Video: “I’m a millionaire because I had an abortion”

Jill Stanek highlighted a disturbing video yesterday, taken during San Francisco’s Walk for Life. In the video, Russell Hunter of Abolish Human Abortion was approached by a woman who had an abortion, who proclaims that she’s a millionaire because she had an abortion at eighteen.

Hunter pointed out that killing a child for money is called human sacrifice; the woman does not deny this, but she says that she was in an abusive relationship and was able to get a bachelor’s and masters degree.

And this is what modern, pro-abortion feminism stands for.

As Serrin Foster, president of Feminists for Life, pointed out, women deserve better. Crisis pregnancy centers are a prime example of resources to help women with unwanted pregnancies.

But the most telling – and disturbing – part of this video is the all-too-common refrain from pro-abortion feminists that abortion must be legal because a woman can’t be successful if she has a baby. Rather than empowering women, pro-abortion feminism tears them down. It tells women that they aren’t strong enough to get a college degree and be a mother. It tells women that they can’t be successful and a be mother. It tells women that having a baby will ruin their lives. We, as women, are not strong enough to take on hardships and challenges and overcome them. You would think that more women would fight back against that.

These should not be the only two choices offered to women: success and abortion, or a child and poverty. But women are forced into these corners by pro-abortion feminism, which claims to be fighting for women and empowering them. How is this empowerment? How does this do anything except set women back?

This video makes one thing perfectly clear. Pro-life feminism seeks to empower women, while pro-abortion feminism seeks to knock them down.

  • Pro-life Mom

    I would be a multi millionaire if I had aborted my two daughters. But I don’t put a price tag on their lives. They were worth every penny of lost wages due to mommy tracking, feeding, clothing, housing, educating and providing their healthcare. My beautiful children, priceless!

    • Manuel B. Camacho

      The human lives you nurtured and raised are worth billions to God! Surely this will be your crown of glory in your eternal life!

      • liz

        Thank you for your kind remark.The Lord will bless you!!!!

  • Nancy

    Well I got a Bachelors degree and a Master’s degree and I *DID NOT* have an abortion. I also had several more children as well. The argument doesn’t wash. I am more than a millionaire in ways that count more than money!

    • Pro-life Mom

      Me too! BA, MBA, post grad courses, then marriage a house, and then my kids. We are humans, not animals. We can plan our families without abortion or unnatural birth control. It’s called self control.

    • Beatrice

      I agree, I like your comment!

    • Ken

      God Bless you Nancy, and the same goes for the two women who answered you. I’m the father of five children and my wife is a wonderful mother. We wouldn’t trade our children for Bill Gates’ money. God bless you all.

    • Sahn

      Amen, Nancy!
      i am so proud of you and thank u for standing up as well as becoming a great example of motherhood and what true women ARE!

  • Jodi

    This woman is truly poor

    • ‘Lissa Beth

      Well put!

  • She attended the most liberal college and it shows. She could have had the baby and attended college but it goes to show how selfish she is.

  • Whatever happened to adoption? Why wasn’t that an option for her? Nobody has to raise a baby they don’t want. There are so many couples willing to adopt.

    And if I had a choice between killing someone and being a millionaire and not killing them and staying poor, I would choose poverty. At least I would be able to sleep at night.

    • Basset_Hound

      The old days when an infant was whisked out of the delivery room straight to the adoptive parents without the bio-mom even seeing it are long since past. A woman placing her child for adoption has a wide range of choices as to how much contact she has with the child. It’s something she can work out with the adoptive family.

    • Grace Dulaney
    • It reminds me of that thought experiment. Say someone offers you a choice. If you push a button, it will kill someone. Some hermit in Tibet with whom neither you nor anyone else in the world has ever had contact. And you will receive a million dollars.

      Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who would choose to push the button in theory, and clearly that attitude translates to actions. :(

  • Went to school pregnant and it wasn’t any harder than when I wasn’t pregnant.

    It’s baloney to think that women can’t go to school and have their child. A child is an amazing motivator and you might have found you would have become even more successful because you stop doing things just for yourself and you start doing them for the good of your family.

