Watchdog: Girl Scouts partners with late-term abortion advocates for event

In mid-July of 2012, Live Action News published a piece about the connection between the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Planned Parenthood. The piece mentions how Rochelle Focaracci, a former Girl Scouts troop leader, came to discover the connection. She not only decided to leave the Girl Scouts, but set up an organization and website, “Girl Scouts, Why Not?”

And Rochelle has caught news of a further connection Girl Scouts has with the abortion industry. Earlier this month, a press release was published on behalf of “Girl Scouts, Why Not?” which alerts readers to an event that was held for the Girl Scouts by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia. The press release states that its purpose is about “warning families about the political and immoral indoctrination taking place in the leadership levels of the Girl Scouts.”

The term “indoctrination” is well-chosen, particularly considering the kind of events held for Girl Scouts and the information available and promoted to its members. The RNC for Life recently published a short piece as well about the Girl Scouts and contains several links, including a position statement from WAGGGS, “talking about sex.” The “Happy, Healthy, and Hot” booklet from International Planned Parenthood Federation is also displayed on the website of the World YWCA, a partner of WAGGGS. The links from the RNC for Life and on the website for “Girl Scouts, Why Not?” contain further examples.

For this particular event held by ACLU, here’s what happened:

In June of 2012, the Girl Scouts partnered with the ACLU of Georgia for “Law and Order Day.” “The Girl Scouts are not only working with the ACLU, but also are promoting the group in their own literature,” said Rochelle Focaracci, spokesperson for “Girl Scouts Why Not”.

The Girl Scouts handbook Your Voice, Your World encourages girls to consider a career as an ACLU lawyer on page 98. In this same handbook on page 42, Girl Scouts promotes Elizabeth Gurley Flynn and her organization, the ACLU, as a “voice for good.”

With such an event, “indoctrination” seems like a pretty accurate word to use.

If the connection that the Girl Scouts has with Planned Parenthood isn’t alarming enough to pro-lifers, for the Girl Scouts to have an event held by the ACLU of Georgia is pretty disconcerting. Many may already know that the ACLU is a group which supports abortion, to the point of opposing almost all laws restricting abortion. For those who wish to know more about the ACLU of Georgia specifically, the press release contains a helpful amount of information:

“Girl Scouts Why Not” is concerned about the relationship the Girl Scouts have with the ACLU because of the ACLU’s promotion of abortion, support of the HHS mandate, and the effort to overturn Georgia’s recently enacted Fetal Pain bill. Many pro-lifers are aware of the lawsuit the ACLU has filed, which has placed a hold on the Fetal Pain bill signed by the Governor of Georgia. If not for the ACLU, this law would have gone into effect on January 1st, 2013 and would have banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Until this hold is lifted, Georgia will continue to allow abortions for almost any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

And while the people running Girl Scouts USA claim that they “do not take a position or develop materials on these issues[,]” their close connection to an organization deeply connected with late-term abortion is very troubling. If faithful pro-lifers are to truly stand by their beliefs, then the Girl Scouts is an organization they should not get involved with. The Girl Scouts has shown that despite what its spokespeople say, the organization has no problem partnering with abortion advocates.

  • CatholicMomForLife

    Thank you Rebecca — families need to know!! This is quite sad. Our girls deserve better.

  • Elizabeth Ashby

    This is a very informative article. Makes me wonder how many other pro-abortion advocacy groups Girl Scouts have a relationship with.

  • Danny I

    Oh, grow up, Rebecca.
    That is perhaps one of the problems – that you are not old enough to be faced with difficult life decisions. Ad for you to think that you can dictate others’ decisions is ridiculous.

    The ACJU supports human rights, and a woman’s right to make her own health decisions.

    It is alarmingly wrong that one person, or group of people should think they can make those decisions for other individuals.

    Believe what you will, but allow others the same courtesy!!!!

    • Danny I

      forgive the typos…..

