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Wrong is wrong even if everybody’s wrong

When I was a kid, my father used to say to me, “Right is right even if nobody’s right, and wrong is wrong even if everybody’s wrong.” That pearl of wisdom really stuck with me. Now, as an adult, and being the type of black-and-white person that I am, I’m extremely troubled by how moral relativism is destroying the fabric of society. My unwavering conviction and 34 years of Bible-believing Christianity inform my belief that fallible people acting as autonomous gods can only cause much suffering for everyone, regardless of what they believe.

Modern society has devolved to the point where the right to do whatever you want takes precedence over doing what is actually right. Killing unborn babies has morphed into the “right to choose,” sodomy has mutated into gay rights, and bilking the system as a way of life more than seven generations after the fact has become the right to reparations for slavery.

Double-destruction has befallen us, because the Bible says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Moral relativism has delivered “woe” to those who refuse to acknowledge the true difference between right and wrong.

Thirty years ago, I had a conversation with a moral relativist that I’ve never forgotten. The young man was indignant that I dared to suggest that there are moral absolutes. My argument was that the Bible says that human beings intrinsically know the difference between right and wrong, indicating that, like it or not, there are standards. My point was that moral relativism is merely an effort to quell the conscience and make excuses for a sin nature that, without the constraints of God’s truth, is capable of fantasizing, stalking, trapping, and then cannibalizing another human being.

The moral relativist continued to stress that there are no moral absolutes and that the concept of right and wrong is relative to many factors. His premise was that the individual, not God or others, should judge personal truth. That’s when I asked him, “Oh, so if you lived next-door to a child molester and they felt that having sex with a five-year-old was acceptable, you’d be fine with them sexually abusing your child?”

My stammering opponent responded to that absurdity by saying, “That’s taking things a little too far!” I then asked, “Are you saying there is a standard for right and wrong, and the difference is that you get to set the standard?” That question was followed by a couple of seconds of heavy silence. I persisted: “So, in your opinion, raping children is wrong? Therefore, even though you don’t want God or society to impose their morality on you, you’re comfortable imposing your morality on the pervert with a lecherous eye on your preschooler?”

Shocking as it may sound, that particular person was so steeped in the desire not to judge or offend that he actually said, “Well, I guess I really couldn’t say anything, because it wouldn’t be my right to impose my standards on the guy next-door just because he likes to have sex with children.” For the committed moral relativist, chancing sacrificing his child to a molester is certainly a high price to be willing to pay to preserve the right to retain subjective (and in this case, disgusting) preference.

Currently, Americans live in a culture where individuals arrive at conclusions based on limited life experience, a faulty knowledge base, and ambivalent emotions, all of which are influenced by lies, skewed perception, and human weakness. Add to that the growing belief that moral values are not divinely mandated or commonly relevant, and you have a recipe for disaster.

That’s why, when I read stories like the one where an Oklahoma mother and her 11-year-old son were arrested after the little boy purportedly raped his 6-year-old sister and her mother told her not to tell anyone, I’m not shocked.

What’s shocking is the public’s response to a sexualized youngster raised in an atmosphere void of moral restraint acting accordingly. A young child violates his little sister, and the culture that’s guilty of fostering degenerate behavior asks why?

The bigger question here isn’t why things like that happen, but rather who among us has the right to say that what the boy did was wrong. Who has the right to tell a mother that failing to report forced juvenile incest is unacceptable? Isn’t drawing an ethical line in the sand and saying that there is something very wrong with a child raping a sibling and their mother attempting to cover it up imposing a standard of morality on a family whose measure of decency may be different from our own?

By adhering to the tenet of moral relativism alone, moral relativists and their ilk have zero right to oppose any kind of behavior, even if such perverse or evil conduct shocks them or negatively impacts their lives. Remember, the price of subjective preference can be very high.