    • sorceress2000

      My mom was in college when she had me. She took time off from classes the semester I was born, but she finished, graduated, and has had a successful career as a mom AND an engineer. I myself completed a masters degree with 2 young children. To say a woman cannot do such things with children is belittling and insulting, yet that’s the message pro-aborts give women in these situations: without abortion, your life will be ruined. Without my kids, my life would be empty.

      • Peter

        I never knew her personally, but there was a young woman taking Engineering at my university that did that as well (although I don’t know if she went on to get a masters or simply went out to work in industry).

    • Guest

      I was in the same situation during my post grad study. I never regretted having my son! GAod bless you!

    • I was in the same situation during my post grad study. I never regretted having my son! God bless you!

    • AlanCR

      Thanks for your post Shasta. Thanks for knowing there are things more important than SELF. Nowadays…not many people know this; thank you again.

  • made like snow

    a fool and their money will soon be parted

  • Detroiter327

    I really love how this website assumes that having an unwanted baby is the epitome of strength. For many people having a baby at a young age actually does ruin their lives. I encourage everyone to look into the statistics about how many teen mothers actually graduate from high school (only 1/3) and college (only 2 % before 30), its shocking. I really and truly congratulate everyone reading this who had a child at an extremely young age and went on to success. You need to realize that you are in the extreme statistical minority on that though.


    • Julia

      She could have always put the child up for adoption. She could have still finished college and become a millionaire without killing her child.

    • Basset_Hound

      And what is wrong with placing the child up for adoption if someone is a teen and pregnant? Then the possibility of completing an education becomes a LOT more likely. They’re also far less likely to have a second child.

      • Detroiter327

        I find nothing wrong with placing the child up for adoption, I find that very commendable. I was merely addressing the tirade the writer went on about success and having children at such a young age. Its all fine and dandy to wax romantic about motherhood, but the facts need to be taken into consideration. I highly doubt at crisis pregnancy centers when they are lecturing about “strength” they mention that 80% of teen mothers end up on welfare.

        • I see your comments differently. I see an assumption that the pro-abort can go on and on about the reasons/benefits of abortion without being seen as judging the “anti-abort’, but the opposite perspective is being seen as judgmental?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Chester Copperpot

      You say this, but it doesn’t take into account how many women with kids *try* to go to college or finish highschool. Don’t make the assumption that having kids ruined their life. Maybe they were pressured or embarrassed about their pregnancy so they dropped out. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t have finished due to their child. At 23 I became a single mother.. I lost my job and had to move back home and went back to college. I actually had MORE opportunity to go to school after I had my daughter than before, because there are so many government grant and loan programs specifically set up to help single parents. Before becoming a parent I got zero financing for my education from the government. I believe a lot of women don’t realize how much help there is out there for them to start or finish their education. Yes it was tough having to raise a baby and go to school, but we all have to juggle responsibilities; nothing is perfect. To say that having a baby was the end of the world is silly.

      • Detroiter327

        Please see my comment above. I have never said that having a baby is the of the world. I commend you for your hard work and your degree.

      • You’re a good example!

    • Chester Copperpot

      I’d like to add that maybe they’ve been tricked into thinking kids ruin lives by people like you instead of being supported in a difficult time. If someone is lead to believe that nothing is possible when a unplanned pregnancy happens, they won’t try. Seriously, what is with this prevailing attitude in this country that kids are the end of the world? Maybe it has to do with how individualistic we are….

      • Detroiter327

        The fact of the matter is if you have a child in high school you are more likely to: live below the poverty line, be on welfare, not finish high school or college, have your child end up in jail, have your child also live below the poverty line when they grow up and have children under the age of 18. Using facts to state the actual truth of the matter is the exact opposite of trickery. Personally I find it more disingenuous to counsel and convince an underage pregnant child that they are “strong” enough to have a baby, regardless of that persons situation in life.

        I have never said kids are the end of the world, nor would I ever say that. I have never said that “nothing is possible” if you get pregnant under the age of 18. I am just simply saying that vast majority of children are not prepared to have children. If you really want to chastise me for saying being realistic and pointing out why children should not be having children, go ahead.

    • Planned Parenthood is advisor to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

      • Detroiter327

        The research is based off of numbers from the US Department of Labor. I highly doubt the Bureau of Labor and Planned Parenthood are aligned in some kind of odd conspiracy to fake statistical information.

