Upcoming tweetfest to demand abortion coverage transparency in ObamaCare

Being forced to pay for abortion because of the secrecy of coverage is anti-choice – and, really, it’s also un-American. A new social media event seeks to highlight this and bring about change.

“Tell @Sebelius to #BeTransparent. Why won’t #Obamacare tell us which plans include #abortion?” says the sample tweet that is one of many for the Oct. 30 event, TweetFest: Tell Sebelius to #BeTransparent about Abortion Coverage in Obamacare, which takes place at a computer, tablet or smartphone nearest to you between 9 a.m. and noon next Wednesday.

In 2013, one of the surest ways to draw attention to an important issue is by tweeting. Those sometimes silly #hashtags are a powerful media tool, often reaching millions of people, like an interwebs rainstorm. This social media phenomenon is one reason “tweetfests” are growing in popularity.

Tweets like the one above are created to draw attention to the deception shrouding abortion coverage in the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. Sponsored by the Life Blast Prolife Social Media Project, and hosted by a number of pro-life agencies, this event is demanding transparency for the public on the issue of abortion coverage in ObamaCare, so that pro-lifers have a choice on which exchanges to purchase.

The tweets focus on Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, as well as a bill before Congress, “H.R. 3279: Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2013,” which would require “disclosure of extent of health plan coverage of abortion and abortion premium surcharges” so everyone will know if his or her health insurance plan purchase is specifically being assessed an abortion surcharge.

It’s disappointing that we have to have congressional bills to allow true freedom of choice, but organizers of the tweetfest are hoping the social media effort will help pass the bill. Pro-choicers constantly demand choice as the highest value that exists, and this tweetfest highlights the need for choice – for pro-lifers. Real choice means that everyone has one.

It’s easy to be involved, and Life Blast has even crafted tweets and listed handles so it can be done automatically.

The hashtag for the event is #BeTransparent, and the goal is to get this trending – where it shows up as the most popular hashtags – on Twitter so that the media and public notice what’s happening. Seeking to be in the top-10 hashtags, they need your help. Though the event itself is next Wednesday, it’s important to start promoting it now. Share the event on social media. Organizers are asking people to tell their friends, notify their e-mail lists, do whatever they need to to ensure widespread involvement.

Here are some sample tweets, given by the event coordinators, which you can view on Facebook and read more about as well.

If u want to pick an #Obamacare plan without #abortion, 2 bad b/c the exchanges won’t give you that information #BeTransparent

If u buy a plan with #abortion, must pay an abortion surcharge, but #Obamacare won’t tell you which plans include abortion #BeTransparent

Tell Congress to #BeTransparent & pass #HR3279 so consumers can find out if they have to pay a #Obamacare #abortion surcharge

#Obamacare exchanges hide #abortion surcharge. Why won’t @Sebelius #BeTransparent?

Why is @Sebelius refusing to #BeTransparent about which #Obamacare plans include #abortion coverage?

It’s hard enough to use the website, why won’t you say which plans cover #abortion? #BeTransparent

Why do I have to buy my plan to find out what’s in it? Just tell me which ones cover #abortion! #BeTransparent

600 million for a website and you can’t even tell me whether #abortion is covered?! Was that extra? #BeTransparent

What’s the big secret? Just tell us which plans include #abortion! #BeTransparent

Most transparent admin. ever? Then why won’t you tell me whether my plan covers #abortion? #BeTransparent

Wondering to whom these tweets should be directed? The event also lists some people to tweet.

@WAplanfinder (Washington)
@HealthSourceRI (Rhode Island)
@DCHealthLink (District of Columbia)
@CoveredCA (California)

Twitter handles for Insurance Exchanges: http://bit.ly/HIX-Twitter

The event hosts include:
Americans United for Life
Susan B. Anthony List
Stand True Pro-life Outreach
Pro-Life Action League

For more information and to keep up with what’s happening, join the event on Facebook.

  • lucy

    When I talked to my present insurance company, they told me that all of the plans they offered by law had to include this surcharge, and I could not buy a plan through them which dot include this surcharge. f

  • PrincessJasmine4

    Odd that pro aborts attack pro-lifers for “forcing” women to have babies when they [pro aborts] are the first people on the bandwagon to force other people to pay for the act of killing their babies.

    • tom721

      “Forcing” women to give birth is the flip side of preventing women from murdering their children.

      • PrincessJasmine4

        They’re not “forced” to get pregnant in the first place
        All we ask is to not end the life they are 50% responsible for creating
        Which is better forced death or “forced” birth?

        • Rebekah

          Hey, PrincessJasmine4, I just found this on facebook and thought you might enjoy. It takes the arguments women use to justify abortion and applies them to another shady industry, murder for hire.


          *Edit* I should probably note, for anyone who reads this and thinks that I am advocating legalizing murder for hire, that the blog post I linked here is satire, and intended to be taken as such.

          • PrincessJasmine4

            Loved it!!!
            Thanks for the link!
            Very good analogy

  • Kay Roberts

    this president will be known as the abortion president.

    • Nikki Moonitz-Volaski

      He SHOULD be known as the pro-infanticide president too

  • Werty

    What time zone is this taking place in?

  • tom721

    Imagine buying women’s votes with free abortions. How sick is that?

  • AnotherVoice

    He stood before PPH and God and vowed that the blood of our unborn will continue to flow. If we are silent on this matter then the blood will be on our hands.

  • The sad part is that he is already seeing someone new, dating 8 weeks then he’s in a classic rebound relationship.
    If you’re pretending to do one thing – for example, acting
    like you don’t care about him anymore in your life, right?