Young pro-life men respond to “BroChoice”

Counter Cultured


Much has been made of the recent “BroChoice” garbage that pro-abortion Ben Sherman wrote as Texas was about to pass its omnibus pro-life bill.

Perhaps the most inspiring response to it is a video from Counter Cultured of young men responding to Sherman’s claim that guys should support abortion on demand because it allows them to have casual, consequence-free sex.

Susan B. Anthony wrote, “thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime [of abortion].” The early feminist’s words are worth remembering as men like Sherman lament that restricting late-term abortion means they might have to take responsibility for their actions.

Kudos to these pro-life guys for standing up for defenseless unborn children and rejecting the idea that they should celebrate abortion because it allows them to use women.

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