The older I get, the more I understand what my father was saying. Attempting to run a society based on the belief that morality’s canon is independently decided upon seems like a great idea until some lunatic shoots up an elementary school or a prepubescent brother rapes his little sister. That is when the ramifications of a misguided ideology that preaches the abolishment of moral absolutes end up proving that “right is right even if nobody is right, and wrong is wrong even if everyone is wrong.”

  • Disappointed

    “Killing unborn babies has morphed into the “right to choose,” sodomy has
    mutated into gay rights, and bilking the system as a way of life more
    than seven generations after the fact has become the right to
    reparations for slavery.”

    People like you are the reason why mankind is on it’s way to destroying itself. Just because it’s written in some ancient book, does not mean that it is truth. Humanity today finds ridicule in the ancient Greeks belief in their all-powerful Gods, when most of mankind today believes nearly the same thing. We are on our own, and there is no giant man in space that determines what is right and wrong. We are an animal species like any other. This does not mean that we can go around being cruel to one another, by any means, but it means that something written in a book by a lunatic thousands of years ago is probably absolute bullshit. “Right is right, wrong is wrong.” And right/wrong are determined by who? Some “God”? I think not. Homosexuality has been present for the entire history of mankind. Now that has an ever-growing base of acceptance, it is going to become commonplace, whether you like it or not. Women are going to control their own bodies, despite people like you. I’m sorry that you and much of the world’s population are stuck in the seventeenth century. There is a “growing belief” that moral values are not divinely mandated due to the fact that they are not! You are allowing a non-existent entity to control your life, and I pity you and many others for that.

    • We are NOT “on our own”, God exists, and God damn your perverse “pity”. You will be punished by God for calling Him a “lunatic” except you repent and accept Christ as your Savior.

      • Hey, what happened to “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15)? It’s not for Christians to get nasty or irrational about what we believe and why. Please don’t say things like this. All it will do is leave a bad taste regarding so-called Christians in the mouth of others, believers and unbelievers alike. I agree with you, God does exist, and He is my Savior; but let’s not trash His image by how we present Him. Thank you!

        • Nasty or irrational? Jonathan is speaking truth. What he should have done was shake the dust off his shoes….
          Yes we should not trash his image. Did not even Jesus speak harshly even NASTY to the Pharisees? Get violent in the market?

    • And we can see how well the lack of morals are working out for the world — right? Even if God didn’t exist, the tenets associated with Judeo-Christian belief sure makes for a better world, wouldn’t you say?

    • Seriously?

      Lol. Just because something is old or ancient doesn’t mean it is wrong. Like all things man is involved with religion has often been used inconsistently with God’s plan/will. That however doesn’t mean that the religion is wrong. I am also very interested in how you came by your knowledge of what existed in the entire history of mankind? You were there were you? Or are you basing this knowledge on something written in the past to record what happened centuries ago?

    • So if I come to you’r home and tell you that I’m here to kill you,you are OK with that? Animals Kill or be Killed. They show now kindness for the week.Remember If I think that is right,you have no right to tell me that it’s wrong. Your words Not mine!!

    • Yes, exactly who determines right or wrong? You? Me? Someone else? No one else? If that basic question can’t be answered, then there can be no solution to the issue of right/wrong.

      You state that we are an animal species like any other, but then you say that doesn’t mean we can’t go around being cruel to each other. Why not? If we are animals, then why can’t we act like animals? Because we know better? How do we know better? Who has taught us to know better?

      There are only four possible answers here.
      1. We are animals who don’t know any better and there are no restrictions on our behavior.
      2. We are animals who have learned through trial and error (evolution) that some things should not be allowed simply for our own good, homosexuality, abortion, rape, and incest, for instance.
      3. We are animals who have been taught by someone (something) else (higher power, God, etc.) that some things just are not to be tolerated and accepted, again for our own good. Who or what is that someone (something) else?
      4. We are not animals at all, but completely distinct from the rest of the universe. If this is the case, then we are held to a different standard than everything else. If this is the case, then we have to determine who or what set that standard and to whom we are accountable.
      Can you think of any other possible explanation?