    • Rebecca Downs

      Excuse me? I am not old enough to be faced with difficult life decisions? Why does such a thing have to have an age requirement? I have had some difficult life decisions involving unhealthy relationships, my relationship with my current boyfriend, if I should transfer schools, my mental health, my parents, etc… That may seem like nothing to some people, but such is my life and I have faced difficult decisions in my own way.

      I have said in other posts that I can’t dictate the decisions people do. But abortion is anything but a private and personal matter that it is portrayed to be. Abortion is the unjust death of an innocent and vulnerable child. An elective procedure makes it hardly “health care.” And even when it’s arguably not for elective reasons, it’s still debatable.

      Abortion is still legal in this country. I have not violently, but rather, peacefully protested such an injustice. I seek to educate the world but I’m not exactly doing so in a way that forces people to change their mind through unpleasant means.

    • Lizninniepiznoo

      Technically speaking, if a fetus is human (and science has proven that a fetus is human), then what of their rights? Or you think that if one is inconvenienced by a pregnancy that they should end it? This world is turning into one giant selfish shithole. And I’m plenty grown to make that comment.

    • Don’t let Danny rile you Rebecca, such people have to offend because that is all that is left in their arsenal. They certainly don’t have facts OR common sense. Your post was great. You might want to point out the new family friendly “Heritage Girls” that is quickly replacing the infected girls scouts organization.

      • Rebecca Downs

        Aw thanks, Tish! Perhaps I got a bit too defensive, lol. But how some people react to pro-choice/pro-life discussions/organizations just really riles me up sometimes! And to put an age on making difficult decisions is ridiculous. But yes, thank you for what you pointed out as well!

    • GROW UP? NOT OLD ENOUGH? Tell THAT to the Girl Scouts, who just last December advocated for 10-year-olds to have the “sexual right” to contraception and abortion on-demand WITHOUT parental knowledge. Search for Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration and read it yourself. If anyone needs to grow something, it’s pro-abortionists who need to grow a conscience. Your remark was completely devoid of courtesy itself and smacks of age-discrimination bullying!

  • All parents are the vicars of their children as directed by God. The path the Girl Scouts have chosen is not in keeping with the faith of many. Do your homework and discern the agenda of any group that your child wishes to belong to. If in fact you are aware of the liberal, progressive, feminist agenda then by all means be a disciple and let others know. He who controls our youth…controls our country. The GS with millions of girl members have the ability to in fact lead our girls into abortion and sexuality activity with their agenda. Please care because if you don’t, who will? God Bless

    • If you are getting your directions from God then you are delusional and in need of serious psychiatric help. There are many forms of paranoia and religious hysteria is one of them. For the sake of your family please admit yourself to the nearest mental institution for observation and evaluation. There are several new drugs that have been very successful at treating your condition. Your treatment should be covered by Obamacare.

      • Rebecca Downs

        What a wonderfully anti-religious comment. It’s really sad that people look down upon religious nowadays, that those who speak out more and in more involving terms are considered delusional.

      • west129

        We can’t afford the cost of a worldwide eradication of the concept of God. We just don’t have enough psychiatrists/psychologists. But we do have wonder drugs we can use to remedy that problem/hardship.

        Advise: The “day after” pills are not meant to treat your condition of megalomania nor should they be used to treat head aches! But since it is your right to exercise your freedom of choice as to what to do with your body you may use them to kill yourself because that what they were designed for.
        Let me hear from you as to what choice you made and if fixed your problem for good!

      • Suegirly

        And I’m sure you would have NO problem if we applied your lovely words to homosexuals. .. right.

  • Jill Marie

    I thank the Lord that my child is blessed by God to have been born in America. She will be able to have her own voice, choose her own path and be free to worship God. She is also blessed with so many opportunities and free to make those decisions based on what she wants. That includes being a Girl Scout (as she is) and learning how to become an empowered female rather than a sheep of a political group that uses religious propaganda and lies to further it’s own goals. I’m proud of the self esteem and sense of self worth that she is developing through her association with the N.W. Ohio Girl Scouts.

    And I am thankful to the Planned Parenthood of Toledo for helping me survive and continue my pregnancy with my daughter. I was blessed by God when I found them. And thankful to them for my daughters life. I also thank them for the pap smears they were able to provide since I’ve had stage 4 dysplasia in the past.
    Those against Planned Parenthood would have been against my daughters life…shame on you.

