Vandals Trash Pro-Life Display, Western Kentucky Campus Police Refuse to Stop Attack

Via Students for Life:

Early this morning, campus police at Western Kentucky University (WKU) refused to stop vandals from draping condoms on the top of small crosses in the campus stadium – these crosses, all 3,700 of them, symbolize how many unborn children die through abortion each day in the US and were installed by the Hilltoppers for Life group on campus. The vandals were art students who claimed the condoms were part of an art project.

The Hilltoppers for Life group members, who had been keeping an eye on their display through the night in reaction to similar acts of vandalism to pro-life displays at other campuses including nearby Northern Kentucky University, asked the art students to stop and then called campus police.  The students refused and the campus police just stood by and watched.  The police claimed that they, “couldn’t do anything because the condoms aren’t actually vandalization,” even though the crosses are the property of Hilltoppers for Life and they have the administration’s permission for their display.

  • Cheri

    It would be art if these so-called art students had draped their condoms over their own display (still the same offensive imagery, but within their rights as it would be their own display). This is not art, this is vandalism. The vandals should be required by the school to remove the condoms and to issue a public apology to Hilltoppers for Life and to WKU.

  • WKU

     WKU Hilltoppers for Life is an official student organization at Western Kentucky University and sought permission via proper University procedures to utilize the space for their Hilltoppers for Life display.  
    Free speech – all free speech – is valued by WKU administration.  Interference with the expression of free speech is not condoned and is not supported by WKU.  
    WKU is looking into the facts of this situation and have no further comment at this time.   

    • Oldmanbob

      After you look into this matter you might try getting your pigs, sorry cops, to do the jobs they are paid to do.  Bad police work can make things much worse.  I remember Kent State (also in KY as you should know).  I would hope you will get on the stick before you have a rerun of that awful day.

      • Guest

        I remember Kent State (also in KY as you should know).

        Kent State is in Ohio.  Let me guess–you did inhale.

        • Oldmanbob

          Didn’t need to.  Was in Old Town Chicago.

    • Cheri

      If the vandalism of the Hilltoppers for Life display is going to be protected as free speech by the WKU administration, then I will be pursuing my education elsewhere and encourage other college hopefuls to do the same. I do not want to be associated with an institution that permits this kind of behavior.

  • Guest

    The students should not have touched someone else’s property, and I’m sure that the Hilltoppers for Life did not deserve to be mocked.  But you know what does deserve to be mocked?  Putting this story in the “Human Rights” category.

  • Oldmanbob

    Hilltoppers for Life rejoyce.  Acts such as this show the vandles are afraid.  The lack of action on the part of the pigs (60’s for rotten cops) will only make your message heard by more. 

    • MoonChild02

      Actually, P.I.G.s is not an insult to police officers. It’s a motto of theirs, and stands for pride, integrity, and guts. It’s actually considered an honor.
      They do, however, have a problem with the words cops and coppers, which refer to their copper badges. I don’t know why those would be insulting, though.

  • Here’s an idea. The pro-life students can take the condoms off of the crosses.