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Thirty-one claims no direct donations to Planned Parenthood, calls partner organizations who support Planned Parenthood “amazing”

UPDATE: Thirty-One has informed its consultants that the revised statement on its partner page is its current official statement on the matter.

Today, Thirty-One Gives (the foundation spawned from the Christian company Thirty-One) posted a revised statement on its website concerning its partner organizations. Despite calls by multiple pro-life organizations to stop supporting Planned Parenthood’s friends, Thirty-One has so far stuck to its guns and failed to issue any apology.

Two Thirty-One consultants I have spoken with informed me that a statement will be forthcoming from the company. But for now, Thirty-One’s revised statement on its partner organizations is plain horrible. There’s no two ways to go around it.

First, the site states:

Thirty-One Gives has not provided any direct funding for Planned Parenthood or any other activities outside the scope of our mission.

Not one of the pro-life organizations or people who have called Thirty-One out has claimed that Thirty-One directly funds Planned Parenthood. That was never an issue. The issue, as yet unaddressed by Thirty-One, is that its foundation does directly fund an organization who directly funds Planned Parenthood and is quite public about it.

In fact, documents show that The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio has directly funded Planned Parenthood with $2,750 in 2003 and $20,000 each year in 2009, 2010, and 2012. This organization has a record of funding Planned Parenthood, and the information is publicly available.

But Thirty-One, after hearing pro-lifers’ call on them to stop supporting Planned Parenthood’s friends, calls The Women’s Fund “amazing.” They also call the Girl Scouts and the YWCA, other known supporters of Planned Parenthood, “amazing.” How can a Christian company say that an organization who donates to the biggest abortion giant in America is “amazing”? Abortion aside, how can they claim that the Girl Scouts, an organization which allows Planned Parenthood to give out sexually explicit information (that does not jive with the Christian worldview) to their young girls, are “amazing”?

What’s even more disappointing is that Thirty-One is currently calling the claims against the organization “untrue.” You can see an e-mail response detailing that here. By now, it is a proven, obvious fact that Thirty-One provides funding to supporters of Planned Parenthood and, in effect, itself supports the abortion giant.

Since the breaking of the news about Thirty-One’s partner organizations, many Christians have objected to the public outcry which has been raised without even acknowledging how wrong it is for a Christian company to support abortion in any way, shape, or form. I shouldn’t have to explain how any support of Planned Parenthood is support of abortion, and I won’t. Are we as Christians really so desensitized to the horror of abortion that we don’t even bother to object because we like a purse company so much?

I anticipate the stoning to begin after my next sentence, but please, think about what Christians would have done in World War II if we found out a Christian company we liked was funding a group that funded the Nazis. We would be rightly horrified. But wait…many Christians back then had a hard time standing up, too. We cannot allow ourselves to be so blinded by a pervasive moral issue that we excuse wrong behavior from Christians or Christian companies who ought to know better.

Finally, Thirty-One goes to great lengths on its partner page to describe how it supports women:

Thirty-One Gives supports HER, no matter her circumstances, no matter where she’s been or where she’s going. We want to be there in her greatest time of need and in her greatest time of joy. We empower HER.

I’d like to ask, where is your support of the unborn woman? In the time of her greatest need, when she is in the most vulnerable place, under the most unprotected of circumstances – how do you empower HER? Are you there for HER?

I can only hope that the official statement that is reportedly forthcoming will take a completely different tack from the one Thirty-One has taken so far in its responses. These people have a lot of backtracking to do now.

  • Guest

    It amuses me when Christians claw at each other about who is morally superior.  Reminds me of the fourth century.

  • LivinHisWill

    I applaud your courage in speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Unfortunately, you’re right about many of today’s Christians, who either feel as though we’re being “judgmental” if we dare to take a stand, or that it’s ‘not our place’. Thank you for all you do on behalf of those innocent little lives, and I’ll be praying for you as you continue to fight!

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      Thanks for your prayers…I really appreciate them!!!

  • tiara sweeney

    hey lady, I know this is disheartening but hang in there and wait to hear the whole truth or do the research yourself and find out what funding goes where, most companies have it as public information just few bother to look.. I’m sad to hear about 31 to, especially as helpful as it has been for a few women at my church who have been consultants…  as for the Girl Scouts I have to say I did that research myself after hearing the tales on AFA and being concerned- with 2 daughters in the organization.. and here is what I found.. The UN held a conference on women, naturally they invited all of the organizations that aid women, including the girl scouts, many of the girls who were in attendance were tasked with helping at the conference, they handed things out from several other organizations including a group from another country- a subsidiary of Planned Parenthood.. I do not support planned parenthood, but I also don’t support the girls having to carry the public distaste for the group they were in the room with who handed them booklets and asked them to pass out… I think we have all been teen-agers and had elders ask us to help them and didn’t stop to read and process the papers before deciding to be compliant and help. To the credit of the leaders of girl scouts they have made the decision to not participate in future UN women’s events. I don’t agree with everything Girl Scouts does but I do think they are getting a bum wrap publicly on the planned parenthood thing.