    • Rebecca Downs

      Now you are completely making a generalizing statement that one thing has to follow another. Those are some of the most unfortunate and incorrect things a person can do when trying to build their case.

      That is wonderful that you are proud of your Girl Scout daughter, and I mean that sincerely. While I am glad (again, sincerely) that Planned Parenthood of Toledo was able to help you with your pap smears, they are actually downsizing in such procedures and up in their abortions. Abby Johnson has put it perfectly when she says she’s a good person and gives to charity and what not, etc etc but she kills 10 people. Should we forget about the 10 people she killed because she does other good stuff? Um, no, of course not. And that’s how Abby views and I view and many others view Planned Parenthood.

    • Lizninniepiznoo

      And no county health clinic was available for the same service? Planned Parenthood staff HELD ME DOWN while telling me to lie still and shut up while they performed an abortion on a pregnancy that I had wanted. They sold me an abortion through their language, such as “you’re young and there’s other opportunities for you to have children”, yadda yadda. They are by no means a “wonderful” organization. Not to mention that my local PP here is sending out emails LYING to the public about a bill that’s going to be voted on. This bills says that women will receive ultrasounds before their abortions. PP’s email calls this “horrifying” and “rape”. Well guess who does ultrasounds before every procedure anyway? Yeah.. 99% of all abortion clinics, INCLUDING PP. They are liars. They do more harm than good to women. The truth may be inconvenient, but it’s plain as day to me. Keep up the good work, Rebecca.

      • Detroiter327

        If this is true I highly recommend you sue them instead of making anonymous posts on the internet.

        • Rebecca Downs

          That may of course be a good idea, but I think it is noble of her to share her story with others.

    • And I thank God that Planned Parenthood is being exposed as a monstrous baby-killing industry that cares more about creating sexualized children to increase its bottom line and government funding than it does for the precious lives God creates.

    • Basset_Hound

      Our county health department provides pap smears and mammograms for women WITHOUT doing abortions.

  • Emma

    Pro Civil Liberties, and Pro Women’s Liberties (especially over the right to make health decisions concerning their own bodies) is NOT Pro Abortion. Pro Choice does not mean Pro Abortion. Pro Choice means that MY body should not be dictated by YOUR belief systems. Pro Choice is Pro Life….because statistically, unwanted pregnancies that are brought to term result in hardship for both mother and baby that leave that child ill prepared to face life in the way that you have been allowed to do. Believing that all babies are welcomed, loved, and cared for once they are born is ignorant and harmful. And if you are going to get started on “Organizations that are harmful to humanity, and take a sinful approach towards human life in general” perhaps you should rethink your involvement with the Catholic Church. I know I did.

    • Rebecca Downs

      I would very much say pro abortion when the organization outright *advocates* for abortion and fights against *common sense* abortion restrictions which are in place to protect the child AND the mother.

      The argument “my body my choice” is one of the most popular but easily debunked and nonsensical claims there is. Your child has his or he own body. Your body does not have 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 sets of DNA, 2 hearts, etc.

      Your assumptions are pretty much incorrect. Your view of the Catholic Church seems misguided and unfortunate. I will never rethink my involvement with the Catholic Church and believe that they actually need to strengthen their stance on life issues. But fortunately you have the right to choose not to be religious.

      • Lizninniepiznoo

        EXACTLY. What Rebecca said. And I’m even agnostic. It boils down to common sense, which most people seem to lack these days. smh

        • Basset_Hound

          I am NOT a Catholic. Never was…never will be. My husband is an agnostic. Both of us are pro-life.

          • Rebecca Downs

            Wow! I’m actually kind of surprised, Basset_Hound. Though I guess it shows we shouldn’t be making assumptions. Thank you for showing everyone that you don’t have to be Catholic to be pro-life and committed!