    • not to have an unwanted baby calls for moral regeneration. don’t have sex if you are not ready for the baby!

  • I wonder if Ms. Fiano, with two kids at home, contemplated what it would be like to, say, quit blogging and go to business school instead. Whilst her husband was on a tour of duty. There are strong women who could do it, for sure, and I’m not presuming Ms. Fiano couldn’t.

    The woman in this video was crass. But, frankly, it’s equally crass to come to the conclusion that every woman facing this decision has the same resources, support, or fortitude and that they should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and forge ahead. As Detroiter notes, the statistics aren’t optimistic.

    • Detroiter327

      Considering so many LiveAction bloggers are “work at home” moms I find this a very germane point.

    • gigi4747

      Hi, Astraspider: No one is assuming that everyone has equal and sufficient resources. If everyone did, there would probably be no abortions. However, when is taking a human life justified to solve a problem?

  • Manuel B. Camacho

    The interviewer was alert and heroic the way he handled the intrusion by that woman.
    Clearly but unaware, the intruding woman had replaced God with Personal Convenience as god!

  • Grace

    I’m a millionaire because I chose adoption for my baby twenty years ago! No human sacrifice necessary. A selfless heart…yes. I was a struggling, single mother of two and had career aspirations also. I knew that I could not provide a father for my baby, but that he deserved to LIVE and to have a LIFE with a loving father and mother. Because of that decision God blessed me not just with riches of the earth but with a beautiful husband and two more children late in life! And the icing on the cake? My 20 year old son, Dylan, reached out to me two years ago and is an integral member of our family in all aspects. He thanks God that I loved him so much that I chose to give him the gift of life.
    P.S. To the woman in the video….I never saw a hearse with luggage racks.

  • Wandergal

    I had my unplanned baby and got my Bachelors and Masters degrees. There is no need for abortion to secure success in life. By the way, that baby is now touching the lives of many high school students by teaching them and inspiring them every day.

    We can only wonder who and what have we lost through abortion?

  • Anne

    I am in my second year in veterinary school, my husband is a teacher at a Catholic school and we have a 7 month old daughter. It can be done. We will grow up and be successful and have many many more children, all without an abortion. I would not trade having her for the world.

    Plus, there is such a thing as adoption for those who are unable to take care of an unplanned child, which is what this lady could and should have done. There are many couples out there who would give an infinite amount to adopt a healthy baby.

    • And babies who are not healthy have many people wanting to adopt them, too!

  • Emr3030

    Oh my gosh, that’s terrible. Because let’s face it , most woman that have abortions don’t become millionaires. They become addicts, and suffer from deep depression. I know women that have several children and have degrees as well, so that’s absurd

  • Jersey Dad

    “For what profit is it to someone if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Matt 16:26)

  • Ann

    My heart aches for this women. In the end she is the one who has to deal with the fact she killed her baby. Pray that her eyes will be open to the truth!

  • That is sad! Women are told they can not bear a life and have a life I may not be a millionaire but i certainly got my degree and I also have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. I did not sacrifice my children to the God of mammon and i am far richer then that woman!

  • JFreeman

    By her rationale, we can kill one of her living children for a million dollars.

  • Andrew

    In this box is a button. If you press this button, you will be given a million dollars, and someone whom you do not know will die.

  • Sahn

    Amen i am fighting to maintain sanity as keeping a full-time college classes, getting licensed for real estate to start and own businesses, dreams of opening restaurants and more, but i do them with my two month child Grace, my five year-old daughter, and son of nine years-old, and recently am living on our own. My professor Dr. holt as well was having children while finishing her dissertation as well filling up her personal wishes of having her family! anything is possible with our God in heaven! abortion is Not just “abortion” it is BREAKING GOD’S COMMANDENT, THOU SHALT NOT KILL!
    So don’t!

  • Ginger

    “What does it profit a man (or woman) to gain the whole world and lose his (her) eternal soul?”

  • gigi4747

    I wonder what she’s doing with her millions. Hopefully she’s using at least some of her resources to help women facing difficult pregnancies keep their babies.