Trayvon Martin’s death: responding rightly to the double standard

The nation is mourning over the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was killed in Sanford, Florida last month by self-declared neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is calling the shooting self-defense and has been protected under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. Countless others are calling this a murderous hate crime.

The debates rages on, with thousands taking their frustrations to the streets. Protests have taken place in D.C., Orlando, NYC, and throughout the nation. President Obama weighed in on the situation when he called for Americans to search their souls. Speaking from a father’s perspective, he poignantly said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

As pro-lifers, we value all stages of human development, from conception to natural death. Every life taken by senseless violence is a life that’s been wasted. We grieve for Trayvon as we’d grieve for any child. Yet we know that this type of violence takes place every day in abortuaries across our nation. As an African-American woman, I long for the day when the black community takes a stand for the most vulnerable and unprotected lives of all. It’s great to see my fellow countrymen passionately lifting their voices to stand for justice. I just want them to do the same for the injustice of legalized murder.

Honestly, I want them to do more. If Trayvon Martin was cut apart in the womb instead of shot dead on the street, there would be no outcry. It would be an accepted, justified choice that’s applauded by many. Millions of black boys have been slaughtered in the womb. Where is the national mourning over this racially motivated genocide?

The pro-life movement must have a right response to this tragedy. Our first priority is praying for America. Racial tension is high, anger is mounting, and people are looking for answers that may never be given. Secondly, we can seek to understand others. It’s obvious to us that the murder of a child and the murder of a young adult are equally wrong. Yet that’s sadly not an obvious truth to all. It took me years to be awakened to the reality of abortion. It was a process of looking at facts, hearing stories, and allowing my heart to be softened. It’s easy to want people to “just get it,” while we forget how long it took some of us.

We can also identify with people’s feelings of anger and sorrow over this injustice. For some, this may be the first injustice they feel passionate about. Let’s listen to their pain and help them process it. We can pray that the compassion they feel for one person could lead to compassion for millions. Let’s discuss the issues of life, death, race, justice, and law with those who are speaking about such things. People want to fight against injustice. They just don’t understand – yet – that an unborn baby is worth fighting for.

This is our challenge. We must change mindsets and hearts. We do this daily through sermons, legislation, sidewalk counseling, art, media, and other forms of activism. Like Jesus in the Scriptures, we can pray for blind eyes to be opened. We can be voices in the midst of chaos, leading people to righteousness. The double standard has to end. Let’s call this nation to care for all of our children at every stage.

  • prolifer

    PLEASE mention the fact that this “child” smashed his KILLER’s face and broke his nose prior to being executed.

    • Christina Martin

      Prolifer- There was an altercation between Zimmerman and Martin. One which we are still in the process of learning about. All the details are not currently known. We do know one person was wounded and another one is dead. I didn’t include the details of the altercation, because that is not the main point of this article. We are all free to form our own opinions and thoughts about the case. I personally think the altercation would have never occurred if Zimmerman had obeyed the instructions given him by the police to not follow the young man. I also think that the right to self defense should be given to both men. If I was being followed by a man with a gun and felt my life was danger, I might physically defend myself as well. Regardless, the point I am making is that Trayvon’s death is sadly one of many deaths among young black men because of violence. Trayvon was killed by a gunshot, but thousands of African-American children are killed in the womb. This is a great tragedy that we must cry out against. Many in our nation are hurt by Trayvon’s death and feel compassion for him. I grieve for his loss as well. My hope is that true compassion would extend to all children of all ages and races in our nation who are being lost through senseless violence. We must fight for life both in and out of the womb.

    • Rachel

      Why is child in quotes? Trayvon was a child, fighting for his life against an overweight, overzealous, armed, grown man.

  • Amber

    “Where is the national mourning over this racially motivated genocide?” O God teach us to mourn over the injustice of abortion. Help us to see how it was designed to kill off a race, a people group. Open up our eyes and let us weep for the unborn. Let us be a nation that stands for life.