          • Basset_Hound

            Oh no…not by a long shot…

            First Baptist of Dallas runs a large center right in the heart of downtown. Prestonwood Baptist runs another in the suburbs. Many independent Bible churches also participate in the pro-life movement. Here’s a couple of links…


          • Rebecca Downs

            Oh yes! I am aware of the involvement of Baptist churches. I knew a few people at the Baptist church nearby (there aren’t many in New York, but there was one!) and they were great and very involved. Thank you for the links!

          • Not Catholic here either…and have a large family :) My ideology/doctrinal defense of God-sized families may not be exactly what the Pope proscribes (and I know what it is, I read my Catholic friend’s book) but I believe life is in God’s hands and furthermore that the Lord opens the womb (Gen 30:22) and sometimes closes it (Gen 20:18) for His own purposes. Abortion makes my stomach tighten and my heart ache. I would take those babies if I could. I would help that mother. Mostly, it aches for the world that hates itself so much, it kills its innocent.

    • To be pro-choice is, in fact, to be pro-abortion. Even if you would never have an abortion yourself, one of the options you are supporting is abortion; ergo, you are pro-abortion. News outlets that still bother to be unbiased often refer to the opposing factions in this debate as “pro-abortion” and “anti-abortion,”

      If abortion is nothing to be ashamed of, as the pro-choice side claims, why is there frequently such a strong reaction from pro-choicers insisting they are not pro-abortion?

      Furthermore, if you are indeed “pro-choice” instead of “pro-abortion,” why have you omitted the choice of putting one’s child up for adoption?

      • Jill Marie

        Fine then. I am PRO-ABORTION! PRO-CHOICE! PRO-WOMEN! PRO-EQUAL RIGHTS! And I’m not ashamed to say so! I know better than anyone the turmoil that a woman goes through in making such a choice. Sometimes you have to think of your living children and your own life and put those above the rights of a fetus that will not live outside of the womb at 8.5 weeks.

        I was not raped. Nor was I forced to have an abortion. I knew the risks of the pregnancy and the risk of the abortion. I chose my living children and their future with a mother rather than be forced to carry a very high risk pregnancy to term.
        I wonder why you think that my life as a daughter, sister, wife and mother is so less valuable than the life of a fetus that will not live outside of the womb if you remove t at 8.5 weeks. Because I made the mistake to think that I was no longer able to conceive when I began menopause? Does that mistake mean I deserve a death sentence?
        I had an abortion and I am NOT ashamed! I am more ashamed of my fellow brothers and sisters who decide it is their place to sit in judgment of women who’ve had children outside of wedlock, of women who’ve had an abortion and in the same breath judge women as sluts if they are on birth control.

        There is no shame here. If you choose to look down on me…save that shame for yourself.

        • Basset_Hound

          ” Does that mistake mean I deserve a death sentence?”

          The child didn’t deserve a death sentence either. Competent OB/GYN’s manage high-risk pregnancies all the time, and bring them successfully to term with little or no long term effects for the mother.

          I was born to a “menopause mom” who didn’t think she could get pregnant either. She was an emotionally absent person, and I struggled with depression and self esteem issues when I was a young adult. Thank God I had the choice to persevere and overcome them rather than continue to wallow in self-pity and isolation. My husband’s mom had three teenage sons when my husband was born. She didn’t figure she could get pregnant either but she and my FIL accepted the additional responsibility and raised my husband to become the wonderful but geeky engineer he is today. FWIW, they were both agnostics.

          I also had a “late baby” myself, and because I did not want to take the risk of becoming pregnant again, I had my tubes tied when she was born. I am not a Catholic, and used various methods of birth control with my husband and in the context of our marriage. I might add another wrinkle…AFTER I learned I was pregnant, the rumors started flying about cutbacks at my husband’s company. Yeah, I gave the idea headroom…..but then decided that my daughter didn’t deserve to suffer and die for MY miscalculation.

          There is a difference between casting aspersions on someone’s character and worth as a human being and pointing out that their actions and choices are harmful and wrong.