  • It’s not surprising that you’d cobble together some shop-worn conservative antagonists for your moral indignation (gays and welfare recipients), but it is a little surprising that you’d be so openly bigoted about it. Discounting gays Americans as just one (particularly male) sexual act is too reductive by a wide margin. And where, in your summation of welfare dependency, do white families fit? What “reparations” are they receiving if they’re on assistance? It must be for something big, because they’re the majority of welfare recipients, despite what your preconceived resentments might lead you to write.

    • It’s not “reductive” to oppose the perverse sin of sodomy. I am antisodomy, not just for “gay Americans” but bisexual Filipinos living in South Africa too. God’s standards apply everywhere as He is the Lord of the whole earth. I find the “reparations” line to be a piece of classic (and bigoted) white ressentiment but sodomy is a different matter altogether.

    • Marees1963

      And where does the health dangers of sodomy fit into your axiom? It’s not widely publicized because it’s not politically correct, but the health risks of homosexuality are astronomical. Would you encourage your daughter, neighbor to partake of behavior that would cause them harm, such as prostitution, for example? Drug use? Homosexual behavior is NOT healthy to those that participate in it, it’s a scientific fact. I had opportunity to read the statistics before they were made public of the most recent WHO conference last summer, it isn’t pretty. Anal, oral and stomach cancers are increasing at alarming rates among homosexuals and it is in direct correlation to their sexual behaviors and promiscuity that is inherent to their behavior. Overall, homosexual men have no intention of being in monogamous relationships, even when “marrying.”

  • Prayers for Everyone

    Hell is a terrible way to find out there IS a hell… Mother Angelica.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it’s a God given right, not man or American given, & it’s called FREE WILL! Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist… can you see an atom? No, but it’s there… You can’t physically see a lot of things, but they ARE most certainly there. It’s called FAITH! Why do non-believers have such a problem w/ ppl who believe in God? You act as if you need our approval to do what you want like we have the power to change the rules that God put forth for us all to live by, but you’ll do what you want no matter what we say… If you wasn’t seeking God’s approval, then you wouldn’t hound us about our beliefs in God, you’d just simply go on about your business & say, “ok, they believe in God, well, that’s nice for them!” Instead, the radar that we believers call ‘a conscience’ tells you that you’re doing something wrong when you hound actual believers & are doing wrong, so you lash out at us… that’s the bottom line & I believe that deep down, you all know it, because I’ve heard testimonies from converts & they all say they knew it! Gays knew it, atheists knew it… they all knew it, because God equipped us that way!

    It’s the devil that’s wedged his way into our society… you ppl are playing out the Bible more & more everyday & you don’t even realize it, but that just means that we’ll be meeting our maker soon & I’m completely fine w/ that because He knows where I stand, that I will defend Him til the end!

    He destroyed Sodom because of the ppl & how sinful they’d become… we’re sooo much more sinful here today, so I just pray for His mercy on the souls that refuse to believe!

    God bless you & may God have mercy on all our souls…

  • Jeannie DeAngelis: “Killing unborn babies has morphed into the ‘right to choose,’ sodomy has mutated into gay rights, and bilking the system as a way of life more than seven generations after the fact has become the right to reparations for slavery.”

    Ted Weiland: “…The Scriptures provide no evidence of God-given (or unalienable) rights. Even life and liberty are not rights, but rather responsibilities delegated by Yahweh. Of course, rights are much more popular than responsibilities. Everyone, including homosexuals and infant murderers, demand their rights. Few are interested in fulfilling
    their responsibilities….”

    For more, see “Rights, Rights, Everyone Wants Their Rights.” Click on my name, then our website. Go to our blog and scroll down to the the title.

  • Homeschool Mom of 5 Blessings

    Anti-God Moral Relativism is the established belief-system of tax-payer-funded government schools. If more parents were willing to take-back their children from the special interest groups that control the curriculum (and their children’s minds) at their public school, there would be a real transformation in this country.