  • Marymarge2012

    Police video shows that George Zimmerman’s face was fine when taken into custody. Defending Zimmerman while professing to value black life makes hypocrites of you all. Support life? Then this case is a test. Black life has value at 17 years of age, in the middle of the night, and without a weapon. The same legislators who passed the law protecting Trayvon Martin’s murderer file legislation to protect the pre-born.

    Hold them accountable or hold your tongue. 

    • Christina Martin

      Marymarge2012- You are right. Black life, and all life has value at every stage and must be protected. We can’t claim to love the children in the womb and neglect the teenagers. We also shouldn’t fight for the teenagers and ignore the millions dying in the womb. From conception to natural death they all need our concern and protection. Thanks for your response.

    • Mitchbehna

      you’re not going to see blood there because we can’t see from that distance on the video. an eye witness said martin was on top. We don’t have all the facts yet. people were jumping to conclusions way way too fast.

      • prolifer

        the fact IS that someone died.. pro-life is pro-life..Color Race Hate crime Self defense? That’s not what we are discussing.. WHY did he die? And what can we do as a society to stop it from happening again. Regardless of the underlying issues.

    • VanTed

      While I don’t agree with you and have no opinion on what happened since all the facts are not out, we can throw out the hypocrisy card to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and good ole president Barrack…………some of the biggest abortion supporters that have no sense of value towards a life at it’s most fragile stage but who are willing to speak up on something simply because this kid was black.  Self defense because your LIFE is at stake is apples and oranges in comparison to a defenseless baby in the womb.  If I happen to be carrying a gun and I was suddenly attacked, heck ya I would shoot whether my attacker was armed or not.  

      I don’t know if Zimmerman acted to haste.  Maybe he did maybe he didn’t.  What seems to be the problem is that the media is having a field day questioning if the “white” man was justified in shooting the “black” man.  

      All in all what I do find quite hypocritical is that Zimmerman is considered a “white” man in order to perpetuate this racial war when we all know he is half Hispanic.  Just as Barrack is half white but of course no one remembers that part.  Race is too much fun not to include!   If he were full Hispanic, would there be this outcry?  If he were Black, would we even care?
      Let’s hold people accountable when they are proven guilty……or hold YOUR tongue.

    • prolifer

      If you do not protect yourself you and your kind will perish under the feet of the wicked.

    • Elise77

       I’ve seen the police video and it was not by ANY means conclusive. It was grainy, and police testified that Zimmerman had already received first aid. The videos never showed a clear shot of the back of his head, and the bloody nose he allegedly received would not be visible if the bleeding had stopped and he had been cleaned up and treated.

      George Zimmerman may or may not have intended actual malice toward Trayvon. No matter what you think, that question has NOT been answered conclusively. It can definitely be argued that he acted stupidly and in haste. He may or may not be racist. But you are. Put that race card away. I don’t value “black life” or “white life.” Life doesn’t have a color.

      And that law you’re referring to isn’t a racist law. It was written to protect ANY victim against ANY aggressor. It would’ve protected Trayvon if he had killed Zimmerman in the act of defending himself.

      Bottom line: You weren’t there, and neither was I. The difference is that you presume to know facts that aren’t yet in evidence, and you presume to condemn a man without having adequate facts, which is precisely what you accuse Zimmerman of having done to Trayvon. I look at the conflicts in the accounts given, and I wait until further facts emerge to decide which account I believe. So who’s the hypocrite? 

      I pray to God that justice is done, whatever that may be. If Zimmerman maliciously murdered that young man, he deserves to go to prison. But if Zimmerman did in fact act in self defense, there will be no justice precisely because of people like YOU. He has already received a death sentence from people like you who are willing to pass judgment without a trial. And all of this outrage and stupidity will NOT end well. Either he will end up dead at the hands of a vigilante, or he will end up with a mistrial because finding an impartial jury and giving him a fair trial will be next to impossible.

