The Voice of John: a nurse speaks out on a baby born alive after an abortion

On November 4 of this year, a new pro-life documentary – The Voice of John – will be released. Produced by River Song Productions, this film will discuss the reality of babies born alive after abortions as well as evidence of atrocities that occur with far too much regularity in the abortion industry. In The Voice of John, the humanity of the unborn will be made real in yet one more way for the world to see, as “one small voice will speak for millions.”

“John” is not a make-believe person or a fantasy. He is a real baby, who survived an abortion and was then left to die by medical professionals. The movie’s site details the true story behind The Voice of John:

In 1977, a young nurse was working in an obstetrics unit of a major veteran’s hospital, stumbled upon a LIVE baby, placed in a ‘dirty utility room,’ left to die! What she did not realize is that Roe vs. Wade had just been passed by the U.S. Supreme Court and this atrocity was indeed legal! The staff in the facility reprimanded her as she tried to explain that a baby was alive and placed on a cold metal table and left to die! Against their instruction, she held that baby in her arms and listened to his soft whimpering cries for survival. She held the child, baptized him, and said, ‘I name you John, and I will tell the world what I saw here today. I will be your voice!’

Thirty-five years later, Maryann Lawhon will hold true to her promise as River Song Productions presents…’The Voice of John.’

In production since early 2011, The Voice of John will feature former Governor Mike Huckabee, former Planned Parenthood director and current president of And Then There Were None Abby Johnson, Father Frank Pavone, scientist Ken Ham, multiple members of the U.S. Congress, medical experts, abortion survivors, women who have had abortions, and former abortion doctors like Carol Everett. The Voice of John will take a look at abortion through a prism of countless angles, opinions, and stories that will bring the real truth to light.

The documentary’s producer shares one of the main purposes behind this film: to convince the church as a whole to act on the issue of abortion:

This film is designed to be an forensic educational production that will not only expose the truth about this senseless killings but show to goodness and forgiveness that we all have through our Lord Jesus Christ. For we learn in Luke 6:37 we see: ‘Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven’. (NIV) Yet statistics show Women identifying themselves as Protestants obtain 37.4% of all abortions in the U.S.; Catholic women account for 31.3%, Jewish women account for 1.3%, and women with no religious affiliation obtain 23.7% of all abortions. 18% of all abortions are performed on women who identify themselves as ‘Born-again/Evangelical’. (says Dorothy Guyton of dirt2diamonds.blogspot.com)

A new study by The Center For Reason (www.CenterForReason.com) finds that Christians have just as many abortions as their non-Christian counterparts. The study concludes that in the year 2000, Christians were responsible for 570,000 abortions. Catholics were found to be the worst offenders, with abortion rates higher than the national average. (www.centerforreason.com) We have a lot of work to do but it’s not all done on the streets of this great nation. It needs to be done right inside our own church walls. The church can no longer be silent, and then come to ‘life’ every January and every other November, and say ‘We are Pro-Life’ Of the 70 million Christians in the US about 3.5 m or about 5% are involved in the Pro-life movement in some way. Until we realize that abortion is a bigger symptom of the real problem, we cannot see an end in sight.

Five percent of Christians is clearly not enough. More Christians must stand against abortion and stand up for the innocent. Without question, abortion must be spoken about from our pulpits and in our pews. We must speak with truth and compassion, with love and courage. We must determine that we will not stop until every life is saved and every silenced voice – like John’s – is heard. This is the call that has been put on Christians, and we must answer it.

Yet this is not a film for just Christians. The Voice of John is a wake-up call to the nation as a whole. Despite your religious affiliation – or lack of it – and despite your involvement on either side of the abortion issue, and despite your current beliefs, this documentary is a must-see. We must individually wake up to the truth and choose to stand up for innocent lives. We must choose to forgive, and not condemn. Christians must choose to live like Christians, not just claim to be Christians.

This November, watch The Voice of John, weep with the reality of millions of innocent lives lost, and then get up out of your chair and do something to end the slaughter.

  • This is powerful! I just wish they could make it available sooner than November 4, so more people can watch and make an informed vote.

