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Published: October 4, 2013 7:10 am to Analysis

Wendy Davis running for governor of Texas

Texas politician Wendy Davis announced Thursday that she will be running to replace Rick Perry as the 48th governor of Texas. Davis rekindled her political career during the June abortion showdown during the Texas legislative session and the special sessions that followed.

She gained her new fame when she filibustered the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill in June and helped to facilitate the abortion supporters who rallied behind her infamous pink running shoes at the Texas Capitol. Because of her filibuster, Wendy picked up thousands of supporters (including President Obama, on Twitter) and over a million dollars to use towards her gubernatorial campaign.

Texas Right to Life director Jim Graham, whose organization has initiated a “Truth Team” to expose the facts about Wendy Davis’s extreme abortion support, made the following statement on the day of Wendy’s announcement:

Wendy knew Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry would call the legislature back until the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill passed even if doing so required many special sessions.  Neither the inconvenience to her colleagues, nor the cost to the state, let alone the excruciating pain felt by preborn children during late term abortions mattered to Wendy. Wendy needed to make a name for herself to restore her fading political career. The longer Wendy could remain on the stage, the better for Wendy.

Outlets like Politico have attempted to paint Wendy Davis as a moderate on abortion in comparison with her staunchly pro-life gubernatorial opponent, former Attorney General Greg Abbott, saying: “Abbott makes Davis look moderate in comparison and could give her an opening to court the white suburban women who hold the key to victory.” But in reality, it is a well-known fact that Wendy Davis and her agenda do not represent the majority of Texans, or even the majority of Texas women. Wendy used abortion advocacy to gain an arsenal of extreme abortion supporters whose loud and boisterous views may be the only benefit they can offer to Wendy’s campaign.

In a Dallas Morning News opinion piece that says that abortion may be a millstone around Wendy Davis’ political neck, author Rodger Jones asks where – if anywhere – Wendy Davis draws the line on the abortion of fully formed and viable fetuses in utero:

I’d like to hear Davis get specific about where she falls in that range — where she would draw the line on unborn children whose rights were secondary to the mother’s. Maybe Abbott… can get that out of her.

Good question, Rodger, but we won’t hold our breath for an answer.

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Lauren has worked for great organizations such as Texas Right to Life and Students for Life of America. She is a graduate of Ave Maria University, where she studied Classics and Theology. Her husband and children are the greatest blessings in her life.
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  • belgianchic

    So glad she’s running! She’ll never win, but it’s a start. Take back Texas!

    • PrincessJasmine4


    • nonce37

      Those 22-week-gestation premature infants think they are safe in Texas. “Ha ha ha” they’re saying, “you can’t eviscerate us or acid-burn us alive here!”. We’ll show them. We’ll wipe the smiles off their smug little faces. We can do it!

    • rhondareichel

      you never had Texas….baby killers are not popular here

    • Mindy Robinson

      So the creatures that just freshly crawled out of the primordial ooze think it has a right to Texas. Lol! Texans know what to do with vermin.

    • Basset_Hound

      ….and turn Texas into Michigan…or better yet California.


    • Damien Johnson

      Take back Texas from what? If anybody should be taking back anything, it should be unborn babies taking back their right to live.

  • PrincessJasmine4

    Go Greg Abbot!

    • blair miller

      I don’t understand why Wendy’s even running, she probly knows not going to win. Personaly I think she’s only running for publicity, and to please her pro abort fans.

      • Basset_Hound

        I think she’s hoping that the notoriety will give her a leg up for a job in a Hillary Clinton administration.

      • dabear

        Maybe she can get a job with PPFA.

  • Diane

    How old is Wendy and has she herself had an abortion? Or can she even have children? Does she have sexual abuse in her history? These are all important questions. She may be bent on abortion do to her own personal issues with motherhood. It is important to know why she is so adamant on killing babies.

    • lemondrop1

      why? what difference does that make? she’s pro abortion and to be so adamant to want a woman to kill a baby at 20 weeks is wrong , at any time it’s wrong, to push for past 20 weeks is evil. she should not win I hope there are more conservative Texans than murdering liberals who have no respect for life.