        • You keep saying “a fetus that will not live outside of the womb at 8.5 weeks.” Ummm….if any fetus was designed to live outside the womb at 8.5 weeks, then why did you need to carry your other children for 9 months (or thereabouts)? Surely you can see the fallacy of your logic when you start with an invalid assumption—that a developing baby ought to be able to survive being removed from the environment designed to aid its growth!

        • Rebecca Downs

          Oh, how funny! I’m pro-women too though and pro-equal rights. I’m just pro-women and pro-equal rights because I care about the unborn women too. And news flash. Women and men are biologically different. Changing your fertility will never make you on the same level as men. Nothing is going to change the fact that women can get pregnant and men can’t.

          And nobody here is shaming you! But this is not the place to celebrate your abortion either… if you really think it is then you’re likely just looking to shove some kind of silly attention getting schemes in our faces…

    • west129

      Wow! You really an absurdity!
      None of your sophisticated but transparent semantics disqualifies you as a classic bay killer.
      As to the absurdity:
      Why are you even alive? I think a late, late term abortion should be ordered for you since live has no sanctity. Is it your mother’s fault that you are still around?

  • Father of three daughters

    Misinformation and taking things is the hallmark of good propaganda.
    Congratulations. You win the JG prize today.

  • Won’t even buy cookies anymore. Planned Parenthood wants to pervert our young girls and encourage promiscuity under the guise of “sex ed” or “health” or “safe sex” because the ultimate goal is the big money maker of abortion. Just hand over your $700 and we can take care of your ‘problem’. PP is from the pit of hell.

    • Basset_Hound

      Here’s a piece of advice. Make chocolate crackle cookies with about a half teaspoon of peppermint extract. They’re every bit as good as the Cookie Mints. You can enjoy them year round without worrying about contributing to causes you don’t want.


    • west129

      Girl scouts are indeed a very shady organization.
      After I inspected the literature (fliers that were nothing more than filth, “resources” for abortion and self stimulation) we stopped our girls’ participation. It makes no sense to complain that society is sexualizing children at an early age while to permit them to be exposed to the endless bombardment by filth.

  • Detroiter327

    Considering the indoctrination going on within the anti-abortion movement I find this article fascinating.

    • Rebecca Downs

      Would you mind providing examples? Also, even if it was to be objective to say that the pro-life movement was full of indoctrination, couldn’t both sides be doing that?

      • Detroiter327

        You have to be kidding me with providing examples. How many times have you seen people tote along their children (who are not even old enough to fully understand how a baby is made) to their protests outside of clinics? Simply google “raising a pro life child”! This website has ran articles about it! People preach about how honorable it is to have a pro life child all the time! While this may happen occasionally with the pro choice side it’s rampant among anti-abortionists. http://www.lifenews.com/2012/09/06/instilling-pro-life-values-in-your-children-ideas-for-parents/

        • west129

          That’s not you. You could care less about other people’s children because you are the type I would call wandering around lost with self-centeredness as your compass.

          • Detroiter327

            Luke 6:37-42.

          • west129

            Thanks for the reminder!

        • Rebecca Downs

          Except that’s not indoctrination… that’s raising your child according to your own beliefs. Your children don’t have to grow up according to what their parents say or even what they’re opposed to. My parents aren’t exactly hardcore Republicans like I am…

          And I think children do have a place outside abortion clinics. They are the faces of those who could have been aborted but were not.

          • Detroiter327

            How is that not indoctrination? There are examples like this all over. Turning children into “pro life warriors” is not only systematic but has become highly commercialized as well. Do you think children were walking in the March For Life because they have a comprehensive idea of what abortion is, or because their parents have encouraged them to?

            If you are bringing your child to a clinic to represent “those who could be aborted” you are using your child as a prop to further your political and religious agenda. Hire a babysitter.

          • Rebecca Downs

            Again, I see no problem with children being brought along to pro-life events. I will certainly bring mine to them in the future. It sounds presumptuous and most likely wrong to say that the pro-choice movement just doesn’t like children then, but I think it could be that it strikes a cord in them too deeply perhaps that they are uneasy possibly when these see children at anti-abortion events and it causes them to think. You don’t see too many people complaining when people bring children to Democratic events.