  • paul

    did i mis-read? Roe v Wade was inacted into “law” in 1973. not 1977 as the first paragraph suggests when baby John was discovered in the laundry room.

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      I see where you’re coming from. The paragraph from the site doesn’t make it entirely clear, but I’m pretty positive the film’s makers do know that 1973 was the year Roe was handed down. I think their point was that Roe had recently been passed – 1977 was the year the nurse had her experience with the baby born alive.

  • My answer to everyone who supports abortion is always the same …. The only person who’s life is at stake HAS NO CHOICE. How can a Mother who has an abortion ever stand to hear another baby cry? How can she sleep? How can she face her Maker?

    • She has decided to go on living, even though she decided to allow her child to die. So, she goes on living, and breathing, and putting one foot in front of the other. The question is not “how” but “when”. When is this mother going to wake-up and take on forgiving herself for what she has done. Only by relying on the forgiveness of Jesus, from his Throne on the Cross, only by relying on Him, can she go on, live, and then forgive herself and then ask for forgiveness. By doing this she truly becomes the woman of her calling to Christ, by this she can begin to heal, and by this she can begin to do something about what she has done. The rest of the world, the Christians who truly live their calling to Christ, the rest of the world can be forgiving as well, and then by love, and only by love, can everyone actually make a difference, without judgement because they are not the Judges, God IS. Only by beginning, in forgiveness, can a woman move forward for the better, and begin to heal and become an effective voice for the silent voice of her child that she aborted, and the voices of those who are yet to be aborted. We CAN save those, but we have to begin someplace. So, let us all begin…

      • Anonymous

        Sireta, I totally understand what you mean about not understanding how a woman could do that, but I think the answer to your question, “How can she face her Maker?” is so beautiful that I can’t help mentioning it. See, I’ve never had an abortion, but even yet, I have to ask myself that same question: how can I face my Maker? I am sinful and dirty. I have lied, cheated, hated (which Jesus says is like murder), and committed many other sins. All of these make me ashamed to look my Maker in the face. But Jesus–the Son of God and God Himself DIED for ME! And the Bible says that he is interceding on my behalf before the Father, because He loves me that much! And because he has paid the price for my sin and taken my shame away, I am confident that one day I will stand before God and truly see Him face to face. As 1 Corinthians 13 says, “Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see Him face to face.”

        I know that if Jesus loved a sinner like me, he loves those women who have committed the sin of abortion just as much. And if they repent and believe in Him and accept His grace, they can experience forgiveness like me and one day stand before the Father with no shame! It’s beautiful!

  • Moxy

    While this is good, life and the right to it, are not just Christian issues. When I was a volunteer for a crisis pregnancy center, my biggest issue was the religious angle which was pushed. While I believe faith is important, clearly if Catholics and Protestants account for more abortions then their non-religious counterparts, we aren’t going to keep babies alive by trying to convince people to do it based on faith. We need to appeal to the humanity of women in crisis as well as let them know that while panic may push their desire to control the situation (i.e. false time reversal via abortion), their are other options. And for those not currently in crisis, birth control/practical life skills education/and community are the best bet for ensuring they don’t turn to abortion if they do find themselves in crisis.

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      Well, I agree they are not just Christian issues. But we do need Christians in particular to wake up to what’s going on and do something to stop it. In addition, though, yes, people of all walks need to do their part to stop abortion. And this video does take that angle as well – it’s for people of all faiths or no faith at all.

  • Charlotte

    Not everyone who identifies themselves as a Christian actually are.

  • I can not wait to see this and yet, I know it wil break my heart.

  • If you could assemble one grave marker per minute for every child aborted to date since Roe V Wade it would take me more than 100 years to finish. If you tried to include those children aborted during each year of your project at current rates, in 100 years you would be nearly 300 years behind schedule.

  • Ashley

    I’m 15 and have 3 brothers, I could never imagine not having them in my life now. And I don’t see why people don’t put their kids out there for adoption instead of killing a innocent life. Any thing is better than killing a baby! Just think those babies your out there killing are our future! They could have great things ahead for them in life. But we’ll never know because there’s murderers out there, & yet they get no consequence for killing some one! And people don’t even realize how bringing a life into the world is an AMAZING thing! Some women don’t even get to have that feeling because their unable to conceive children. And yet some people take advantage of it. IT’S SICKENING!