      • rhondareichel

        in this case bloody liberals

      • dabear

        Abortion is an intrinsic evil: Always, every time, for any reason, never a good action for anybody, any time any where, any reason.

    • Zach Watkins

      I’m not for sure; however, I think she had a kid at 18 but no abortion. I’m never voting for her or any other progressive.

    • trueright

      Too bad davis was NOT aborted by her damn mother. This is her mothers fault for letting her be born. If davis was aborted, then this situation would not be happening, and she would never have existed. Which is a good thing.

    • Damien Johnson

      Strangely enough, she herself is/was a teen mom.

  • Hotnike


  • Real-Men Walk-Straight

    It continues to shock me how self-serving, how selfish, how egotistical, how arrogant, how rude, how vulgar, how hateful, how mocking, how hurtful, how gossipy, how untruthful, how manipulative, how oppressive, how vengeful, how conniving, how murderous and how hypocritical are abortion advocates. They will stop at nothing to ram their murderous agenda down the throats of decent, God-fearing folks. There was a time not so long ago when a strong work ethic, a love for God and life, respect for others, self sacrifice, and a purity of words and deeds were to be sought after and honored more than money and greed. Now, those attributes are considered to be vile, disgusting, extreme, and sinister. We have become Enemy #1 to the Jerry Springer riffraff of our nation.
    However, hope springs eternal in the house of God. These hateful abortion advocates will eventually (and very soon) morally degrade and decay to the point that they will relish in eating their own. It will happen. It always has, it always does. It’s only a matter of when.

    • laugh or retch

      You complain about how hateful some people are and then say hateful things about those people. Did you even notice that you don’t live up to your own expectations.

      • Arsenal Gunner

        Hateful or just a statement of fact? If you were at the state capitol during the Pro Life Omnibus Bill, you would have witnessed firsthand what Real-Men Walk-Straight described. Never have I witnessed such vitriol from the pro-choice crowd.

        • laugh or retch

          I’m sure none of the pro-lifers were yelling vile c-rap at the pro-choicers. I’m sure they were all singing hymns and acting like perfect angels… Ya right.

          But that’s not what I was talking about. His statement boils down to: “I hate people that hate”. Kinda ridiculously hypocritical if you think about it, unless of course he hates himself as well.

          • Mindy Robinson

            The commenter meant to state that he hates one brain cell vermin that murder and torture the most vulnerable. Crawl back to the primordial ooze from whence you came.

      • Real-Men Walk-Straight

        Arsenal Gunner is right. My intention wasn’t to complain, just state what I personally have experienced. I confess that I have not stood on the front lines at abortion clinics like these others have, but I have attempted to witness to these folks and have been met with pure rage and hatred. Bottom line: This world has completely flipped upside down.

      • Mindy Robinson

        None of you fall into the category of “people” , only humans are “people”. You are just sick, demented hell spawn.

  • Trisha

    With her new name,” Abortion Barbie”, it is hard to believe that in the conservative state of Texas she will win. I have faith that God will intervene somehow in this woman’s life and hopefully change her thinking. So hard to believe that last year, out of 100,000 pregnancies, 22,000 ended in abortion. God just won’t allow this to go on for much longer. Somehow we will all pay for this horrible atrocity.

  • disgusted with abortionist

    More like a monster. Do these pro choice people not get it?

    • laugh or retch

      I don’t worship the embryo like so many pro-lifers obviously do. So, no, I don’t get it. And I don’t want to be forced, through the legal system, into following your sacred embryo precepts.

      • PrincessJasmine4

        That would make people of your ilk death worshippers
        Abortion is your sacrament
        Planned Parenthood is your church
        Abortionist are your priests/ministers
        Davis, Pelosi et all our the bishops
        Richards is your imam/pope

        • laugh or retch

          Nope, I’m just not a foaming at the mouth embryo worshiper. Thanks anyway. Got plenty of respect for life when it’s fully formed.

          • PrincessJasmine4

            No, you’re just foaming at the mouth as most pro aborts usually do.
            You sound like you need a glass of wine and an orgasm
            You’re welcome

          • laugh or retch

            Thanks anyway but I’ll pass

          • PrincessJasmine4

            No wonder you people are always so angry and foaming at the mouth

          • Mindy Robinson


          • Basset_Hound

            I think he/she/it is beyond that.

