Rachel Campos-Duffy shocked everyone when she intelligently opined – defending her remarks with a Mother Teresa quote – that Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was undeserved due to his pro-abortion stance. There was no response prepared for that bombshell, but Barbara Walters’s face says it all with an “I can’t believe this is happening” expression. Kudos to those who stand up to the pro-abortion ladies of The View; the latter may be loud, but truth and logic always seem to win.

  • Hannah Mallery

    Go Lizzy!

  • Snowman

    Did Whoopie just hear what she said??? She was saying how a woman doesn’t take the decision to end her “childs” life. So she admit’s it is a child and that it’s okay to end it?? Then she must feel it’s okay for a mother to end a childs life outside the womb then too. So murder is okay if you feel you can’t deal with or handle something?? Put that in another circumstance. I just can’t handle my husband so murder him… I just can’t handle my mother so murder her… Yep they just keep sounding crazier and crazier ever time a pro abortion supporter talks!

  • Get Real

    I don’t get it – Why can’t Justin Bieber’s mom take a stance, but all of the view ladies can take a stance on everything and so can every celebrity and musician nit-wit with a microphone in front of their big mouths?

    • Great point.

    • Rockon

      Liberalism is about “tolerance” as long as you agree with that worldview and only that worldview

    • I cannot take credit for this concise statement of the reality of liberalism. I simply caught this quote in a dialogue recently; I feel it explains the reality of the liberal’s mind:

      “Even liberals who’ve accomplished a lot in their lives and have high IQ’s often say things on a regular basis that are stunningly, profoundly stupid and at odds with the way the world works. Modern liberalism is instinctually suicidal has become bereft of common sense. It is a toxic and poisonous philosophy; it displays a closed-mindedness that makes most liberals nearly impervious to any information that might undermine their beliefs. liberals are full of hypocrisy and show traits of real fascism.”

      • I won’t make a statement about liberals as a whole, but when it comes to the abortion debate, supporters of abortion tend to use moral relativism as a defense (“I won’t judge someone else’s choice because only she knows what’s right for her” i.e.), which is a completely illogical and fallacious method of defending their position. So I agree with you — it is baffling that otherwise very-intelligent people tend to leave their brains at the door when it comes to issues like abortion.

  • Nuala2011

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  • Bridget

    They think their judgemental opinions are fact.:/

  • Kel

    Good article. Minor correction, though… it’s Hasselbeck, not Hasselback.

  • Janie

    Yes, you can have the baby. You don’t have to have an abortion! Yes, it is killing your child, yes, you feel from your baby because you just KILLED him or her. Yes, you had a doctor tear your baby apart, limb from limb, because you didn’t want it. Is there really ever a good reason for that, really?!?

  • DJ

    best argument I’ve heard yet from pro-choicers that a child in the womb is a living human being and that 97% of mothers having abortions moorn over the babies death. wow!

  • tellmeaboutit

    Hey Whoopie, what was that you said about a party?

  • nccarrie

    Where does Woopie G. come up with her stats? I’d have to say she’s cavalier with her 95% and 97%!

  • jim corcoran

    Horrible. So now you’re pro life if you have an abortion. Not pro life if you’re against abortion. These people are crazy. No one pretends it’s easy to have an unplanned child, but when we admit it’s a child and say we care about that child and still kill it in a horrific way, there’s something so wrong about that. What about adoption. These people would have you believe there is no other option than to kill your own child. I’m sorry, but they are pathetic.

  • guest

    To know and acknowledge that what is inside a pregnant woman is a life to a point that you can say more or less “people for abortion are still pro life they just “can’t” have the child” and then act like abortion is anything less than murder is simply illogical. I don’t watch the view, nor do I know much about Whoopi, but come on..think a little before you speak!

  • So those for abortion are “pro-choice” but when Pattie Mallette works to provide alternative CHOICES to abortion, these Liberal, blood-thirsty harpies call her EEEEEEVIL anti-abortion, and say she shouldn’t be called pro-life?!?
    And pro-death people use their own definition of “pro-choice” in inventing those fake statistics that show a majority of Americans are supposedly “pro-choice”. (if you ever think an abortion might be permissible, you are “pro-choice” yet the current law that any aboriton for whatever reason is legal, the vast majority of people oppose)

  • Barb Yagley

    So now Pro-Choice is pro-life and it’s not that we don’t want a child, we just can’t have one at this time. That is not what I sense when I read stuff like this at RH Reality Check “We need to stop treating abortion as a dirty word, but instead be willing to positively affirm it as a vital component of reproductive health care. … Abortion access always has been, and always will be, a key component to women’s equality. And it’s time we get back to speaking boldly about abortion in terms of women’s liberation, not fetal personhood.” [Amy Becker Stevens].

    No – Pro-choice means be willing to trample the broken bodies of children in order to achieve what we women want in life. Please, I must remain skeptical that Americans really “love” children..

    • Dorothy Wood

      You have no common sense and a heart full of………….. YOURSELF.


    i got news for those willfully ignorant broads. “roe” of roe v wade is now a staunch anti abortion advocate and born again christian.

    • Basset_Hound

      So is the “Doe” from the companion case “Doe vs. Bolton” which established the “health” exception broad enough to drive an 18-wheeler through. Likewise for Dr. Bernard Nathanson who played an instrumental PR role in the legalization of abortion as the head of NARAL. In his time the RAL in the acronym stood for Repeal of Abortion Laws. He ended up being the one who made “The Silent Scream”. Nathanson converted to Catholicism before his death, but for awhile was a pro-life advocate AND an atheist.

  • I went to help save babies at our abortion clinic, and let me tell you, the deathscorts, (escorts) that take these women into the clinic…. dance, laugh, cheer, cuss, and are really quite vulgar about it. They are baby haters from the womb up.

    • I am not so sure “they” don’t celebrate babies. Women getting pregnant, after all, are what keep their baby-killing operations profitable!

    • Dorothy Wood

      They are beyond all common sense, and heartless, selfish” inhumans”

  • Grizzleymama

    Even though I like Elizabeth, I can’t stomach the other women on THE VIEW. I stopped watching it a long time ago.

    • Basset_Hound

      The only time I watch it is when I’m in the waiting room at the local Kwik Lube, and there’s no escape.

      Personally, I think the SNL parodies of The View are a whole lot more entertaining.

    • Dorothy Wood

      I feel the same

  • Whoopi said, “Her child,” which is interesting. Can she verify this 98% statistic of who isn’t cavalier about their abortions? I guess that disgusting ad with the guy calling abortion, “baby” and celebrating 40 years was for the 2%? That’s a foolish budget decision, I’d say. What a disconnect. I’m so, so sorry that someone made Whoopi really upset.

  • mark

    Gosh Whoopi. If 95 % really don’t want to get an abortion but feel because of their circumstances they can’t I guess the “prochoice” tag is myth. Rationalizing the murder of a child. Absolutely nauseating.
    Also liked when she said people feel for their child. I guess the unsaid thing is “I’m sorry little baby but I have to have you dismembered so I can continue on my career path unencumbered.

    • Basset_Hound

      And if someone’s “circumstances” don’t permit them to have a child, then why shouldn’t they just abstain from an activity that might create one? What if a woman said to herself “well, I don’t have the greatest job, and I’m not sure if the guy I just started seeing is interested in a long term relationship…maybe I should just skip the sex part for the time being because I’d hate to end up like Toure’s former girlfriend”.

  • mark

    If you don’t take a stance against abortion, your silence means you endorse it Joy.

  • Whoopie Goldberg had 5 abortions–and is proud of it. Pathetic.

    • Dorothy Wood

      I knew there ws a reason she makes me sick.