What American pro-choicers call rape, Canadians call best interest

The picturesque Prince Edward Island, home to the beloved character Anne of Green Gables, is one of the safest places in the world for unborn children. There isn’t a single abortion provider on the island. A woman seeking an abortion must leave the island for a private clinic or visit the Halifax General Hospital for an abortion funded by PEI. If she is in her second trimester, she must travel farther to Ottawa or Montreal. The cost alone could deter a woman.

A recent Active8 campaign in PEI featured two young women. One, Kandace Hagen, works to bring abortion to the island, and the other, Tara Brinston, fights for the rights of people with disabilities. Active8 declared a close race and awarded both women with $1,000 to help their campaigns. Now pro-abortion groups are rallying around Hagen, even raising money to help her bring abortion to PEI.

Hagen decided to start promoting a woman’s supposed right to abortion on PEI after she sought the abortion of her own child two years ago. When she saw what a struggle it is for women living on PEI to kill their own unborn children, she decided she needed to take action. She launched the PEI Reproductive Rights Organization (PRRO) to raise awareness about what services are available on PEI and to raise money to make abortion more accessible. The PRRO website tells women exactly where to go for an abortion.

But what is most interesting is that Hagen is angry with her doctor for not performing an ultrasound. A recent Halifax Media Co-op article says that Hagen was sent to a private clinic in Fredericton. That clinic told her to wait two weeks to ensure that her baby would be past eight weeks’ gestation. The article quotes Hagen as saying (emphasis added):

When I did arrive, I found out that I was within a week of missing my first trimester date[.] … Had my physician acted in my best interest, I could have had an ultrasound and found out that it was indeed a timely issue and been referred to Halifax immediately. Instead, I was almost put in an even more difficult position.

That more difficult position was a second-trimester abortion procedure at a higher cost. It sounds as though Hagen, pusher of abortion rights, believes that ultrasounds are important in providing accurate, safe, and timely abortion services. Here in the U.S., abortion-pushers call ultrasounds rape because politics and money are more important to them than giving women honest and important information about their unborn children and their own health–not because they actually believe ultrasounds are equal to rape. This is clear from the words of Kandace Hagen. It’s further proof that abortion is just big business that doesn’t care about women.

  • Guest

    I see what you did there…

  • Solntsye

    I can understand the equating a transvaginal ultrasound to rape, in that the transducer is an uninvited object entering the woman’s body…ergo, the comparisons to rape. However, anyone can get just as clear of an image of a very early-in-the-works baby by a routine external ultrasound. I saw my girl in perfect clarity at 18 days post-conception. Although she wasn’t very developed, we could see her amniotic sac and implantation site, plus the placenta, without any trouble at all….at 18 days in with a regular external, jelly-on-the-belly ultrasound.

    I am a big proponent for mandatory external ultrasounds, with mandatory verbal explanation of the ultrasound as it is being performed, before any abortion. I have thought the entire threat of internal ultrasounds could very well be used by the pro-fetal death supporters as a means to eliminate the use of any ultrasounds prior to abortion. The transvaginal ultrasound threat plays well into their hands, and is unnecessary when it would be ideal to just simply get a required ultrasound bill passed period

    • Guest

       It is invited in so much as the woman is choosing an ELECTIVE procedure, called abortion. If she doesn’t want the abortion, no transvaginal ultrasound. Also, standard practice of PP is to perform an ultrasound. They are really just offended by the fact that they are being required to offer the woman to see her child, and then she has to wait 24 hours to get the procedure.

      This threatens their business.


      • Solntsye

        You can see everything perfectly without going the transvaginal route. As I’ve said, we really need to get a law established requiring an ultrasound, and the woman to view it, prior to aborting. But insisting it be transvaginal plays well into stopping legislation for ANY ultrasound laws. And since everything is completely viewable by the standard external ultrasound, I’d be pleased to have that be the mandate; as there’s so little being required prior to her aborting. Sure, she can request an ultrasound of any type…but how many women actually do that? I realize the pro-aborts will say “She understands what she is doing when she goes for an abortion”, but I can’t honestly believe that most women DO truly

        • Solntsye

          Sorry, I sometimes have trouble with posting here, I’ve noticed.

          As I was saying: I can’t believe most women do truly understand what they are about to do before they abort, and then go through with the abortion regardless.

  • Oedipa Mossmonn

    I don’t know how you get to this QED:

    “It’s further proof that abortion is just big business that doesn’t care about women.”

    Really, I think we can discuss ultrasounds without pulling out the most outrageous comments on the pro-choice side, and then adding your own. For instance, what’s wrong with status quo? To wit, it can be good practice, especially like in this case where gestation is determined, and usually left up to the discretion of the doctor?

  • Cedesgurl15

    I never had to get a transvaginal ultrasound throughout my entire pregnancy so I honestly dont know what it’s like, but if someone is willing to have their baby taken out to die, which is also uninvited objects entering her body,  can they not have enough respect for them to deal with that. I am only 16 so this may sound really naive but if they wanna consider anything rape it should be them having sex because if she didnt want a baby well thats what reproduction is. I may not have wanted intended to have my daughter but shes a month old and the most beautiful accident that i could ever make :)

    • Solntsye

      I too, never had a transvaginal ultrasound with any of my three kids, and I could see them perfectly with a standard external ultrasound. I could absolutely identify them as a human; with the exception of my first ultrasound on my first baby, as she was only 18 days along and not very developed, but I could easily see her amniotic sac and placenta.

      Not to be contrary, but…If a woman is going to a clinic for an abortion, then she IS inviting or allowing those particular objects (vacuum suction) to enter her body. She is not inviting the transducer for a transvaginal ultrasound into her body. But like I said, an ultrasound does not need to be transvaginal in order to see- with perfect clarity- the living, human baby that is within. We just really need to get a mandatory ultrasound law established, and it certainly doesn’t need to require transvaginal ultrasounds. Like I’ve said all along, the transvaginal threat is another way to block any type of ultrasound law. Requiring the ultrasounds to be transvaginal only plays directly into the hands of those who support fetal murder.

  • Ray136

    Abortion is wrong period and it seems the advocates for it can’t stand the thought of having new life in this world. There needs to be a law that forces you to be fixed if you have more than 2 abortions. My personal belief is that if you have an abortion, you’ll go to hell, so I guess they’ll pay for it anyway. It’s still not right to kill a defenseless baby though. And people who say it isn’t a baby, what do you call a puppy before its born, a kitten, a calf? It’s a child like it or not, and ABORTION IS MURDER, calling it a fetus may be the only thing that helps these idiots that have abortions sleep at night, oh and even children with mental disabilities deserve life, they are people too!