          • PrincessJasmine4

            I agree

          • Calvin Freiburger

            “Embryo worshiper.” Hm. Truly spoken like the plantation owners who called abolitionists “n***** lovers.”

          • laugh or retch

            You see yourself in the same light as an abolitionist? Freeing african americans did not enslave caucasians. Metaphorically, you can’t free the embryo without enslaving the woman.

          • Mamabear

            Actually, the slave owners were morally a step above the pro-abortionists. They only sought to profit from the labor of their slaves, not kill them. In fact, as bad and wrong as slavery was, they also did not kill off those not yet able to be profitable (unborn, infants, or small children) or those who were past being profitable (elderly and sick).
            If you think freeing the slaves (which was the right thing to do) did not have severe negative consequences for white southerners, check out the reconstruction era.
            I do not know what twisted world you live in, but motherhood IS NOT slavery! And abortion is morally far worse than slavery, and since slavery was evil, that makes abortion very evil.

          • Calvin Freiburger

            Actually, the primary idea was seeing you in the same light as a slaveholder, using his same hateful tactic of mocking and demonizing my concern for your victim as somehow disordered.

            The woman is only “enslaved” in the same sense that anyone else is “enslaved” by not being able to kill someone else. Yes, pregnancy imposes on the mother, but it’s entirely preventable on her part in the vast majority of cases, so the one who brought the other into existence clearly has the lion’s share of the responsibility, and 9 months of challenges simply don’t trump the permanence of death.

          • Damien Johnson

            It’s called “parenthood is not slavery” and it’s also called “adoption,” dip****.

          • Damien Johnson

            Well you must lack respect for yourself, because you can’t possibly be fully formed.

        • Basset_Hound

          Death Eaters, perhaps???

      • buttercup

        You must be a man. Pro-lifers do not worship the embryo but they do admit that it is a CHILD. And women know that it is a child but are too concerned with their own life if they condone abortion which is in reality “KILLLING A CHILD.”

        • laugh or retch

          I do realize that not all pro-lifers are religiously motivated. After reading your comment above I’ll add that some small minority of pro-lifers are bat $hit crazy conspiracy theorists that make the them all look bad. Keep up the good work.

        • Mindy Robinson

          It’s not a man, it’s not human, it just crawled out of the primordial ooze. Keep your children , puppies and kittens away from it.

      • Mindy Robinson

        Do you get that babies are being murdered? Do you get that viable babies are tortured , feel pain and many are “aborted” alive? Do you get that babies are no longer “embryos” at even 12 wks of pregnancy? You have an opinion on something yet you lack facts. Or, do you have the facts and you enjoy the idea that babies are tortured and murdered every day? Go back to organizing for the destruction of America , you accomplish nothing here.

      • nomoretraitors

        I’ll bet you’re one of those who whines and snivels about how “barbaric” it is when some murdering thug gets the needle

  • bill

    The thing is all this has to do with the new world order . See for there plan to work they have to convince the women to kill the most innocent life on earth the life of a unborn child aka fetes. Then when they start the population control they can just say no problem we do not want you to have a kid so you are not. Look up china which he and his followers so admire . Also you have to do Obama care to take down the currency so that they can make one world currency so get ready for the market to crash because it will and has nothing to do with republicans it is all Obama and this one is the same. So if she is elected this will be one more state that wont be a state by next year at the rate it is going. The reason the want amnesty is for the same new world order see the cant have a border in the middle of a union. That’s why they want the amnesty to engulf Mexico and make it all one . Canada is supposed to be in it to but they got to destroy it first. I wish I was in a position to destroy things then basically do the same thing and try to say I fixed it I think that is what dictators do. I also hope that all you people think that all this stuff is good but see when they get control of everything and the money runs out from the slaves he has created to supply and carry the load of the people that think its all free. You might also actually read some thing and find out how black people became slaves to begin with. Could it have had something to do with the same kind of government they are creating now and could not support it so they started sell there people and raid other villages to pay for it. Thanks and good luck with your government completely controlled life. With the fact if card check goes through everybody will have to pay to have a job. you will have to pay taxes to support the people that do not work and supply healthcare insurance to the same sounds like you are getting up to the point of 75 to 80% taxes not including gas tax food tax. the tax they are going to put on you if your car uses oil or if you use to much gas that week to bad no car because no gas. So all said and done you come out with about 5% that you get to do anything you want and be glad they did not take that. This is Armageddon the last free country is wavering and they almost have her defeated the elite will have what they always want the control over everybody and everything on the planet all they have to do is tell the to exterminate people to get population under control and it will happen abort some more help them in there cause to take everything.