          • Like pro “choicers” arent trying to indoctrinate. How about the pushing comprehensive sex education except it isnt just on their own children, if they have any, its on other peoples kids! So what if kids are encouraged to go to March For Life, learn about abortion? If we didnt educate our kids in the truth and teach them right from wrong, they would ripe for pro abortion people to indoctrinate them to believe abortion is a right. We have every right to teach our children our beliefs as much as any proabortion person does to their children.

          • Thanks Detroiter327 for the links!

    • west129

      Have you finally arrived at the age of self awareness? If so you no longer are allowed to be aborted. Welcome, you are home free!

  • Rebecca, please continue to help spread the Truth. If you are pro-life, then you HAVE to rethink Girl Scouts. Just last December, Girl Scouts not only advocated for governments to provide free abortion and contraception for “young people” (little girls as young as 10), they want to LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION and call it “sex work” and “decent employment” because they view hooking as a right-to-work issue. Google “Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration PDF” and read it for yourself. Girl Scouts via WAGGGS were on the Steering Committee for this event, so they knew exactly what the agenda was and helped guide the conversation. Oh, by the way, more than one PLANNED PARENTHOOD org was right there with them as was the World YWCA and the homosexual-agenda-pushing Youth Coalition, among others. Don’t kid yourself. Every Girl Scout helps fund this, as every membership pays into WAGGGS. BOYCOTT GIRL SCOUTS and their cursed COOKIES and step away from funding evil.

  • marie27

    For anyone looking for an alternative to Girl Scouts, I have heard American Heritage Girls are pretty good.

    • And here I was just thinking I should come up with something to replace GS. Guess someone beat me to it. I’d sulk, but I’m too busy being glad I don’t have to worry about it. :)

  • Eponine

    I have been a girl scout since before i was old enough to join and even at he age of 18 I have never gotten the idea of ‘shady’ propaganda for promiscuity. This is all very new to me. I am a devout Catholic and none of these things ever came up. Ever.

    • Rebecca Downs

      It is very fortunate then that your scout troop was not subjected to such materials or events. And I hope you have been able to make the best of your experience. Unfortunately though, there are troops where this does occur and it makes the whole organization complicit for promoting such materials, events, groups, etc. to even one troop.

  • That’s some thinly-reasoned association fallacies right there. Even if one were to grant you that the ACLU is an organization of ill repute (I know in “hardcore Republican” circles it certainly is), I don’t how you turn that into a indictment of the Girl Scouts unless, of course, you continue to have some really petty political axes to grind.

    • Rebecca Downs

      Well because the Girl Scouts are actively involved in their organization when there is an event provided for the Girl Scouts on behalf of ACLU. And they only promote the ACLU and their members. And members of the Girl Scouts don’t have a political axe to grind, rather they’re concerned about the Girl Scouts getting to politically involved and to implement, even indoctrinate that on those in Girl Scouts. If Girl Scouts is so great in other areas, they’re going to think certain moral issue viewpoints are okay too, even if they go against what they are taught and believe at home.

      • There’s just no there there. I hardly think it’s indoctrination to tell kids they can be lawyers if they want. There’s absolutely no suggestion (neither by these critics nor yourself) that anything offensive was discussed at this event. All you have are these very tangential connections to other groups and their other areas of advocacy.

        But hey, if you’re intent on replaying the Komen model of outrage over tangential connections, far be it from me to stop you, because that one worked out so well.

        • Rebecca Downs

          Wait, actually the Komen model did work out so well, no sarcasm meant…

          • Basset_Hound

            That was thuggery worthy of a Chicago don…

          • Maybe for you, if publicity and angst surrounding your Movement is the goal. For Komen itself? Not so much.

            But my point stands. The dots you’re trying to connect are too tangential to mean anything.

          • Rebecca Downs

            I believe it’s Komen’s own doing though. As far as exposing the lies and treachery, I thought the book written about it was pretty good.

  • Jamie Garcia

    The face that GS is arm-in arm with PP was enough for me to never support local GS troops, throw in ACLU and now they make me physically ill.