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      We definitely look forward to hearing anything more that Thirty-One has to say, and will report on that as well.  I have done the research myself on Thirty-One, which is why I reported what I did.  It’s definitely sad.  I applaud you for doing your own research on the Girl Scouts.  There’s actually a lot more to what they’ve done with PP than that one UN conference.  You can find out more and  I’d really encourage you to look over those sites/articles.  But yeah, I do agree it is good what they’ve decided about the UN.  It just unfortunately goes much deeper than that, and that’s why pro-lifers speak out about it.

      • tiara sweeney

        I haven’t read all of the resources you have sent, But I do appreciate them! I did read this  link and suggest it its quite informative, I have to ask since you are seemingly a strong Christian woman with much to say, do you know if any other strong Christian woman(or are you personally) submitting your input to these organizations in order to be included within their documents.. Some of the ladies / organizations they promote are being promoted for other tasks or accomplishments, and the questionable or outright evil side projects are not mentioned to the girls but are easily found IF they do as the book has asked (most don’t) so I have to wonder if the Girl Scouts is intentionally selecting these controversial women or are they selecting them as simple examples of woman making a difference in hopes that the girls will have strong Christian homes to counter balance the not so good in these examples.. none of us is perfect, but it does seem to me at least that the public square is full of women who do not have biblical mind set, (I was once one) and as such when trying to inspire young women to grow and be all that they can be (in the absence of parents in the home to show girls the opportunities available to them) that we as Christian women should be doing more to get our voice heard in this mess of worldly viewpoints … wouldnt it be nice if next to (or instead of) a listing promoting a woman like Deloris Huerta who aided many agricultural families with food and places to live that were safe and clean (while also earning an award for her service in planned families) there was a write up about a woman who served a country as a missionary helping the people to provide homes that are safe and clean and food that is safe in the homelands of the same migrant workers… maybe WE all need to be working harder to get our stories out there as role models, not just to our families and church mates but to girls everywhere who have no example to learn from. Today’s children are more likely to have 2 working parents than 50 years ago when girl scouts was a much different organization… 

        you have given me allot to think about and further research… hope I’ve sparked a thought in you as well

        • Kristiburtonbrown

          Yes, Tiara, you’ve definitely given me something to think about!  I appreciate your thoughts.  I think you are so right that Christians could work harder at getting the stories of strong Christians who have made a difference out there.  Instead of only speaking (which we should still do), we should indeed take more action.  There is always something more to do!  Hmmm…I do need to think about this.  Thank you!!

      • bubbalouwee

        Could you please write an article about the UN?  Many people seem to think they are a peace keeping organization working for the common good of humanity.  Christians need to be informed to stay clear of this godless organization.  Mother Teresa said the greastest destroyer of peace in the world is abortion, questioning how can there be peace in the world when there is no peace in the womb.  Can you please write something exposing the UN? 

        • Kristiburtonbrown

          You are very right.  Live Action actually has published–and continues to publish–articles about the U.N.’s true agenda.  One of the most recent is by Josh Craddock:  One I wrote is here:

  • 1984lane

    What does Life Decisions International say about this? I trust you were respectful enough to inform them and consult with them.

  • Charitypartlow

    Actually, Abby Johnson did and repeatedly stated that thirty one supports abortion! Read her page! She blocks anyone who isn’t a thirty one hater like her and her followers from commenting on her page. It is pretty amusing and cowardly!

  • Barb Yagley

    In its website, Thirty-One didn’t claim to be a Christian organization.  I didn’t see anything about Christ or Christian beliefs there.  And I did get the form email from them indicating they support ” HER, no matter her circumstances, no matter where she’s been or where she’s going”.  So there is nothing to indicate that they philosophically oppose Planned Parenthood, even though PP encourages young women and girls to violate 5 of the 10 Commandments. 

    • MoonChild02

      The name of the company, Thirty-One, comes from Proverbs 31. They have told their supporters and consultants that they are a Christian organization.

      • Lblue0860

        That is right… Thirty-one tells their consultants they are a Christian organization.. I am shocked in learning that 31 supports abortion

        • eyesrolling

          thirty-one does not support abortion. every company that you buy from or have ever bought from has some form of six degrees of seperation from planned parenthood. have you seen the mile long list??!?!!?? The only affiliation that thirty-one has to that company is by a 3rd party and they have made sure that the funds they donate does NOT go towards funding abortions. People are taking this and blowing it way out of proportion. I am a christian, and i am 100% against planned parenthood, but this is just absurd.