    • laugh or retch

      Oh my, a new world order conspiracy based on the cracker jack box style psychology. That’s a funny one but it’s way too complex. You have to keep these things simple or you just sound crazy. Here’s an example:

      Regulating abortion will raise the number of poor
      Replacing science with religion lowers the quality the work force

      Removing welfare makes the poor desperate
      Removing social security keeps people in the workforce longer

      Put it all together and you get greater demand for low paying jobs. Then you can lower wages and treat employees like slaves without worrying about complaints. It’s all a bid to bring sweatshops like they have in china to the USA.

      See, much shorter and simpler plus there’s no reliance on psychobabble. Nobody really trusts psychology but simple economics like this anyone can follow. But you keep working on yours I’m sure it’ll be a big hit some day. LOL

      • Mindy Robinson

        You are an arrogant ass.

        • laugh or retch

          Let’s talk about arrogance Mindy. I’m not the one making laws to that force people to follow my religion. Your sanctimonious pride is writing these laws and that is the height of arrogance.

          I may be an ass at times but I always have a point. Do you ever have a point? In all your comments here all you’ve done is spew epitaphs and call names. Are you anything but an ass?

          • PrincessJasmine4

            Good thing pro lifers aren’t making up laws to follow anyone’s religion, isn’t it?
            Why do pro aborts have to inject religion into everything?
            Please stop with the religious vitriol
            It’s getting old
            I understand your need for religion to be a key issue here
            It’s the main crux or your argument and I understand that without religion, you have almost no leg to stand on, but you really should find a new angle
            Otherwise, you just sound like the faction of pro aborts who are “bat $hit conspiracy theorists that make your whole movement look bad”
            By all means, keep up the great work.

          • laugh or retch

            Oh, so now it’s not about religion? Did you just look at the situation and make a PERSONAL CHOICE? And since you made a personal choice, everyone else needs to follow your decision? Just who the hell do you think you are to make that personal choice for everyone? That’s just fascism. plain and simple. I don’t argue religion because it’s the only argument. I argue religion because I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

          • PrincessJasmine4

            When was it ever about religion?
            You do realize there are millions of us agnostic, and atheist pro lifers, do you not?
            Thank you for proving my point: now that religion is out of the equation, your argument sounds discombobulated.
            Just who the hell do you think you are to put conditions on our human offspring’s life?

          • Basset_Hound

            Susan Smith made a PERSONAL CHOICE! Who the hell was the state of South Carolina to make that decision for her? Oh the humanity! Those rednecks, rice farmers and Duck Dynasty fans must be fascists, pure and simple for throwing the poor woman in jail for the rest of her life because her definition of personhood was different than theirs.

          • Calvin Freiburger

            You’re lying when you say banning abortion is about forcing people to follow a certain religion. It’s a known biological reality that the existence of a living human being starts at conception, and it’s an obvious humanitarian inference that such living human beings have a right not to be killed just as anyone else does. More and more people on your side admit it all the time, and switch to “yeah, but I should be able to kill my son/daughter anyway because [insert sociopathic excuse here]”

            And all of that is far worse than “sanctimonious pride.”

          • laugh or retch

            So, in your mind it’s a civil rights issue. Just like voting for women or the civil rights movement in the 60′s. Well, women voting did not take away voting rights from men and civil rights for african americans didn’t take away rights from caucasians. The problem is that you cannot give rights to an embryo without taking them away from a woman. It’s not the same and it is not currently a solvable problem. Until you solve that problem the SCOTUS viability standard is the only one that makes sense.