  • Alyssa

    Like I say if u didn’t want a baby protect urself so u don’t accidentally make one and I know there are those problems where u get raped I know but if u don’t want to have to care for it or you can’t there are people out there that can’t make a baby so let them have it. They would give you all the money they could if you have that child to them.

  • Really, the only reason that those people can live with killing a child, is because they have no morals, they have no belief in God, they are not saved. Yet, even though they do terrible and evil things, we need to pray that their heart’s will be changed and that God will have mercy on them. Abortion is one of the worst crimes in The United States, not just because it is murder, but because it is a “legal” murder, and we pay to have those children killed. Oh God help the USA.

    • Melisha

      i dont thnk that everybody is with no moral. they are just lying by some people, that this is not a human. some of them maby have some problems by why they choose this. we dont have the wright to judge them. but try to tell them that there is other , better choice, help them …

    • Stop it! stop judging anyone! abortion is indeed a terrible and unmerciful act and those that commit such an act if not repent will face hell but no one knows the reason why this people are lead to believe that they cannot be parents at the time of pregnancy .You have to be in their shoes in order to feel what they do .Another thing too; this people will have no peace in their lives it matters not how much they will try because the souls of the unborn child when not baptized will cling to the mother and will take all her energy in most cases this people will suffer from mental illness as well as chronic fatigue with many other diseases unknown to them .their sins will kill them.So I urge everyone to just please pray for them instead of judging them.Peace.

      • Their sins will not kill them if they repent. Jesus saves souls. This is why He came. The fact that they did these terrible things is horrible. How can we not discuss this without appearing to judge? We are to help them know Jesus in a loving way so that they can be healed by the mercy of God. Do not forget this. This is not judgement…it’s similar to reaching out to keep someone from falling off a cliff.

      • Free bird

        You need to realize speaking not is not judging !! We CAN NOT keep silent !!! If we do God will judge us !! But we must speak out in LOVE and FORGIVENESS !! God does not want us to keep silent !! We are not to hide His truth nor cover His light !! Many unborn have died because the church closed their eyes and kept silent !!! We need to lead many to repentance !! You need to seek the Lord for true understanding !!I urge you to pray for understanding !!! We need to help others to come to our Lord for healing !! And also deliverance !! Father in heaven please Give mensageira22 understanding ! Let him realize some of us are not judging or casting stones but are trying to save lives of the unborn And trying to save the souls of moms and dads !!In Jesus Name I pray Amen !Thank You Jesus !!!

        • Veroniqua


  • And the baby killer in chief leads in the polls amongst catholics.

    • The failure of shepherds to preach the truth crosses all faith traditions. I know; I have spoken to many priests and pastors. Where I live the pro-life prayer warriors are 98% Catholic. There are only two pastors in independent churches who are unafraid to speak up for the unborn. Some are ‘personally’ pro-life but will not preach it. Some bow to human respect or their paycheck. Some are pro-abortion.

  • …”depart from me you workers of iniquity for I never knew you.”

  • Wayne C Lawrence

    Thy will stand before God one day and give account of there self one on one.

  • Roaring lion of Judah

    Obama the baby killer….sack him

  • Fran

    And what happened to baby John? She left him there, instead of taking him and give him a life. I know it wasn’t her baby, but she isn’t any better because she didn’t save him either. She maybe promised him to be his voice, but she left him to die, too.

    • It probably was too late for him. He was already dying and there was nothing she could do.

    • momof4

      She stayed with him until he passed. He was not going to be able to survive. If you google the story you can find out more.

    • Wallenberg

      What’s your point? Are you saying she shouldn’t be involved with the movie? That the article shouldn’t have been written? That even though she grieves for the baby, and sorrows over her inability to save him, you want to rub her nose in it? Basically, it seems that you think that because circumstances prevented her from saving the baby, this somehow nullifies the pro-life belief. You know that’s not so, too.