      You want justice? Do everyone (including Trayvon’s family) a favor then- hold YOUR tongue. Wait for the investigation to conclude, and stop contributing to the vitriol and racial tension.

  • Mitchbehna

    We don’t have all the facts on this case yet!!! You forgot to mention that an eyewitness said martin was on top of zimmerman beating him and that zimmerman’s dad said martin was punching him, and that there was also blood on zimmerman’s face/head. What happened to martin was horrible, but this is far from being declared a hate crime. So far with the evidence, it looks like it could be self defense.

  • Anabenderas

    This is absolutely a pro-life issue. The death of Trevyon Martin should be mourned because it was a precious life lost for NO GOOD REASON. Thank you for addressing this.  Pro-lifers stand behind his family and are enraged by this injustice.

    • Elise77

       I like to think that pro-lifers are the level-headed ones who value collecting and assessing facts over being reactionary, drawing premature conclusions, and being swayed by rhetoric. The facts are not all in yet. Yes, George Zimmerman undoubtedly made mistakes during the incident in question. It’s not clear yet, however, that one of those was intentional homicide. If Zimmerman did pursue Trayvon with malicious intent, and was not in grave physical danger at the time he shot him, he should go to prison. If, however, Trayvon turned on and attacked HIM, it is possible that he was placed in a position of having to defend himself. This pro-lifer stands by the truth. And since the truth is not yet clear, this pro-lifer is reserving judgment.

  • mac

    when you say the double standard has to end , you mean the fact that 17 yr. old black teenagers commit “ARMED” robbery, injure,  murder,rape,carjack,sling drugs,beat, gangbang and stalk innocent citizens in hopes of snatching a purse or car keys “EVERYDAY & EVERYNIGHT” across this country double standard????? please stop with the “entire nation mourns” , so politically correct hogwash ! one of only a minor education can see the pathetic , sad and “certainly” the welcome excitement from our dumb downed liberal “general public” ! some would love for this to be a every day occurrence ! and if you think that is false , your pipe dream is about to go south quickly !!! common-sensed citizens are holding the straw that is about to break the back of this outright “lying” media circus that has been growing for the past three years ! i will stand my ground now even” MORE” diligent than say two months ago ! thanks to fat , stank tubs like al sharpton , msnbc with their agenda created news ! no longer do they feel they must “pass on ” a story while reporting ! no ,  they now script the news to tell “their” story ! those of you who will never except the truth , even though we all know you hide from it , are exactly the same small percentage of idiots who will be screaming the loudest ! keep placing bounties on citizens heads ! keep looting walgreens and stealing at will then simply using a young kids name to cover your guilt ! pathetic and sad ! typical occupied “generation x ” that would not last 24hrs in a true life “go to moment” ! im tired of my skin color being at fault for every last failure being piled on daily ! we have created a bloated monster within each generation that should have been able to crawl and then hopefully walk on its own ! sadly , if you could stomach the truth , you would see that your blame will no longer be allowed to hold water ” period” !!! call it race , call it black or white , call it whatever you like ! the lies , the media, the corruption , and all the greed that goes with it will continue until “true americans” , black white brown red and blue, R & D , all of us together decide it is time to stop !!! 

    • Rachel

      You sound ridiculous. How can you say only black teenagers commit these crimes? And even if trayvon personally committed all those crimes, which he did not, that gives no one the right to murder him. If trayvon did in fact assault that fat s.o.b., did he not have the right to defend himself? If you are a pro lifer, you are the stereotypical, hypocritical fool that only has an interest in a child until it is born, after that, they can be hunted down and killed in the streets like animals, so people can continue to live in their bubble where racism doesn’t exist, and if a hate crime happens, it wasn’t truly a hate crime, the victim brought it on themselves. Is that your attitude about rape victims as well?.you are sickening. Denying racism is the new racism.