  • Jill

    For those of you planning on boycotting 31, please make sure to include the following charitable foundations as well: American Cancer Society, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities because they all support (in one way of the other), Planned Parenthood.  In addition, those of you standing firm in your beliefs be sure to cease all sales/bids/purchases on eBay and avoid buying gas from any Chevron Station.   As for food, please stay far away from Red Lobster and Olive Garden.  If you’re into computers, you’ll need to uninstall any Adobe product, to include Adobe Reader, since they support Planned Parenthood as well. Lastly, tell the kiddos they will NEVER see the inside of a Disney theme park because they are HUGE supporters of Planned Parenthood (that includes all Disney movies and the Disney Channel).
    Oh, I almost forgot Nike!  Better take those off too…after all we MUST be consistent, friends!

    • GirlScoutMom

      Jill, my family has stopped supporting everything we have a choice in doing. I think the only item on your list I am UNABLE to do because of business correspondence is not use Adobe Reader, but that is a FREE application, so no money is spent there. Other than that, all of those other companies and organizations are very easy to eliminate from our family budget. We CAN be consistent, friends! Not Of This World, but His!

      • Your name is GirlScoutMom….um? I’m confused. Did we read the same article?

        • GirlScoutMom

          I was a Girl Scout leader long before the news hit of its associations. I just haven’t changed my username. Now, I serve God by exposing these connections. Unlike many people who defend the Girl Scouts for their actions — who have never been in Girl Scouts, don’t have children as members, or even have children — I can speak from experience, as an ex-leader, a member, an a mother to girl scouts that Girl Scout cookies and donations fund a pro-abortion agenda.

    •  I don’t get why you would be opposed to people making their own choices as to who to shop with, or refrain from shopping with, based on their own convictions and how that company lines up (or fails to) with those convictions? Do you really contend that people should shop at places, and support organizations, that participate (directly or indirectly) in something they are morally opposed to? Why? Seriously, I really don’t get your comment at all? It seems to be screaming “How dare you stand by your convictions, and hold organizations responsible for their choices!” How does that make any sense?

      IMO, people should be more aware of what their money supports via the organizations they deal with. Yes, people should even be willing to withdraw their support of companies and organizations that support murdering unborn children. I would think that should be obvious. Instead of holding onto these corporate relationships because they have something we may desire to have, do, or participate in, we should be able to stand by our principles rather than our selfish wants. THAT takes courage, THAT takes character. Or, we can choose to live in denial for the benefit of our selfish needs, and pretend that our few dollars getting put into these systems over and over won’t really matter. Personally, I’m not a fan of self deception.

      • bubbalouwee

        I agree with you, Sandy.  This makes me wonder where are Christians going to stand on this godless HHS mandate the government wants to shove down our throats?  and Obamacare?  Are people really going to consider being coerced to go along with slaughtering the unborn and betraying their convictions?  Patrick Henry, one of our founding forefathers said, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God!  I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.”  I agree with Patrick Henry and hope there are Christians and patriotic Americans all across our country who feel the same way. 

    • Lblue0860

      You are exactly right about all of these companies.  There is only one difference between all these companies and 31.   31 was founded by Proverbs 31 and is suppose to be and promotes a christian Company, all the other companies you have listed do not.   

    • MrsTReagan

      We have boycotted all the above mentioned companies, as well as switched our life insurance from Northwestern Mutual, our banking from Chase, we don’t drink Pepsi, use Advil, or get our coffee from Starbucks, among other things. Some of us WILL and DO take this seriously and are a consistent as we can possibly be. Doing what’s right isn’t always easy, but it sure is worth it.

  • Crzyqlt
    • GirlScoutMom

      • That was the same link I was going to post.  But the truth is Girls Scouts does support abortion through WAGGGS.

  • I love this article..but slight suggestion..I think the title is too deceiving to post..My FB followers in support of 31 probably won’t read far enough to notice that the opposite is true and that they really do support and fund abortion…

  • Beth

    I emailed them today and got the same response.  The pressure to buy from local consultants is pretty strong.  So glad I haven’t bought anything from them.

  • Socwkr

    Oh my Gosh, you are crazy! Wow, how can you call the Girl Scouts bad?! What is wrong with you! I’m a social worker and I work with children that have been abused and neglected. I have seen some awful things that most people couldn’t even imagine. It is people like you that cause these things to happen. If we don’t educate children, we keep causing this cycle of abuse. Guess what? I’m also a Christian and you are not any better than me just becaus I’m realistic based on what I’ve seen.

    • Rosalinda Lozano

      Christians should never participate in evil, hoping for good. It has been proven in many ways that the Girl Scouts are a depraved organization who use our children to indoctrinate them in the culture of death and use them to push the talking points of Planned Parenthood. Girl Scouts is not about learning to live a moral life anymore, it’s about the numbers.

  • Rosalinda Lozano

    Jill, Done! None of those companies are hard to avoid. Unless your comfort trumps the million+ unborn being murdered every year. We have seen what the Christian dollar has dine to combat evil i.e. Hobby Lobby, Chic fi le. It’s a decision.