    • Free bird

      :( True! Maybe she feared loosing her Job ! Maybe at the time she feared man more than God ! We do not know her heart !! But at least she is speaking out !!

  • I’ve been told by women that as a man I have no right to voice an opinion on abortion, it being a “woman’s choice”. When I was 19 I agreed with a girlfriend that she should abort (kill) our unborn child. Now 37 years later I still regret being part of that horrible event. I pray that a merciful God forgives me. Perhaps in rare cases such as the health (life or death) of the mother, rape or incest it should be considered but to use abortion as a method of birth control is murder. May God bless the souls of all these innocent lives and forgive us for not stopping this atrocity.

    • Eric Thorn

      Gary, when I was 15/16 I was in the same position. My girlfriend was pregnant and we too decided she should have an abortion. It was by far the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m 32 now, regret that and forever will. The things abortion does not only to the woman, but the man is one of the most underreported things out there. I just pray for forgiveness.

      • Eric–Please see my post above. You guys can make a difference, NOW. 40 Days for Life has tons of men involved. As does Silent No More. Please help!

    • As tne father you have NO rights. We see this happen when we pray at our local abortion mill. We have seen boyfriends beg the mothers not to kill their child and the mothers do it anyway. One sad case happened yesterday and the father got the mother to have an ultrasound and counseling and everything. He even named his son but the mother killed the baby anyway. How sad is that? How hard the heart.

    • Gary–

      You can help change that. Please look into the “Silent No More” campaign. There are resources out there for fathers/men.

      Also, men are being urged to bring these women to court before the abortion–to help change the law. The baby is also the father’s. As a woman, I know that the CORRUPT part of the women’s right movement ruined that for men…and now they are afraid to stand up.

  • Cassie

    The statistics for believers are shocking. My heart just hurts for everyone involved in whatever fashion.

  • Melisha

    can i ask if this film will go to the cinema? in Europe too?

  • makayla

    im 15 how can they do that do a baby how can you do that to any living thing or person if you dont want a baby keep your legs closed they need to stop abortions

    • Free bird

      For 15 you are so ver WISE !!! makala !! May God Bless and PROTECT you foever In Jesus Name !!

  • It is refreshing to read an honest report of the statistics. I believe the reason so many Christians (and remember Christians are defined not necessarily by what they do, but who they believe in) have abortions is fear of being shamed and called hipocrites. The fact of an unwanted pregnancy cannot be hidden from humans for long; an abortion can be. Both are kinown by God. I believe abortions are promoted by many as a justification for what they themselves have done.Many studies have been done about how we try to make ourselves feel better about our wrongdoing by encouraging others to do the same. We need to once again recognize that abortion is also a legal issue because it is murder, whatever one’s religious or political beliefs. We must not however return to the awful shame that was associated with a single woman’s pregnancy in those days.

  • Nothing is black and white. While you men condemn women for abortions it is the woman who is left holding the baby. Was it any better when women were forced to carry babies for nine months, unsupported, to have them taken off them, never to speak about it or ever to get over their grief. And still they had to put up with the condemnation, shame and critiscism of society. Well it takes two to tango and if you have tangoed out of wedlock then you have no right to sit in judgement on others. A chicken begins as an egg, when does it take on its own life force? When does a soul enter the body of a little baby? When its mind starts to develop or maybe when it begins to move of its own accord at 3-4 months? If this were the case then that would surely mark the cut off point for abortions at a very early stage when it would not have an awareness or be born alive. Beyond that abortions should not be conducted except for threatening situations. Many children are born into hopeless and devastating situations where their chances of survival are slim. Is this O.K. too? What about the life of the mother? There are many things to be considered, but abortion should never be conducted without very good reason and definitely never for birth control.

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      Bonnie, I’d just like to point out that if when the mind develops is your starting point for life, that’s way sooner than 3-4 months. Brain waves can actually be measured at 6 weeks – before many women even know they’re pregnant. And clearly, the brain is developing earlier than its waves can be measured.

      Movement also happens much sooner than 3-4 months. The heart is beating by day 22 and by 7 weeks, the baby is actually kicking and swimming!