          • Mamabear

            Actually doubling the number of voters (giving women the vote) did change the amount influence each man’s vote had. And the civil rights movement did take away power from whites that they looked at until then as rights.
            We do not “give” rights to embryos. We recognize their humanity. All human beings have the right to life. If you can find a clear dividing line, where they are not yet human, and scientifically you can’t because an embryo has it’s own DNA, nervous system and circulatory system, then the discussion will change.
            Embryo is just Latin for “offspring.”

          • Calvin Freiburger

            “So, in your mind it’s a civil rights issue.”

            Welcome to the big-boy version of the debate. Ready to apologize for your various smears and caricatures of the views you so vehemently dislike?

            “It’s not the same and it is not currently a solvable problem.”

            It’s entirely solvable if you’re starting from a coherent understanding of natural rights. See my reply below.

            “Until you solve that problem the SCOTUS viability standard is the only one that makes sense.”

            Nothing about SCOTUS’s sainted abortion jurisprudence makes sense….as plenty of experts on your side also admit:

          • PrincessJasmine4

            I’m not sure he’s ready for the big boy version of the debate.
            Now that religion has been taken out of the equation, (which must have been a pretty big shock to his/her system) he/she cannot put together a coherent argument.

          • laugh or retch

            Apologize? Why would I apologize? You’re despicable people that deserve derision. You can’t possibly say you don’t know that.

            As for the “big boy” debate, that would be in the courts and the voting booths – see ya there.

          • Calvin Freiburger

            “Why would I apologize?”

            Because you told asinine lies about the pro-life movement’s motives.

            “You’re despicable people that deserve derision. You can’t possibly say you don’t know that.”

            I rest my case, prenatal execution apologist.

          • PrincessJasmine4

            Without religion, this person has no argument
            He just proved both our points

            What does one do when one is out of argument?

          • PrincessJasmine4

            Nice retort
            An insult and a “see you there”

            *slow clap*

            Again, thank you for coming undone and proving my point
            You’re making your side look petty and unintelligent
            Keep up the good work

          • MarcusFenix

            Just out of curiosity, what rights are you taking away from a woman, if you give them to her unborn child? The child gets the right to live and be born…but what right did the mother lose in the process? Outside of rape or incest, the mother had every possibility to make choices, up to and including the point she became pregnant. She made choices which led to that conclusion. There was no restriction up to that point, so…how did she lose rights?

            As Calvin pointed out and linked…the SCOTUS viability issue is really more of a quagmire than an explanation. It’s weak tea.

      • sandraleesmith46

        Not if they learn ACCOUNTABILITY for their OWN behavior, and a WORK ethic. Food is a good incentive for that, as in they want to eat, they LEARN!

  • Mindy Robinson

    Abort her Texas!

  • MEL

    Diane asks a good question. Sexual abuse is a big factor in the blind, fanatical support for abortion. Women (and men) who have faced and conquered all their sexual abuse issues rarely support abortion. Abortion protects abusers, and keeps the victims from being able to protect themselves or their children from further exploitation. The evidence for this? Just look at the abortion industry itself. How many abortionists or abortion promoters are famous for exposing sex trafficking or liberating women and girls from prostitution and incest?

  • AudreyPH

    Why doesn’t she just carpetbag it up to a more liberal state like mine (MA) Wouldn’t she feel more comfortable among more of her own people? Or maybe not, because here she probably wouldn’t stand out nearly as much.

  • v steve

    She has lost her relationship with God.

  • charger66

    Did I see what I saw in the picture? “Hoes before embryos.” What a sick little creep. You must make Mommy and Daddy really proud. BTW “hoe” is spelled Ho, you know, short for whore. A Hoe is a garden tool used for doing something constructive. And you pay some stranger to “defetus” you when you have an abortion. You girls are just simpletons.

  • TORO

    In the same proportion that abortion grows so does BREAST CANCER to those that have them.

    It is just another truth that PRO ABORTIONIST don’t tell women.

  • AudreyPH

    No, forget about MA. She’s the darling of Hollywood now, so how about CA?