      Check out these sources for more info:



    • Sarah

      “Nothing is black or white” Are you sure about that? Just because we aren’t actively monitoring the precise moment life begins doesn’t mean there isn’t a precise moment when life begins. We seem to be pretty good at defining time of death when monitoring the issue medically. Just a thought.

    • Mak

      “While you men condemn women for abortions it is the woman who is left holding the baby.” What men? I see nothing in the article or video of men condemning women. I see two comments here that your comment could be referring to, but your comment isn’t done as a reply and one of the possible comments is made by a woman. Your derision of men makes me think you assume everyone who is against abortion is a man, that men aren’t allowed to be against abortion, and/or everyone who is against abortion automatically hates/condemns women who have had abortions. To me, statements like that instantly kill your credibility, no matter what the rest of your comment says.

      • Free bird

        She does not realize there are both Men and Women who are against abortions !!She needs help !!Pray for this Veroniqua !!!!!

    • sunflowerfroggys

      It says in the bible sorry haven’t been able to find it again but I will, that the second you are conceived God gives you your soul. That can only mean that you are alive not matter how far along. Are you not alive while on a breathing machine you needed after a car accident to help you breath to keep you alive until not needed any more. So the mother is the breathing machine also for the baby until it doesn’t need it any more. So if you don’t want the baby there are plenty of people who would like one and can’t have any. So if you can’t do the time don’t commit the crime ie keep your legs closed. I think that women who have abortions should be made to get their tubs tided because if you don’t keep the one you have now why should you get to have another.

    • Free bird

      You know something ????????????????? Veroniqua ,One day you will face the Lord !!I do not think you will be able to justify your self !!Please seek the Lord !! God loved you so much He sent His Son for you !!!!! Eternity is a long time !! The shame never leaves , the regret is never forgotten !!! Please do not reject Christ !! Seek Him now !! He loved you enough to die for you!!! If you were the only one to die for He would die just for you !!! WOW that is TRUE LOVE !!!

      • Veroniqua

        I do not want someone as evil, condemning and judgemental as you praying for me thanks. You read what you want to read so you can wage war on people who are often victims and kick them while they are down. I did not even say I approved of abortions but that I believe the soul enters the unborn baby at about 4 months when they start kicking. I certainly do not approve of abortion as birth control and I do not think many women would make that decision without a lot of heartache. But there was a time when women were treated with absolute contempt, especially by the church hypocrites for falling pregnant out of wedlock while the male never rated a mention. Peoples were forced to give their babies up for adoption and some women never got over it. How compassionate is that? Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for abortions but you people are so narrow minded and condemning that you could not accept that. You just want to bully and condemn for the sake of it because your think you are “holier than thou”. But let me tell you by the way you talk you have a lot to answer for! You know nothing about me and have no right to sit in judgement on me. Let me say that if God is so omnipotent as you think then he doesn’t just see what you do, but he knows why you do it. So you had just better look at your own morality. Shame on the lot of you.

        • Calvin Freiburger

          I believe the soul enters the unborn baby at about 4 months when they start kicking.

          And what is your supporting evidence for this belief?

          • Veroniqua

            What is your supporting evidence that God exists. The bible isn’t proof! I said it is what I believe in my heart, not that it was a fact.

          • I didn’t say anything about God or the Bible. You posited a theory of ensoulment, so I wanted to know what made it plausible that there isn’t a soul until month four. But if now you’re saying it’s just a feeling, then it’s an awfully weak basis for determining which abortions are and aren’t OK.

          • Veroniqua

            I have my reasons to believe it which I am not willing to share with people who are just waiting to jump and dump on others.

          • Well then you’re not going to persuade anyone that we’re wrong to protect unborn babies younger than 4 months. It’s one thing to live your personal life based on subjective beliefs. But it’s wrong to decide the fates of others based on subjective criteria there isn’t any objective evidence for.

          • Veroniqua

            I’m not trying to, I am just telling you that you are a narrow minded, cold, heartless, unforgiving, judgemental bunch of hypocrites to be preaching hellfire and damnation to people who are already victims. ” Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.” I am no longer arguing with an argument. Nothing is black and white which is how religious people seem to see things.

          • The vast majority of pro-lifers do not fit your description.

          • PJ4

            The vast majority of pro aborts fit her description.
            Perhaps she’s just looking in the mirror today?

          • PJ4

            am just telling you that you are a narrow minded, cold, heartless, unforgiving, judgemental bunch of hypocrites to be preaching hellfire and damnation to people who are already victims.

            You seem to be very judgmental

            Look… there’s no such thing as a soul. No one cares about your beliefs.
            We are only interested in science.
            Science places the beginning of a new human life at fertilization.
            No souls involved.
            Pro lifers don’t need to have god to know that abortion is a heinous crime against humanity and the a serious civil rights violation.

        • PJ4

          In your first sentence you say you don’t want to be judged.

          Then you go on to say… “you people are so narrow minded and condemning that you could not accept that” and “the way you talk you have a lot to answer for”

          Sounds like you’re the one being judgmental here.

  • The nationwide 40 DAYS FOR LIFE campaigns have begun. Find one nearest you and step up to help: http://www.40daysforlife.com Christians MUST stand up together in the face of this holocaust that murders our unborn and does terrible damage to women and families—and may we mention the souls of all involved.

  • LindyLou

    My heart hurts for these precious souls. Please know that an intrauterine device (IUD) does NOT prevent pregnancy. It only prevents implantation. So every month a life could be lost via miscarriage (the fertilized egg which could not properly implant). ~ It grieves me that the pro-abortionists lie to women stating that they are only aborting a glob of tissue. Think about this. If a cat is pregnant with kittens & a dog is pregnant with puppies then how a can woman be convinced that she is pregnant with anything but a baby? As a nurse (who would never assist with an abortion), I have met women who have had an abortion, men who have been convinced to pay for an abortion and grandparents who have all grieved the loss of the aborted baby. That decision has haunted them their entire lives. May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, forgive and comfort them all. May He forgive and comfort all of us who have sinned.

    • Free bird

      Amen !!!! Heal and restore us to Your Truth Oh mighty God in Jesus Name !!!

  • I’m 16,but I was a month over 15 when I got pregnant.This June I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.Abortion was never an option.She’s a happy almost four month old who is VERY healthy(a whole 16 pounds healthy haha) <3 I could never have hurt my little Charlie <3

    • I am happy you made the right choice because I know people in their 40’s now that made the wrong choice and they regret that they made the wrong choice of aborting…I’m happy for you that you will never have to live with regret! Peace

  • Teatime

    How can we find out when “The Voice of John” will air? Obama has voted in favor of letting these poor babies die THREE times!

    • Guest

      The bible states that if your luke warm he will spit you out of his mouth, with Obama not sticking up for children where do you think he stands at this moment in the eyes of God?

  • MeeseMoot

    I have said it before and I will say it again, Abortion is not just a religious issue. There are people against abortion that are not religious or that affiliate themselves with any particular religion. There are atheists that are against abortion as well. It is a common sense issue. It is the killing of an innocent child period.

    • Free bird

      I am a Christian Pro-Life ! But ………. I have more respect for Pro-Life Atheist !!! Than I would ever have for the Pro-Choice so called Christians !!!! We need to fight together !! We have common ground the Unborn !!

  • DJ

    I had an abortion. Let me reassure you, it is devastating for the mother. I ended up in a mental hospital, suicidal. The psche. tech said that he had seen many women come through that hospital for the very same reason. It has been 27 years since I made the worst decision of my life, and I still have nightmares about it.

    • Rebecca

      God has forgiven you. He sent his Son to take your place. He says to you, “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” (Isaiah 43:25)

    • I’m sorry! HUGS! Like children that were miscarried I heard that possibly they are in heaven waiting for us…I hope so!

  • SCRIPTURE SAYS that he knew up before we were born that he knows us and has plans for us at conception he has hopes and dreams for us…I can get you all the scriptures on it! Imagine a mother during miscarriage in her upset about loss of hope imagine how God and how Jesus feels about all the hopes he had for that child.

  • Free bird

    Yes God sees and He know the heart !!We can not justify the killing of the unborn ! I will speak out for the unborn !!

    I will NOT keep SILENT !!